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WARNING: Telegram Scammer Using Fake SPF Broker Certificates!

BEWARE: Scammers on Telegram are using FAKE Secure Platform Funding Broker Certificates (examples below) to scam customers into paying them money with a Crypto Currency Scam.


  • Secure Platform Funding is NOT involved in ANY Crypto Currency Program.
  • Secure Platform Brokers NEVER take money from customers.
  • Secure Platform Funding Broker Certificates are NOT a License to Trade Crypto Currency.
  • Secure Platform Funding does NOT issue ANY Broker Certificate with a Green Border like those below.

The Telegram Crypto Scammers have taken a “Sample Broker Certificate” from this page of our website: and heavily modified it.

The Certificates being used by the Telegram Crypto Scammers are:

  • NOT Genuine
  • NOT Real
  • NOT Issued by Secure Platform Funding
  • NOT Signed by Bruce Green

Secure Platform Funding has NO KNOWLEDGE of who these scammers are, we did NOT supply any documents, certificates or authorizations in ANY way to the Telegram Crypto Scammers and Secure Platform Funding has NOT received ANY funds victims may have paid the scammers.

Secure Platform Funding's Reputable Identity has been STOLEN without or knowledge, consent or approval and is being used on Fraudulent Broker Certificates.

Example of the Telegram Crypto Scammers Mode of Operation

I came across the Telegram page of a person who went by the name of Loren Curtis. In late June 2022. He was a person who claimed that he had made a lot of money from trading cryptocurrency and wanted to help others to do the same.

On 27/06/2022, Loren posted about a scheme that he had discovered whereby an individual could buy £95 worth of Bitcoin on a Korean exchange market and sell the same amount on an American exchange market, making a profit. Using a bot that he had designed, he claimed that users could repeat this process 6,538 times. Thus making an end return of £32,789. I had complete faith in him as his offer seemed to make sense.

I reached out to Loren and sent him 0.5BNB (£95 equivalent at the time) from my Trust Wallet to a “MoonPay” wallet address which he owned, as was his request. Loren then messaged me hours later saying that the yields had been generated and that my £32,789 was ready to withdraw.

Loren then asked me for my IBAN details for the transfer to be done. I provided this to him. He told me that it would take 1 – 1.5 hours to convert the currency for the transfer. He then told me that he required an additional £145 (to a different wallet address) as a commission charge for using the exchange. I sent him 0.78BNB(the equivalent at the time). He told me that the money that had been made through the scheme would reach me in 10 minutes.

Once the payment of 0.78BNB had been completed, he messaged me saying that the withdrawal of the funds in this direction is accompanied by a commission cost according to article (Publication 598, Tax on unrelated business income). The commission cost was £175. I sent Loren to his MoonPay wallet address a payment of 0.94BNB (the equivalent at the time). He said that the £32.7K would be with me in 7-10 minutes.

He messaged not much later that day saying that Trust Wallet had put a limit on transfers, and that he would speak to technical support. He said in the next message that he required a counter payment of $250 to confirm that “I was not scamming him.” He said that once this payment was made, the amount should appear immediately in my Trust Wallet. I made the payment. The amount was 1.08BNB (the equivalent at the time).

Once the payment had been made, Loren told me that the £32K should be with me in 10-11 hours. Loren texted me 15 hours later saying that a UK government body named “Ministry of Economy and Finance” had imposed a fine for not paying the proper amount of tax before initiating the transaction. The amount to be paid was £459. He said that this part must be dealt with as soon as possible to avoid legal complications and confiscation of the funds. I asked him if he was certain that this would be the last payment necessary before I was given my promised returns. He replied saying “No worries, dear u will get this money as soon as u pay.” I paid to Loren another amount of 2.42BNB (the equivalent of £459 at the time). I later found out that the Ministry of Economy and Finance is a finance regulator that works for the Italian government, not the British. Despite what the screenshot sent by Loren suggested.

Once I sent the last payment, Loren’s next message asked me for the address of my bank and told me that once I received the funds, I would need to withdraw £1000 at my branch to verify the address. I gave my bank details and the address of my branch.

