Financial Instrument Acronyms

Understanding Financial Instrument Acronyms

The industry is full of Acronyms so here is a list of the key Financial Instrument Acronyms to help you be more coherent and more efficient when you next have to deal with Financial Instrument Acronyms.

  • ATV - Authority to Verify
  • BFP - Blocked Funds Program
  • BG - Bank Guarantee
  • CD - Certificate of Deposit
  • CMO - Commercial Mortgage Obligation
  • CUSIP - Committee on Uniform Securities Identification Procedures
  • DLC - Documentary Letter of Credit
  • DRP - Deposit Refund Protection Program
  • DTC - Depository Trust Clearing Corp
  • DVP - Delivery verses Payment
  • HFP - Heritage Funds Program
  • IBOE - International Bills of Exchange
  • ICBPO - Irrevovable Conditional Bank Pay Orders
  • ISIN - International Securities Identification Number
  • KTT - Key Tested Telex Transfer
  • LC - Letter of Credit
  • LOI - Letter of Intent
  • LTN - Long Term Note
  • LTV - Loan to Value Ratio
  • MBG - Managed Bank Guarantee Program
  • MOU - Memorandum of Understanding
  • MTN - Mid Term Note
  • NDA - Non Disclosure Agreement
  • NCND - Non Circumvent Non Disclosure
  • POF - Proof of Funds
  • PPP - Private Placement Program
  • S2S (Server to Server)
  • ROI - Return on Investment
  • SBLC - Standby Letter of Credit
  • SKR - Safe Keeping Receipt
  • SPV - Special Purpose Vehicle

Email us with any Financial Instrument Acronyms you would like us to add to the list above. We are committed to making this website as comprehensive and useful to you as possible.

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