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Bruce Green Allegations Response

The Facts about the Bruce Green Allegations

IMPORTANT: Clients are reminded that any clown, competitor, scammer or troll can post information on the internet. But just because someone posts on the internet, doesn't mean their post is real, true, authentic or genuine. Secure Platform Funding has exposed a LOT of scammers and has stood up against the Fakes and Evil in our Industry. The backlash we have encountered has at times been fierce with scammers, competitors and trolls writing deliberately Fake information in an attempt to discredit the accuracy and quality of the information and warnings we provide.

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The Allegation Responses Below are the Facts! 

Secure Platform Funding - True or False

Allegation 1: Bruce Green has been Arrested, is in Jail and a Trial is in Progress.

The Facts: 100% FALSE! Bruce Green has NEVER been arrested for any crime, he isn't in Jail and has never been in Jail, nor is there any trial anywhere for any crime! Bruce continues to work for Secure Platform Funding every day answering client inquiries, talking to customers and performing his normal role as he has for the last many years. Bruce is available to talk to anyone anytime by Phone, Skype, Telegram, Signal or Email.

We note that the person who wrote these completely fictitious allegations deliberately provided ZERO EVIDENCE of their allegation! No details of where this imaginary arrest took place, no details of where the trail is, no details of ANYTHING! Just a bunch of FAKE UNFOUNDED ALLEGATIONS with ZERO EVIDENCE AND ZERO TRUTH!

Allegation 2: Bruce Green's real name is Anthony Igbokwe.

The Facts: 100% FALSE! Bruce has never met or even heard of any person my the name of Anthony Igbokwe. Secure Platform Funding has never employed any person by the name of Anthony Igbokwe. We would love to know who Anthony Igbokwe is and where his trail is so we can provide that evidence here showing Secure Platform Funding has NOTHING to do with him at all. Since December 2018 Secure Platform Funding has publicly advertised for any person anywhere to provide any details on Anthony Igbokwe. To date NOT 1 Person has been able to provide any evidence that Anthony Ogbokwe even exists!

Allegation 3: Bruce Green has swindled lots of Legitimate Investors.

The Facts: 100% FALSE! Since December 2017 all clients who enter PPP, our Managed BG / SBLC Programs or Purchase a Financial Instrument from us have all paid their Transaction Deposit Fees to either an Independent Trustee or Escrow Attorney to ensure the client is completely protected. Secure Platform Funding is a Scam FREE Zone as NO client pays transaction deposits to us!

Allegation 4: Properties worth millions of dollars which is suspected to be acquired from his fraud have been confiscated.

The Facts: 100% FALSE! Bruce has never had any property confiscated by any law enforcement authority ever. Where are these properties, where is the evidence of the confiscation? NO EVIDENCE EXISTS ANYWHERE!

Allegation 5: The Person writing these Allegations against Secure Platform Funding and Bruce Green is using a Fake Name!

The Facts: The author Alexander Harvey first made this fake allegation on the internet on the 25th May 2018. He then posted the same post on numerous different websites within 24 hours using 3 different names.... Edward Sanchez, Alexander Harvey & Felicia Clark. 

Allegation 6: Bruce Green is associated with Italian Scammer Francesco Osanna

The Facts: 100% FALSE!

1/ Bruce Green has never personally met Francesco Osanna or any of the staff from Osanna Advisors in Italy
2/ Bruce Green has never attended Francesco Osannas offices in Italy,
3/ Secure Platform Funding actually lists BOTH  Francesco Osanna and Osanna Advisors on the Banned Providers list on our website here:
4/ The Secure Platform Funding website also lists Francesco Osanna as (2018 BIGGEST SCAMMER)
5/ Secure Platform Funding have actually lodged complaints about Francesco Osanna with the UK Police, Italy Police and Interpol.

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$500 Reward Offered 

Secure Platform Funding - 500 Dollar Reward Offered

Secure Platform Funding is offering a $500 USD Reward for any person who can provide us with the Full Name, Address, Email and Phone Number of the Author/s that wrote the deliberately fictitious Fake Reviews, Fake Allegations and Fake News about Secure Platform Funding. We will pay a $500 USD Reward to ANYONE who can positively identify any Author that has posted false and malicious information about Secure Platform Funding. We believe any person  who invests his time manufacturing fairy tales and false information about Secure Platform Funding and then posts this information on the internet deserves thorough acknowledgement and public exposure! If your going to defame others with Fake Information, Allegations or Reviews, have the decency and the guts to put your real identity and real name!

The Police and our Attorneys are very keen to talk to the authors of any Malicious False Internet Information because Deliberately Posting False Information to Defame and Harm any Innocent company is ILLEGAL!