Loren then messaged me just under two hours later saying that I could go to my branch and withdraw the promised amount, but I first needed to pay an amount of £689 as a standard fee for the urgent payment type transaction. I asked for clarification on what the payment is for. He said that the requests weren’t coming from him. He said that he and his solicitors were working under license. I asked for his license number. In reply, he sent a picture of certificate saying that he was a member of a firm called Secure Platform Funding. I asked if it would be possible for Loren to take the fee out of the £32K and give me the difference. Be said that this would cause legal issues and be a red flag for a potential case of fraud. I asked Loren if every single person with whom he’s worked with has had to pay more than £1000 these fees to receive the returns they’ve been promised? And if not, why does he not advertise this initially? I told him there wasn’t a chance that I was going to be able to afford to pay that final amount and because of I had already lost over £1000, and had virtually nothing left to my name and couldn’t borrow money from lenders or friends/family. And when tomorrow evening comes around and I’ve failed to give you what you’re asking for, what am I supposed to do then? In reply, Loren said that he was trying to treat me as fairly as possible and that we were close to achieving everything we’ve worked towards.

Given that Secure Platform Funding is a recognized organization with its own website and a logo which matched the one on Loren’s certificate, I decided to trust him. But there wasn’t any way I was going to be able to send him £689. So I re-negotiated a figure of £350. He said on 30th of June that it had to be sent on that day. He messaged me on 01.07.2022 in the morning asking if I could send the agreed amount. I managed to get a loan and sent him 1.94BNB via Trust Wallet (to a new address that he provided me with. The BNB figure was worth £350 at the time). He said in reply that I would have the money within 30 minutes.

Loren replied saying that “The Mol” imposed a protocol on the transaction, because the amount is much higher than the average salary in Russia. He said that they were looking for £4500 to be paid. He said that he has paid to them £3800, and that I should pay the remaining £800 (not £700) for the payment to be recognized as legal.

At this point, I for all intents and purposes accepted that I was being scammed, decided to stop trying to send Loren any more money and told him not to text me anymore.

Scam Broker certificate 13 - Loren Curtis

Imperial Bank Trust

Can you trust... Imperial Bank Trust -

Meet the bank who wont give you their address on their own website! Imperial Bank Trust & are the bank with no address, no branches and no ATM Machines, Imperial Bank Trust is listed as a Banned Provider here because they are an Unrated Bank, that has No Address and we cant find ANY record that they have a Banking License! Imperial Bank Trust & are the hiding information from you about who they are. Its a Bank with No Bank Officer, No Director even named!

Imperial Bank Trust - No Address

 Imperial Bank Trust - Complaint

We recently received the below complaint from the Imperial Bank Trust. It seems they are a little unhappy that Secure Platform Funding has listed them as a Banned Provider.

Imperial Bank Trust Complaint

We responded to Imperial Bank Trusts complaint with the following reply to their email....

Imperial Bank Trust Complaint Response

Secure Platform Funding is a fair ethical company and our goal is to ensure customers are informed of the facts so they can make their own quality decisions. It is HIGHLY UNUSUAL for any Bank to not list ANY address on their website, NOR ANY STAFF PERSON. That raises more questions than it answers!

We look forward to Imperial Bank Trust providing the information we have requested which would go some way to validating at least their existence, licensing and if the email we received was even from an attorney!

Imperial Bank Trusts own website states....

Our most valuable assets are people and reputation. We expect employees to maintain high ethical standards in everything they do. Integrity, honesty, impartiality and confidentiality are at the heart of our business. As an organization, we are dedicated to complying fully with the letter and spirit of the laws and rules that govern us. Our continued success depends upon the adherence to these standards.

We look forward to receiving the documents and information we have requested so Imperial Bank Trust can show their "Integrity and Honesty" and we can verify they "Comply Fully" with the laws and rules that govern banks operations.

Imperial Bank Trust Issues

Here are the significant issues and concerns Secure Platform Funding has with Imperial Bank Trust &

1/ No Physical Address listed on their website

2/ No Registered Company Number or Name listed on their website

3/ No Phone Number, Address or Bar License Number for the person who "claims" to be an attorney that emailed us

4/ Conflict #1: Imperial Banks name indicates they are a Bank but there own website says "We are acting as an intermediary". So are they a Bank or a Broker pretending to be a Bank? Do they have a Banking License? Are they authorized to even use the word Bank to represent themselves?

