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Scammer Allegation Response

Secure Platform Funding made the courageous decision to be one of the first large reputable companies that stood against scammers in the financial instruments industry. We have actively worked to expose scammers on our website and in our Banned Assets and Providers page here.

Albert Einstein said "The World is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil but because of those who look on and do NOTHING!"

In January 2016 it was clear to us that the financial instruments industry was riddled with scammers because:

  • No one was holding scammers to account
  • No one was naming and shaming scammers
  • No one was taking the time to investigate scammers
  • No one was WARNING clients to avoid scammers!

As a result client confidence in the industry was at an all time low because scammers were breeding like flies and largely operating without anyone holding them accountable!

Secure Platform Funding decided to lead the charge for change. We decided it was time for the good guys to fight back! It was time for honest reputable companies like Secure Platform Funding to STOP SITTING ON THE SIDELINES AND IGNORING THE PROBLEM and to ACTIVELY GET INVOLVED and help clean up the industry and expose scammers!

Secure Platform Funding - Scammer Exposed 1

So after being Founded in 2008 and successfully operating as a Financial Instruments, Commodities and Monetization Wholesaler for 7 years, in January 2016 the Secure Platform Funding Board decided to launch a retail operation and as a consequence the website was born.

We have used to educate customers, launch our retail services and expose scammers and WARN Clients about different scams! Here are just a few examples of our extensive work that has exposed many scams and saved clients millions of dollars in losses to scammers.

Read the Evidence below for yourself:


The FACT is Secure Platform Funding has EXPOSED more Scams that ANYONE else in the Industry!

And we have taken more Action AGAINST Scammers than ANYONE else in the Industry!

Secure Platform Funding has told the truth, warned customers and protected clients from being ripped off! 

Grateful Clients Saved Millions of Dollars...

Our actions have resulted in Secure Platform Funding receiving emails and phone calls almost daily from clients thanking us for our honest advice, in-depth knowledge and telling us that that the warnings and information we provide on have collectively SAVED clients millions of dollars from scammers and helped them AVOID becoming a victim of a scam.

Secure Platform Funding - Lady Phone

Scammers Shutdown & Wiped Out by Secure Platform Funding!

Secure Platform Funding - Emergency Shutdown

Secure Platform Fundings website operation has had a MASSIVE IMPACT ON SCAMMERS! Our website has devastated many scammers businesses by cutting off their revenue streams. We have cost many scammers millions of dollars in lost revenue by effectively educating and warning clients away from well known and established scams. 

One Scammer has had 3 different businesses shutdown by Secure Platform Funding! The scammer started using Menlo Investments and we exposed that and shut that down, so he moved to Long Island Assets, so we shut that down, then he moved to Hawkins Funding, so we shut that down! 

Our Education and Warning Program has been highly effective but that has created a problem we did not anticipate!

Scammers Violent Reaction!

As a result of Secure Platform Funding being so vocal warning and protecting clients.... Scammers who have lost a huge amount of money and business because of our warnings and sensible industry advice decided to Violently React!

Scammers who have been brutally and adversely affected by Secure Platform Fundings exposure of them have launched a series of significant and sustained counterattacks against our business. The irony of these attacks is the scammers have attempted to discredit Secure Platform Funding by calling the Number 1 Company that Exposes Scammers in the Industry a Scam!


The credibility of Secure Platform Funding is well known in the industry, and that is why we are the:#1 Financial Instruments Website in the World



It amazes me that you could do research to find a few fake reviews that have been deliberately posted by competitors to discredit us but you could not read our own website and find the truth. Read the Facts Not the Fiction on the links below..