Worlds #1 Financial Instruments Website is a Fraud! is a domain name that has been registered by a scammer who is trying to use the credibility of HSBC while he scams you!

We have confirmed with HSBC Bank's, Senior Retail Fraud Risk Manager who handles Global Fraud & Financial Crime Threat Mitigation for HSBC and is based in London that is not a domain name that is registered or used at all by any portion of HSBC Bank. It is a domain registered by a scammer who the Police are HSBC Fraud Department are now in hot pursuit of! is a scammer who has simply stolen Peter Wongs Identity from the HSBC Website here and is using that identity with a fake email he has registered to try and defraud people. Don't fall for this scam!

Below is an example of an email from, we have sanitized the receivers email and name to protect their privacy

HSBCPrime Email

Where is Hosted? is hosted by a contract webserver in Spain! All email goes through their own secure email servers in London. HSBC bank do not use contracted 3rd party mail servers in Spain at all!

Interestingly the Spain IP address that hosts has also registered which is likely also intended to be used to scam customers!

Server Location1
Server Location


With 100% certainty is NOT HSBC Bank, it is a Scammer pretending to be HSBC bank. Do not do business with anyone from, do not give money to them.

If you want to buy a real Bank Guarantee or SBLC please deal with a real legitimate company like

The Pretend Euroclear Banker

Exposing the Pretend Euroclear Banker!

The Pretend Euroclear Banker is a new and alarming trend. On a regular basis we receive emails from Bank Officers for Standby Letters of Credit or Bank Guarantees that have been spoofed by Scammers. Email Spoofing is the practice of sending an email and making it look like the email is from someone else eg Paypal or a Banker.

Its incredibly easy to spoof an email for a Standby Letters of Credit, Bank Guarantee or any Financial Instrument and pretend to be a Euroclear Banker or someone else. The Google App Store has at least 10 FREE Android Apps that allow you to spoof an email. Those apps are called: Email Spoofer, Fake Email Sender, Spoof Mailer, Anonymous Email,Spoof my Email, Hoax Mail, Fake Mail, Instant Email, Fake Mail and Spoof Email. So email spoofing is very common and very easy to do!

Most scammers ping a banks email server trying different email addresses until they find an email address that isn't used by the bank and the scammer then uses that address using his free spoof email program and sends clients email as if it is from the bank. Its a dangerous practice that has tricked many clients in to thinking they are receiving legitimate email  communication when they are not!

Th Pretend Euroclear Banker email below is the first email we have received that is a spoofed email from a scammer pretending to be a Euroclear Banker! This is a new trend and is very concerning.

Website Fraud Email 22nd August 2018

So if you get an email from Nadia Notarrigo using the email addresses of [email protected] or [email protected] BEWARE! Its a Scam! She is a Pretend Euroclear Banker.

Nadia does NOT work for Euroclear, does NOT represent Euroclear and isn't a Bank Officer at all. 

Nadia Notarrigo is just a Wolf in Sheeps clothing trying to fool you using an easy to use Email Spoofing Application so she can give you a false sense of confidence on your Standby Letters of Credit, Bank Guarantee, MTN, LTN or Euroclear transaction.

The entire reason banks no longer use email as part of any financial instrument settlement process is because bank emails are no longer considered a secure form of communication because that are spoofed so regularly.

Stay away from the Fakes and only use real genuine and authentic companies like Secure Platform Funding.

Why are Mt103/23 & One Way & Two Way Fraud?

Swift 103 Fraud

One of the biggest industry scams are Swift Mt103 Fraud transactions, specifically:

  • Swift Mt103/23
  • Swift Mt103 One Way (Mt103/202)
  • Swift Mt103 Two Way

ALL OF THESE TRANSACTIONS ARE FRAUD! The instigators of these transactions prey on the ignorance of other people hoping to pull off an Mt103 Scam before they wake up and discover the truth. Here are the Facts and a strong warning for our customers, don't ever get involved in Mt103/23 pr Mt103 One Way or Mt103 Two Way. If you do you will be very disappointed and you will just hear and sucking sound as your wallet and bank account is being sucked dry by scammers!

Secure Platform Funding - Mt103

Swift Mt103 History

SWIFT MT103 Founded in Brussels in 1973, the Society for the Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) is a co-operative organisation dedicated to the promotion and development of standardized global interactivity for financial transactions. The society operates financial messaging service for items such as letters of credit, payments, and securities transactions between member banks, securities houses and other qualified financial institutions worldwide. SWIFT's key function is to deliver these messages quickly and securely. Member organisations create messages in a number of formats (MT100 to MT999), dependent on purpose, that are then forwarded to SWIFT for delivery to the recipient member organisation SWIFT MT-103’s are the most commonly used form of SWIFT communication, and are normally used to make payment to customers of another bank in another country.