5/ Conflict #2: The Contact Page of Imperial Banks website lists a Los Angeles USA Phone Number +1323 238 3594 but Imperial Banks own website says......

is to offer relevant products, exemplary services and efficient processes and thereby develop ourselves into a leading European and International Financial Group.

So are they based in Europe of the USA? One page of their website lists a USA contact number and the other page says they are a leading "European" Financial Group. Which continent are they based in?

We traced their website and their website is operated from Saint Peterberg in RUSSIA! See the evidence below....

Imperial Bank Trust - Whois

But it gets Worse! We located Imperial Banks USA Address!

The Secure Platform Funding Computer Forensics Team identified that Imperial is using the following swift code, and that swift code has an address in the USA....

Here is the Evidence of the Address recorded with

Imperial Bank Trust - Swift address

Guess what stunning Bank Building is located at 181 River Bluff Drive, Branson, MO, 65616, USA? Here is the evidence of the bank swift Head Office as confirmed by Google Street View.... Its a HOUSE! Valued at less the $290,000 USD!

Imperial Bank Trust - Address Photo


If you want to do business with a Bank that hides its address on its own website, operates from a residential house worth less than $290,000 USD in Missouri, USA, has a Los Angeles, USA Phone Number, says its a "European" financial company which operates its website from Russia. Calls itself a bank but on its website admits it just a "intermediary" and doesn't provide ANY evidence that it has a Banking License or is even a Registered Company..... this this is the Bank for you!

There are so many red flags here its a parade!

When Secure Platform Funding lists a Banned Provider on our website, there is very good reason for doing so. We DO NOT recommend you do business with Imperial Bank Trust. 

We look forward to Imperial Bank Trusts "Lawyer" (with no phone number and no address and no Bar License Number) providing the evidence we asked for in our email to him above. Then we will be able to update and inform our clients so they can make better decisions with all the facts. In the meantime we recommend staying as far away from Imperial Bank Trust as you can!

Largest Bank Scam Involving 7 Banks!

Secure Platform Funding BUSTS Massive 7 Bank Scam 

Secure Platform Funding's Forensics Fraud Investigators have today uncovered what they believe could possibly be the Largest Banking Scam ever Exposed! 7 Different Banks are involved in taking customer deposits and then declining to EVER pay funds out. The scam has been running since 2014 and potentially has scammed millions and millions of dollars. Many customers of the 7 Banks we have uncovered still don't know they paid their deposit money to a fake bank that is NEVER going to give them a cent back. But what is most shocking is that all 7 Fake Banks are owned and operated by 1 Scammer who masterminded the entire process.  

Bank Fraud

This information isn't being sourced from anywhere else! Secure Platform Funding is the source! This is our story! Secure Platform Fundings forensic fraud investigators have unmasked the Largest Bank Fraud with 7 Banks and a complex company fraud structure supporting the entire scamming operation.

You read it here first! One Scammer operating 7 Different Fake Banks for up to 5 years taking millions in cash and NEVER paying out a cent.

The only company to investigate this...... Secure Platform Funding! The only company to uncover this elaborate sophisticated fraud and discover all 7 Fake Banks are owned by the 1 Scammer is Secure Platform Funding! Secure Platform Funding got to the truth no one else could find!

For the first time ever Secure Platform Funding announces that ALL of the following Banks are commonly owned and operating the same sophisticated scam.

The banks involved in this scam are:

Delta West Credit Bank -

Credit Foncier -

Credit Foncier International Trade & Finance -

Societe Bancaire et Fiduciaire Privee -

St George Bank -

Hottinger & Cie International Banque -

CG Bank -

But it actually gets worse....

This same scammer who owns each of the above banks also setup two different offshore company formation services websites where he sells offshore company incorporation's and opens the customers bank accounts in his own banks for the clients to deposit all their cash! These two company formation websites are: and

But it gets worse! In addition to operating 7 Fake Banks and 2 International Company Formation websites, the scammer  also created Two Fake Financial Authority websites so he could show unsuspecting clients his fake banks were registered with a fake financial authority! This gave each of the bank the allure of genuineness.

