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Press Releases & Media Responses....

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'Its always easier to Tear People Down that Build people up. Its not about how many people don't get it; its about how many people get it! The vast majority, the silent majority, will actually like your stuff, and the minority who dislike your stuff, or dislike everything, will be the loudest' Tim Ferris

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Press Release 1 - 30 June 2016

Naughty Competitors Post False Client Complaints Online

Secure Platform Funding's success has taken significant market share away from many of our our competitors, many of which chose NOT to operate with the same level of ethics and integrity that we do. Regrettably some of these competitors have from time to time attempted to deliberately sabotage, derail, undermine, damage and attack the good work and solid and successful reputation of Secure Platform Funding by....

Competitors posting False Misleading Misinformation online while they "pretend" to be customers posting “completely false and untrue” reviews.

Secure Platform Funding Liar

Recently we issued a series of Formal Public Warnings on several competitors who had stolen large amounts of Secure Platform Funding's web site (full details here) and were misrepresenting that information as their own. Directly after we exposed the actions of these competitors here, Fake Client Reviews started popping up all over the internet claiming Secure Platform Funding was a Scam.



Here is an example of one of the recent Fake Reviews....

Secure Platform Funding Fake Client Review1
Here are the Facts on the False Allegations contained in the above Completely Bogus & Fake Customer Review:

False Allegation 1: Secure Platform Funding are criminals and cheats

The Truth: Allegation 100% Not True! As confirmed here, Secure Platform Funding as never been convicted of any crime in any country since the day we were founded in 2008. We have never acted illegally and no customer who has paid a deposit for a deal has ever lost money. In addition every page on our web site clearly stipulates "that prior to entering any transaction all clients should undertake to consult Independent Legal and Accounting Experts prior to commencing, signing or committing to any transaction.

False Allegation 2: In Paragraph 2 of the Fake Review above he writes "As informed by some people/ companies they lost money by dealing with these guys which I am sharing with all of you"

The Truth: Allegation 100% Not True! The Fake Review author claims he was only "informed" some people/companies have lost money. In other words the entire Fake Review written by him is 100% Hearsay and Made Up Bullshit! The Fake Review Author admits he has not personally lost money in any dealing with Secure Platform Funding  because the Fake Review Author HAS NEVER HAD ANYTHING TO DO WITH SECURE PLATFORM FUNDING!

Also notice that no customer or company is ever named in the review because the customer and company he refers to do not exist, They are made up figments of the authors imagination! As confirmed here, no customer who has paid a deposit for a deal to Secure Platform Funding has ever lost money.... NONE!

Also see that the author of the Fake Review is Anonymous himself! So.....

  • The Review author is Anonymous
  • The Person that "informed" him of the information is Anonymous
  • And the customer/company that he refers to are Anonymous!

This entire Review as Zero Credibility, Zero Truth and was Fictitiously created!

False Allegation 3: The Fake Review author claims "Bruce Green, has posted about BG/ SBLC in some online forums and social networking sites."

The Truth: Allegation 100% Not True! As at today's date Mr Green has NEVER made ANY post on any forum or any social networking site regarding Secure Platform Funding, BGs or SBLC. The allegation made my the Fake Review Author is 100% False. 

False Allegation 4: The Fake Review author claims "on contacting Bruce Green they have been asked to place Escrow Deposit with an International Attorney who is a Graduate of Yale University, has been practicing law since 1966, is currently registered with the Supreme Court Bar, has served as a Lawyer in London England and New York USA and has served the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland and this Law Firm is really fake and big time fraud"

The Truth: Allegation 100% Not True! This law firm is very real, is highly respected, operated to the highest professional and ethical standards and numerous Secure Platform Funding clients have physically met the senior partner of the Law Firm in his Offices with our Asset Manager in the last 8 weeks. No Secure Platform Funding customer has ever made any complaint about this law firm. So the allegation the law firm is "fake and a big time fraud" is 100% False.

False Allegation 5: The Fake Review author claims "Initially they have asked to place escrow deposit in an a/c in the name of such Law Firm After receiving the deposit, Bruce Green asked for additional money to issue BG and for this purpose they have issued a draft of BG issued by HSBC UK. Also they have arranged a confirmation mail from HSBC and later on HSBC confirmed that the BG document and the mail- both are fake and a big scam. HSBC advised to file a complaint with UK police. Now when they contacted the Law Firm to refund the deposit, there is no reply from these guys."

The Truth: Allegation 100% Not True! Here are the facts.....

  1. Secure Platform Funding have not issued an instrument from HSBC in years, we currently issue from a different Top 20 Bank NOT HSBC!
  2. We don't change our Prices, they are clearly listed on our web site and in all client agreements. We have never ever asked any client for additional funds on any transaction ever!
  3. Mr Green has never asked any client for additional money to issue a BG ever!

Nothing in the allegation is True, the Bank is wrong, the process is wrong, and the author gives no specific prices, no specific client and has really done a terrible job of making up this fairy tale! Its all FALSE!

Finally, lets completely separate the.....
Secure Platform Funding Fact

Secure Platform Funding takes our business and the protection of our brand and reputation very seriously and so do our Attorneys.

Therefore we would like to issue Two Public Challenges.....

  1. PUBLIC CHALLENGE: Secure Platform Funding would like to issue a public challenge to the Author of the above Fake Review. Please supply us with copies of the client wire receipts for the funds paid by the clients that were allegedly lost, supply the signed client contracts on Secure Platform Funding letterhead for the transactions you refer to, supply copies of the emails from the client to us referring to the transaction and the alleged loss, supply the HSBC documentation for the transaction and finally publicly disclose your own true identity.... our Attorneys would like to come and see you! The reality is the Fake Review Author can't supply any of this evidence because NONE OF IT EXISTS BECAUSE HE MADE THE ENTIRE STORY UP! He is most likely a jealous competitor who has mischievously posted knowingly untrue statements in an attempt to try and discredit us. In truth all he has done is discredit himself.
  2. $500 REWARD: Secure Platform Funding is offering a $500 USD Reward for any person who can provide us with the Full Name, Address, Email and Phone Number of the Author that wrote the above Fake Review. We will pay a $500 USD Reward to ANYONE who can positively identify the Author and provide us with their contact details. We believe any character who invests his time manufacturing fairy tales about us and posting them on the internet deserves thorough acknowledgement and our Attorneys plan to give them that.
IMPORTANT: If your Still not convinced please Click on the Scam Free Zone Link Below and READ...
Secure Platform Funding Critical
5 Reasons Why Secure Platform Funding is a

'It’s amazing the lies that people will believe about men when the truth is actually much more interesting.'

Brad Sugars

'Remember, people only rain on your parade because they’re jealous of your sun and tired of their shade'


'Rumors are carried by haters, spread by fools, and accepted by idiots.'

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