The Mt103 is a simple form of SWIFT message that is commonly used by banks to perform the movement of funds from the senders bank to the beneficiaries bank. The Mt103 is a vanilla SWIFT Message that only allows very basic terms to be attached to the SWIFT Mt103 transfer. These terms normally cover things such as the beneficiaries bank undertaking to advise the beneficiary that the transfer has been completed.

Mt103/23 - The Sender Scam

Scammers con people into believing that there is such a thing as a "conditional" Mt103 named a Mt103/23. They claim that with a "conditional" Mt103/23 the beneficiaries bank will not release the funds to the beneficiaries account until the beneficiary completes specific documents or the sender has provided confirmation that the funds can be released by the Beneficiaries bank to the beneficiary.

The truth is..... The Mt103 is NOT designed for ANY type of conditional transaction and you CANNOT send a Mt103 or a Mt103/23 with any type of condition attached!

The Field 23 Instruction Code used to be used where the sending bank (at the request of the sender) puts a simple code instructing the beneficiaries bank how to effect payment. Field 23 is VERY LIMITED and is designed solely for basis short text like: "Telephone Beneficiary on Receipt" or "Credit Account Immediately". There was no space to enter "conditions". So there was NO POSSIBLE WAY to send a Mt103/23 or a Mt103 with any type of "condition"

Transactions that involve the conditional release of documents are administered by lawyers, escrow and trustees, NOT BY BANKS!

Today Field 23 is no longer used and any reference to a Mt103/23 is false. That field is now defunct and no longer used by ANY Bank. Today any person offering you a Mt103/23 transaction is committing fraud by offering an impossible transaction that has no technical way of ever being keyed into the SWIFT System.

Mt103 One Way - The Receiver Scam

Common sense isn't that common when it comes to people who are determined to complete these deals. There are exceptional quality ways to safely make money such as our Managed SBLC Program. Avoid the below Mt103 One Way and Two Way Scams.

Mt103/202 Scam

Currently in Linkedin there are 138 people promoting or taking part in this SWIFT 103/202 scam. That is just mind boggling! One of the best explanations of the SWIFT Mt103/202 process and structure is here.

Here is how the Swift Mt103/202 fraud works...

Dear Beneficiary, 

I, Mr. Fani Brighton of the KEYSTONE BANK, wish to inform you that the board of trustees and management of the KEYSTONE BANK  has finalized and have being given an Immediate transfer approval order by the Federal Government of Nigeria in conjunction 
with the United Nations and Executive members of Central Bank of Nigeria, following with the instructions we received From His 
Excellency, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari GCFR, the President Federal Republic of Nigeria to transfer overdue Inheritance fund to you. 

Your US$85 Million has been approved, also be informed that we are prepared to give you the best of our services in this Honorable Bank 
with a guarantee that your Approved Fund will be wire into your nominated Bank Account by PAYMENT BY MT103/202 TWO WAY transfer. 

The management & board of trustees of this bank wish you to fill out the below contact details, and your direct phone number, also with 
your banking information to enable us carry out the transfer of your fund successfully to your nominated bank account through approved 
PAYMENT BY MT103/202 METHOD without any further delay. 

We are waiting your immediate response with your below information to enable this bank proceeds immediately with the transfer of your fund 
and serve you better. Please kindly send us the below information. 

3) PHONE: 

Thank you for choosing KEYSTONE BANK. 

Yours Faithfully, 
Mr. Fani Brighton 


The customer is duped into thinking they are going to be wired a large sum of money by Mt103/202 because their loan is approved. But before they can receive the money the client has to pay numerous costs and fees to the issuing bank before they can send the Mt103/202 SWIFT. Sadly in most cases no REAL Mt103/202 payment ever arrives!

 Mt103 Two Way - The Receiver & Sender Scam

People get blinded by greed and sucked into this scam which has no valid commercial reason for this type of transaction ever. Wise clients will stop and ask themselves the simple question.... What is the normal commercial reason any customer would consummate this type of transaction? If there is no sensible, valid, reasonable commercial reason for this transaction then DONT DO IT!