The Two Financial Authorities he set up are:

1/ Mwali International Services Authority at is FAKE! The real website for the Comoros Financial Regulator is: and is in French. 

2/ Central Reserve Authority of Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic at is FAKE! The Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic doesn't have a Financial Regulator so this scammer created his own one!

But it gets worse!

As recorded here by, this scammer also created his own Fake intermediary bank! Here is what the says:

"Credit Foncier uses a correspondent bank or payment processor referred to as “Saint George Bankers and Trust”.  That is not a typographic error.  That is the supposed name of the processor.  Their website is:

As with the name of Credit Foncier (which is taken from a legitimate bank in France), the name of the correspondent  bank appears to be created to make it appear legitimate as well.  There are several international banking groups with names similar to “St. George’s Bank and Trust” located in the Cayman Islands, Panama, Bermuda, etc.  But these are legitimate licensed banks, some of which have been around for many decades and have branches in multiple countries. 

The “Saint George Bankers and Trust”  is simply a website created to look like a legitimate bank through which transfers go to and from Credit Foncier. However, the website for Credit Foncier and website for Saint George were created by the same people! We know this because the text on two of the pages below is identical.

Both websites purport to offer the service of opening up a corporate account. Notice the text that starts with “Please, follow the below five steps…”. The text of the remaining paragraphs on both of these websites (that are supposedly for two different organizations) is identical. Either one of the organizations copied the other verbatim, or they are both part of the same sham operation!

The only reasonable conclusion is that this is a cleverly and elaborately created sham bank to separate unsuspecting victims from their money, forever. The perpetrators of this scam have even created a fake correspondent bank as well as a fake government regulator website."

But it gets worse!

The Secure Platform Funding Forensic Experts have confirmed that all of the 7 Bank websites, 2 Company Formation Websites, 2 Financial Authority Websites all operates from the same low end webserver with a paid hosting company. None of the bank websites are on secure servers! Which means in additional to one scammer owning and operating everything, he also has exposed every one of his banking customers data to being insecure and be available to be easily accessed and used illegally all over the internet.

So not only have clients LOST all the money they paid these 7 banks, they also may have had their identities, Passports  and IDs that were used to open their bank accounts at these 7 banks or the 2 Company Formation websites.... stolen and used for any number of illegal activities. This is a MASSIVE Scandal! 

But it gets worse!

Here is the full list of websites the Secure Platform Funding Forensic Team has identified are likely associated with the scammer:


It is very likely that some of those websites have been used or are scheduled to be used to scam more customers out of more money.

Secure Platform Funding has now formally BUSTED THIS ENTIRE SCAM RING! In 5 years we are the ONLY company who has got to the truth, examined the evidence and connected the dots. In the coming months this article will become the rallying point for clients of each of the 7 banks to realize they have collectively been scammed out of millions of dollars. Our hope is that law enforcement authorities will take the information we have provided in this article and find the perpetrators responsible for this elaborate fraud.  

The Board of Secure Platform Funding would like to express our sincere appreciation to our CEO Mr Bruce Green who has led this investigation and directed our team to go through mountains of evidence over many many months. It is Mr Greens skill, patience and direction that gave Secure Platform Funding the breakthrough that finally resulted in every aspect of this scammers entire 5 year operation being completely and publicly exposed here in this article. 

Tear Sheet Programs

The Truth About Tear Sheet Programs

Tear Sheet Programs are complete Broker Fantasy!

Tear Sheet Programs DO NOT EXIST! They are a fabrication of many Brokers wild out of control Fantasy's. It is a complete and utter LIE to tell ANY client that they can just supply a Bank Tear Sheet and immediately "hey presto" be in a PPP (Private Placement Program) that pays them tens of millions of dollars a month just because they sent a Tear Sheet to a Trader.

That is the worst kind of foolishness! You have to detach your brain completely to be sucked in my this crazy Broker Myth.

Secure Platform Funding - Broker Fantasy

Tear Sheet Programs are NOT Real!

Banking Regulations have been tightened in recent years to prohibit fraud, money laundering and reduce transactions with funds that are not validated, proven and which come from non legal origins. The World Economy is a safer place because banks and traders are now tightly regulated and can have any transaction randomly audited at a moments notice.

