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Formal Public Warning: Standford Funding

Formal Warning Issued to: & Standford Funding for Theft of Intellectual Property, Breach of Copyright, Plagiarism

Statement of Facts Regarding & Standford Funding

On the 10th May 2016 Secure Platform Funding discovered the evidence listed below which shows (Standford Funding) was blatantly using copyright protected intellectual property owned by Secure Platform Funding without our consent, knowledge or permission and that (Standford Funding) were falsely claiming these documents to be their own when (Standford Funding) had no business or broker relationship with Secure Platform Funding.

It is hugely disappointing that companies that "claim" to be experts in the finance industry have to steal content for there website from other companies because they don't have the initiative, skill or knowledge to write it themselves.

Formal Written Warning Issued for & Standford Funding

As a result of the above information, Secure Platform Funding on the 10th May 2016 issued the below Formal Cease and Desist Email and below Cease and Desist Notice to (Standford Funding) for Theft of Intellectual Property, Breach of Copyright and Plagiarism.

Cease and Desist Email

Formal Cease and Desist Notice

Evidence of & Standford Funding using Secure Platform Funding Copyrighted Information

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Secure Platform Funding Copyright Theft

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