In this scam customers are told they just need to have a bank account to receive a 30 Million dollar Mt103, when they receive the 30 Million Dollar Mt103 payment, the customer is allowed to keep 5 Million Dollars and then he needs to wire the other 25 Million Dollars to bank coordinates that are provided to him by the scammer. Yes you get 5 Million dollars for receiving stolen funds, being a part in a Money laundering chain and paying the 25 Million of stolen money to a new clean account as you are instructed by a person you have never seen and never met. Its a GREAT DEAL until you go to jail!

The problem is when the Police finally get around to investigating the stolen funds and cash, they trace the SWIFT Mt103  right to your account.

You then have two options repay the 30 million dollars that was stolen or go to jail. Judges in these cases have been particularly harsh with "innocent receivers" who claim they knew nothing about the fraud but were happy to bank a 5 million dollar profit for letting the funds pass through their account.

This is pure and utter foolishness. Don't ever get involved in it. There are far easier ways to legally make money such as our Managed SBLC Program. Use low risk investment strategies to build your wealth with Secure Platform Funding.

6 Reasons People Fail with Financial Instruments

Financial Instrument (Standby Letter or Credit & Bank Guarantees) Failures Exposed!

Here are the 6 Reasons why many people Lose Money or Waste Large amounts of time in the Financial Instruments market Without achieving Success:

1. Price Shoppers – People are lured in by fake artificially low prices of financial instruments offered by scammers. When a scammer isn’t delivering anything real they can afford to offer you the deal of the century! Price Shoppers will always get a bargain that will cost them a fortune. Read More: Click Here

Secure Platform Funding - Money Warning

2. Greed Freaks – People get blinded by Greed and the possibility of becoming an Instant Millionaire, so they stop thinking Rationally and Clearly. They stop being careful and start being careless which causes them to not see all the obvious warning signs that lead right to a scammers front door.

3. Speed Dating – People that have never closed a real transaction before create a complex set of financial instrument procedures and then engage 55 brokers to trawl the internet as a their speed dating service trying to find another party to match their procedure. This is the playbook of an amateur who has as much chance of winning the lottery as he does changing the whole financial instruments industry to solely work with his isolated ill-conceived procedure.

4. Free – Some fool started a false rumor 10 years ago telling people they could buy financial instruments with no cost, no upfront fees, no money needed at all. This fairy tale has become so famous now thousands of people mistakenly believe it! Banks have NEVER sent multimillion dollar assets to customers for FREE and then hope the customer pays them later. This would be financial lunacy! We have offered a reward for years to ANY customer that can show us evidence they made millions from completing a no upfront fee deal. Not 1 person has ever claimed the reward! Don’t believe in fairy tales. Read More: Click Here

5. Unrated Bank Trap – Most Unrated Bank Instruments are cheap because they aren’t worth the paper they are written on! Any one can buy a banking license from an offshore country for $2000 USD and call themselves a bank. There is a reason Unrated Banks charge $25,000 USD for a 100 Million Financial Instrument! They know it’s not worth $25,000! You can’t buy crap and get rich, you have to buy quality financial instruments from Rated Banks. Read More: Click Here

6. Bank to Bank Ignorance – People mistakenly think Banks sell Financial Instruments, they DON’T! The Bank is a Post Office that acts on instructions from one of the Bank Account Holders to write a financial instrument against the Account Holders Account and deliver it to a client. Account holders sell instruments, banks just deliver them! There are many ignorant people in the industry demanding to solely purchase a financial instrument from the bank! That will NEVER happen because the bank doesn’t sell them, they just deliver them! If you don’t deal with the Account Holder, you will NEVER buy a financial instrument. More Info: Click Here

Secure Platform Funding has designed this Managed SBLC Program to help you avoid the above mistakes and to help you achieve a safe successful authentic funding solution. Read the full details about the Managed SBLC Program here.

When is a Barclays Email NOT a Barclays Email!

Fake Barclays Email

Johnathan Lewis from Barclays Bank emailed us recently (see the email below) offering us BGs, SBLCs, LCs, MTN, SKRs, POF and Discounting! It was so great to hear from Johnathan and i was excited to work direct with a Barclays Banker except Johnathan Lewis is NOT from Barclays Bank, and he does NOT have access to BGs, SBLCs, LCs, MTN, SKRs, POF and Discounting. Johnathan Lewis is a SCAMMER using the email address [email protected]

Fake Barclays Email

 Full Forensic Analysis of Fake Johnathan Lewis, Barclays Bank

[email protected]

 1/ is a Fake Domain Name

Barclays Bank was founded in the United Kingdom in 1690, but the domain name and email address was registered on the 18th August 2017 to an address in Indiana, USA (see the registration details below)! This domain name was registered in the wrong year and in the wrong country to a person who has no association with Barclays Bank. is registered by a scammer to "appear" to be an authentic but the email and domain name are actually owned, controlled and used by a scammer who wants to relieve you of all your cash and give you nothing but lies in return.