So it is simply Ridiculous to promote that a client can enter any type of authentic Private Placement Program just by producing a Bank Tear Sheet and this is why:

  1. Most Tear Sheets that are emailed around the Financial Instruments Industry are complete Fraud!
  2. Anyone with a Word processor and access to the internet can create their own Fake Bank Tear Sheet in less than 30 Minutes. It takes no skill at all to be able to manufacture a Fake Bank Tear Sheet! A 12 year old kid can do it.
  3. There are currently hundreds of broke fraudsters that don't have 2 cents in their own bank account that are emailing their Fake Tear Sheet with "500 Million Dollars on it" to any broker who will take it to try and get them entry into a "Tear Sheet Program"
  4. Its ironic that the Brokers who created the Tear Sheet Program Fantasy are now over run by clients promoting Fake Tear Sheets to try and enter a Fake Program that NEVER EXISTED in the first place!

Here is what one broker recently posted on social media to all his clients.....


The truth is Tear Sheet Programs have been on a Huge Halt since the dawn of time because they never existed! We congratulate this broker for finally realizing Tear Sheet Programs are Broker Bullshit after he got sucked in and promoted Fake Tear Sheet Programs for months and months to his own clients.

The Greatest Tear Sheet Harm!

There is nothing more harmful to the Financial Instruments Industry than Brokers who give clients false expectations by promoting fake returns and fake programs.

Promoting Tear Sheet Programs that don't exist hurts real clients that do have real cash in their bank accounts because those genuine clients spend years chasing every broker that says they offer a Tear Sheet Program in the hope they find a "real one". But a "real one" doesn't exist! Sadly they are hunting for the Lochness Monster and will never find it. The cumulative cost of authentic clients with cash chasing fake Tear Sheet programs is massive. Those clients get zero returns, waste huge amounts of time and money and end up with NOTHING but frustration!

Clients would be far better to have a realistic expectation and enter a real Private Placement Program like those offered by Secure Platform Funding and earn  consistent safe returns  instead of chasing a broker Tear Sheet pipe dream that leads nowhere!

What About Tear Sheet Programs for Real Clients with Real Funds?

In order for a Private Placement Program to operate the Trader must have something to Trade! In other words the Trader has to receive an asset of value in order for him to draw a credit line or expand his cash trading base to deliver the client with a trade return. A Tear Sheet DOES NOT transfer ANY value to the Trader. It DOES NOT expand the Traders asset base.

In addition, the Traders Bank will NOT give the Trader more funds to trade because the Trader got a nice color copy of a clients Tear Sheet from another bank! Showing a clients asset position in another bank DOES NOT enrich the Trader in ANY way and therefore it is impossible for the Trader to deliver ANY type of Trade Return to a Tear Sheet client. A Tear Sheet to a Trader is worthless!


Brokers earn real money doing real deals! They don't earn any money promoting Fake Tear Sheet Programs that don't exist. If you have real clients with real funds in their bank account direct them to Secure Platform Funding's Private Placement Program. That will serve both the client and the broker in a much more productive way and save everyone a lot of wasted time.

The Corrupt Advisor

This industry is full of corrupt providers and scammers but most Accountants & Financial Advisors operate with a high level of ethics, professionalism, due care and responsibility largely because they are tightly regulated in most Markets.

Sadly last week Secure Platform Funding was contacted by Mr Ali Haji aka Haji Ali Ambaro (email: [email protected]) who turned out to be one of the most Corrupt Accountants & Financial Advisors we have ever dealt with!

Mr Ali Haji aka Haji Ali Ambaro ([email protected]) contacted Secure Platform Funding as the Accountant and Financial Advisor representing: ASV Enterprise Company Limited, Grand Majestic For Management Hotels Company & Tech Africa Group of Company Sarl. 

Most Accountants & Financial advisors are paid by their clients so they take their responsibility to consistently act in their client best interests at all times very seriously. However Mr Ali Haji aka Haji Ali Ambaro (email: [email protected]) made it abundantly clear to us that he really didn't care about his clients! In fact Mr Ali Haji aka Haji Ali Ambaro's primary focus was to secretly steal as much of his own clients deposit as possible.

Ali Haji aka Haji Ali Ambaro (email: [email protected]) was only interested in one thing..... MONEY! We could buy his recommendation if we paid him enough MONEY! And if we didn't pay him enough MONEY then we would NOT recommend Secure Platform Funding and we would lose the business completely. And he wanted his payments to be deducted from HIS OWN CLIENTS DEPOSIT FUNDS!

Mr Ali Haji aka Haji Ali Ambaro (email: [email protected]) was morally bankrupt, he was just out to make himself a ton of money and he was happy to extort us and abuse his clients trust to achieve his goal.

Secure Platform Fundings integrity isn't for sale! We will NOT compromise our ethics, business principals and professionalism for a few pieces of silver. We are NOT corrupted by Greed and you CAN NOT buy our Loyalty!

We will NOT sell our Soul to the Devil EVER!

Below are copies of the correspondence Secure Platform Funding exchanged with Mr Ali Haji aka Haji Ali Ambaro (email: [email protected]) were we consistently told him we would not allow our process to be corrupted by him or be seduced by his offers. We would not allow him to be financially rewarded for betraying his clients trust and operating in a devious, illegal and unethical manner.

Too many people in this business like Mr Ali Haji aka Haji Ali Ambaro (email: [email protected]) are corrupted by greed and have forgotten to treat others with honesty, respect and integrity as they themselves would like to be treated. Secure Platform Funding doesn't chase money, or deals or people. Our desire is to do authentic transactions with authentic people and complete them in an professional ethical way so that clients want to return and do repeat with us business over and over again. The values of our business are not for sale! We value our integrity more than we value money. That's why our website is so brutally honest, exposes and names so many scammers and tries to educate and warn customers with quality information.

Here is our record of Secure Platform Fundings correspondence with The Corrupt Advisor.

Email 1 from Accountant & Financial Advisor

Email 1

Secure Platform Fundings Response:

We emailed full details of our Managed SBLC Program which clients use for funding businesses, projects and real estate.

Email 2

Email 2

Secure Platform Fundings Response


"We pay commission based on the broker level you are registered on here:"

Email 3

Email 3

Secure Platform Fundings Response:

"Sir, The bank dictates the process and how you are remunerated and it cannot be changed. If you wish to do a real deal with an authentic provider then that is how we do it."

Email 4

Email 4

Secure Platform Fundings Response

"Sir, Sorry our integrity isn't for sale!"

Email 5

Email 5

Secure Platform Fundings Response

"Sir, We will be exposing your corruption. All the best"


WARNING: If Mr Ali Haji aka Haji Ali Ambaro is your Accountant or Financial Advisor you might be wise to find someone else! He proven is is very happy to operate with a conflict of interest and try and maximize his own personal wealth while he sells out his own clients down the river and fails to honor his fiduciary duties as an Accountant and Financial Advisor. is a Fraud! is a domain name that has been registered by a scammer who is trying to use the credibility of HSBC while he scams you!

We have confirmed with HSBC Bank's, Senior Retail Fraud Risk Manager who handles Global Fraud & Financial Crime Threat Mitigation for HSBC and is based in London that is not a domain name that is registered or used at all by any portion of HSBC Bank. It is a domain registered by a scammer who the Police are HSBC Fraud Department are now in hot pursuit of! is a scammer who has simply stolen Peter Wongs Identity from the HSBC Website here and is using that identity with a fake email he has registered to try and defraud people. Don't fall for this scam!

Below is an example of an email from, we have sanitized the receivers email and name to protect their privacy

HSBCPrime Email

Where is Hosted? is hosted by a contract webserver in Spain! All email goes through their own secure email servers in London. HSBC bank do not use contracted 3rd party mail servers in Spain at all!

Interestingly the Spain IP address that hosts has also registered which is likely also intended to be used to scam customers!

Server Location1
Server Location


With 100% certainty is NOT HSBC Bank, it is a Scammer pretending to be HSBC bank. Do not do business with anyone from, do not give money to them.

If you want to buy a real Bank Guarantee or SBLC please deal with a real legitimate company like

The Pretend Euroclear Banker

Exposing the Pretend Euroclear Banker!