Barclays Domain Registration

2/ The email [email protected] was sent using

What most people dont know is that every email that is sent contains detailed information about the sender that is hidden inside the email. Our Forensic Analysis of the email we received shows the email was sent from using a account. is a web browser mail application that allows you to log into your account from anywhere in the world. Barclays Bank doesnt use "" so this email has not sent by anyone at Barclays Bank!

3/ The email [email protected] was sent from IP address

Our Forensic Team were also able to track the origin of the email. Hidden inside each email are full details of where the email was sent from and a log of every mail servers IP address that the email passed through. This email was sent from IP address

Sending IP Address


Scammers are using increasingly sophisticated methods to deceive clients. Clients that want to experience success in this industry need to deal with real reputable companies like Secure Platform Funding and complete safe authentic transactions. Dont be fooled by the fakes and the phonies, look past the bullshit to the facts behind it. Success is possible if your deal with industry leaders like Secure Platform Funding instead of fakes like Johnathan Lewis of [email protected]

Warning: It has also come to our attention that this same scammer is using the email address: [email protected]

Secure Platform Funding is also now offering Due Diligence Assessments (for a fee) that validate and confirm whether a clients financial instrument is real or false. We are here to help you, support you and empower you to close real deals and make real money.

Standard Scammer Email

The Old Scammer Suck You In with a Cheap Price Technique

This email template (below) and variations of it have Scammed Millions of Dollars from clients who have been sucked in by Cheap Lease Prices, Cheap Deposit Rates and Pretend Security Undertakings.

Secure Platform Funding is the ONLY company in the industry that educates customers about the methods industry scammers try and use to steal your money.  We also actively expose scammers and publish a Banned Providers List here.

The email below is a template scammers regularly use. We wanted to publish the scammer template to make you aware of it and also to educate you why its a complete fraud!

  1. Lease Fee - The lease prices listed of 1%, 2% and 3% are laughable! Just seeing those prices tells you this is bullshit! Those prices are so far below real market rates no one on the planet could deliver a "real" instrument for anything even close to that price.
  2. Deposit Fee - The deposit amount is WRONG! "The Lessee will make payment by direct wire transfer into the Lessor’s provided bank coordinates for the receiving of the bank transmission/administrative charges the bank transmission/administrative fees for the Pre-Advice via Swift MT799 or BG/SBLC/DLC/LC via Swift MT700 or MT760 or both as the case maybe in the amount of Euro/USD XX,000.00. When you are asked by anyone for a 5 figure deposit to get a financial instrument..... RUN! The swift fees for delivering a 10M BG or SBLC are 6 figures NOT 5 figures! You CANNOT deliver a financial instrument over 10M for 5 figures! The scammers low ball the Deposit so you think your getting a bargain but the truth is all your getting is ripped off!
  3. Commission - The scammers suck greedy brokers in and get them promoting the scammer because the greedy broker thinks they can set their own commission level on the deal and get rich off you! The truth is the financial market authorities, banks and most countries governments have SUBSTAINTIAL legislation. laws, restrictions and penalties in place for ANYONE that tries to "price gouge" a deal. No real transaction can EVER have more than a 2% Broker fee attached to the whole deal otherwise the banks legal department will decline the transaction and refuse to process it.
  4. Corporate Refund Undertaking - Banks NEVER sign Third Party Client Contracts, NEVER EVER! "Lessor will issue a Notarized signed and sealed Corporate Refund Recourse Undertaking duly endorsed by the issuing bank". This is complete fraud and bullshit! Banks NEVER sign Client Refund Undertakings as their legal department will NEVER allow the bank to be involved in anything that could create potential liability for the bank.

So the next time you see an email like the one below, be smart, recognise it for what it is, and dont be sucked in! 

You CAN complete REAL deals in the financial instruments industry, BUT you have to use REAL Providers and pay REAL  Prices. In the genuine financial instruments market there is no cutting corners, there are NO cheap deals and there are NO bargains! The value of an asset is set by the market and the cost the bank charges to deliver it are set by the bank. Those rates are not subject to change and dont magically decrease because you fall on your knees and plead poverty. If your a serious investor and want to complete a REAL Deal, please contact us here.