The Pretend Euroclear Banker is a new and alarming trend. On a regular basis we receive emails from Bank Officers for Standby Letters of Credit or Bank Guarantees that have been spoofed by Scammers. Email Spoofing is the practice of sending an email and making it look like the email is from someone else eg Paypal or a Banker.

Its incredibly easy to spoof an email for a Standby Letters of Credit, Bank Guarantee or any Financial Instrument and pretend to be a Euroclear Banker or someone else. The Google App Store has at least 10 FREE Android Apps that allow you to spoof an email. Those apps are called: Email Spoofer, Fake Email Sender, Spoof Mailer, Anonymous Email,Spoof my Email, Hoax Mail, Fake Mail, Instant Email, Fake Mail and Spoof Email. So email spoofing is very common and very easy to do!

Most scammers ping a banks email server trying different email addresses until they find an email address that isn't used by the bank and the scammer then uses that address using his free spoof email program and sends clients email as if it is from the bank. Its a dangerous practice that has tricked many clients in to thinking they are receiving legitimate email  communication when they are not!

Th Pretend Euroclear Banker email below is the first email we have received that is a spoofed email from a scammer pretending to be a Euroclear Banker! This is a new trend and is very concerning.

Website Fraud Email 22nd August 2018

So if you get an email from Nadia Notarrigo using the email addresses of [email protected] or [email protected] BEWARE! Its a Scam! She is a Pretend Euroclear Banker.

Nadia does NOT work for Euroclear, does NOT represent Euroclear and isn't a Bank Officer at all. 

Nadia Notarrigo is just a Wolf in Sheeps clothing trying to fool you using an easy to use Email Spoofing Application so she can give you a false sense of confidence on your Standby Letters of Credit, Bank Guarantee, MTN, LTN or Euroclear transaction.

The entire reason banks no longer use email as part of any financial instrument settlement process is because bank emails are no longer considered a secure form of communication because that are spoofed so regularly.

Stay away from the Fakes and only use real genuine and authentic companies like Secure Platform Funding.

Why are Mt103/23 & One Way & Two Way Fraud?

Swift 103 Fraud

One of the biggest industry scams are Swift Mt103 Fraud transactions, specifically:

  • Swift Mt103/23
  • Swift Mt103 One Way (Mt103/202)
  • Swift Mt103 Two Way

ALL OF THESE TRANSACTIONS ARE FRAUD! The instigators of these transactions prey on the ignorance of other people hoping to pull off an Mt103 Scam before they wake up and discover the truth. Here are the Facts and a strong warning for our customers, don't ever get involved in Mt103/23 pr Mt103 One Way or Mt103 Two Way. If you do you will be very disappointed and you will just hear and sucking sound as your wallet and bank account is being sucked dry by scammers!

Secure Platform Funding - Mt103

Swift Mt103 History

SWIFT MT103 Founded in Brussels in 1973, the Society for the Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) is a co-operative organisation dedicated to the promotion and development of standardized global interactivity for financial transactions. The society operates financial messaging service for items such as letters of credit, payments, and securities transactions between member banks, securities houses and other qualified financial institutions worldwide. SWIFT's key function is to deliver these messages quickly and securely. Member organisations create messages in a number of formats (MT100 to MT999), dependent on purpose, that are then forwarded to SWIFT for delivery to the recipient member organisation SWIFT MT-103’s are the most commonly used form of SWIFT communication, and are normally used to make payment to customers of another bank in another country.

The Mt103 is a simple form of SWIFT message that is commonly used by banks to perform the movement of funds from the senders bank to the beneficiaries bank. The Mt103 is a vanilla SWIFT Message that only allows very basic terms to be attached to the SWIFT Mt103 transfer. These terms normally cover things such as the beneficiaries bank undertaking to advise the beneficiary that the transfer has been completed.

Mt103/23 - The Sender Scam

Scammers con people into believing that there is such a thing as a "conditional" Mt103 named a Mt103/23. They claim that with a "conditional" Mt103/23 the beneficiaries bank will not release the funds to the beneficiaries account until the beneficiary completes specific documents or the sender has provided confirmation that the funds can be released by the Beneficiaries bank to the beneficiary.