Beware! Standard Scammer Email Example Below

Subject: Fresh Cut BG, SBLC and MTN


We are Ready, Willing and Able to deliver bank instruments in the form of BG/SBLC/DLC/LC to your nominated bank coordinates strictly in adherence with the following set of procedures. Kindly review the procedures and inform on your readiness to proceed so that we are able to send our Deed of Agreement and other required contract documents.

1.    Instrument:            Bank Guarantee (BG) or Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC) or Deferred / Documentary Letter of Credit (DLC) or Letter of Credit (LC)
2.    Total Face Value:    Euro/USD/ 1,000,000.00 ñ Euro/USD 5,000,000,000.00
3.    Issuing Bank:        HSBC Bank London, Barclays Bank London, Standard Chartered Bank London, Deutsche Bank AG Frankfurt,
4.    Age:                One Year and One Day (With the option of Rolls and Extension)
5.    Leasing Fee:        Based on the Face Value of BG/SBLC/DLC/LC Plus (0.5% + X%) Commission.
1M ñ 100M:            3.0% + (0.5% + X%) = 3.5% + X%
101M ñ 999M:        2.0% + (0.5% + X%) = 2.5% + X%
1B ñ 5B:            1.0% + (0.5% + X%) = 1.5% + X%
6.    Delivery:            Bank to Bank Swift MT799 and/or MT760
7.    Payment:            MT103
8.    Hard Copy:            By Bank Bonded Courier within 7 banking days after delivery of Swift.

1.    Lessor and Lessee execute, sign and initial this Deed of Agreement, which thereby automatically becomes a full commercial recourse contract to be lodged by both parties for initiation of Swift Transmission.

2.    Within three (3) banking days after both parties sign the Agreement, Lessor will issue a Notarized signed and sealed Corporate Refund Recourse Undertaking duly endorsed by the issuing bank to the Lessee guarantying to refund to the Lessee all cost incurred by Lessee as the transmission/administrative charges for the transmission of Pre-Advice via Swift MT799 or BG/SBLC/DLC/LC via Swift MT700 or MT760 or both after due execution of the contract and in case of failure on the Lessor ís side the Notarized signed and sealed Corporate Refund Recourse Undertaking guarantees that the Lessor refunds completely the transmission/administrative fees in addition to a the penalty for failure of performance being 1% of the total face value of BG/SBLC/DLC/LC.

3.    Within three (3) working days after the Lessee receives contract documents including the invoice and refund undertaking from the Lessor, the Lessee will make payment by direct wire transfer into the Lessor ís provided bank cordinates for the receiving of the bank transmission/administrative charges the bank transmission/administrative fees for the Pre-Advice via Swift MT799 or BG/SBLC/DLC/LC via Swift MT700 or MT760 or both as the case maybe in the amount of Euro/USD XX,000.00.

4.    Within two (2) banking days after confirmation of receipt of payment of the bank transmission/administrative fees charges for the BG/SBLC/DLC/LC via Swift MT700 or MT760 or Pre-Advice via Swift MT799 or both in Lessor ís bank account, the Lessor will deliver the Pre-Advice or BG/SBLC/DLC/LC via Bank to Bank confirmation of Swift MT799 or MT760 to the Lesseeís banker including the hard copy of the BG/SBLC/DLC/LC via bank bonded courier in Seven (7) banking days.

5.    Lessee sends out leasing fees by Swift MT103 to the Lessor deducting the initially paid bank transmission/administrative fees and the brokers their commission fees (0.5 +X)% of total Face Value by wire transfer within thirty (30) days upon delivery, confirmation and verification of BG/SBLC/DLC/LC by MT760 in the Lesseeís nominated account and BG/SBLC/DLC/LC hard copy in the Lesseeís nominated bank.

6.    Should the Lessee not deduct the bank transmission/administrative charges from leasing fees paid, the Lessor shall refund bank charges to Lessee by direct wire transfer within three (3) banking days upon payment of the leasing fees.

7.    Any unauthorized calls by any party or its representative lawyers to probes or communication in an improper way to bank(s) in this transaction shall be prohibited and contract terminated.

Should the Lessee default to pay the leasing fees to the Lessor and the brokers commission fees as agreed after 30 banking days of confirmation of BG/SBLC/DLC/LC MT760 in lessee's bank account, Lessor will instruct the issuing bank to put a claim on the BG/SBLC/DLC/LC thereby forcing the Lessee's bankers to return the BG/SBLC/DLC/LC MT760 to the issuing Bank.