The truth is..... The Mt103 is NOT designed for ANY type of conditional transaction and you CANNOT send a Mt103 or a Mt103/23 with any type of condition attached!

The Field 23 Instruction Code used to be used where the sending bank (at the request of the sender) puts a simple code instructing the beneficiaries bank how to effect payment. Field 23 is VERY LIMITED and is designed solely for basis short text like: "Telephone Beneficiary on Receipt" or "Credit Account Immediately". There was no space to enter "conditions". So there was NO POSSIBLE WAY to send a Mt103/23 or a Mt103 with any type of "condition"

Transactions that involve the conditional release of documents are administered by lawyers, escrow and trustees, NOT BY BANKS!

Today Field 23 is no longer used and any reference to a Mt103/23 is false. That field is now defunct and no longer used by ANY Bank. Today any person offering you a Mt103/23 transaction is committing fraud by offering an impossible transaction that has no technical way of ever being keyed into the SWIFT System.

Mt103 One Way - The Receiver Scam

Common sense isn't that common when it comes to people who are determined to complete these deals. There are exceptional quality ways to safely make money such as our Managed SBLC Program. Avoid the below Mt103 One Way and Two Way Scams.

Mt103/202 Scam

Currently in Linkedin there are 138 people promoting or taking part in this SWIFT 103/202 scam. That is just mind boggling! One of the best explanations of the SWIFT Mt103/202 process and structure is here.

Here is how the Swift Mt103/202 fraud works...

Dear Beneficiary, 

I, Mr. Fani Brighton of the KEYSTONE BANK, wish to inform you that the board of trustees and management of the KEYSTONE BANK  has finalized and have being given an Immediate transfer approval order by the Federal Government of Nigeria in conjunction 
with the United Nations and Executive members of Central Bank of Nigeria, following with the instructions we received From His 
Excellency, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari GCFR, the President Federal Republic of Nigeria to transfer overdue Inheritance fund to you. 

Your US$85 Million has been approved, also be informed that we are prepared to give you the best of our services in this Honorable Bank 
with a guarantee that your Approved Fund will be wire into your nominated Bank Account by PAYMENT BY MT103/202 TWO WAY transfer. 

The management & board of trustees of this bank wish you to fill out the below contact details, and your direct phone number, also with 
your banking information to enable us carry out the transfer of your fund successfully to your nominated bank account through approved 
PAYMENT BY MT103/202 METHOD without any further delay. 

We are waiting your immediate response with your below information to enable this bank proceeds immediately with the transfer of your fund 
and serve you better. Please kindly send us the below information. 

3) PHONE: 

Thank you for choosing KEYSTONE BANK. 

Yours Faithfully, 
Mr. Fani Brighton 


The customer is duped into thinking they are going to be wired a large sum of money by Mt103/202 because their loan is approved. But before they can receive the money the client has to pay numerous costs and fees to the issuing bank before they can send the Mt103/202 SWIFT. Sadly in most cases no REAL Mt103/202 payment ever arrives!

 Mt103 Two Way - The Receiver & Sender Scam

People get blinded by greed and sucked into this scam which has no valid commercial reason for this type of transaction ever. Wise clients will stop and ask themselves the simple question.... What is the normal commercial reason any customer would consummate this type of transaction? If there is no sensible, valid, reasonable commercial reason for this transaction then DONT DO IT!

In this scam customers are told they just need to have a bank account to receive a 30 Million dollar Mt103, when they receive the 30 Million Dollar Mt103 payment, the customer is allowed to keep 5 Million Dollars and then he needs to wire the other 25 Million Dollars to bank coordinates that are provided to him by the scammer. Yes you get 5 Million dollars for receiving stolen funds, being a part in a Money laundering chain and paying the 25 Million of stolen money to a new clean account as you are instructed by a person you have never seen and never met. Its a GREAT DEAL until you go to jail!

The problem is when the Police finally get around to investigating the stolen funds and cash, they trace the SWIFT Mt103  right to your account.

You then have two options repay the 30 million dollars that was stolen or go to jail. Judges in these cases have been particularly harsh with "innocent receivers" who claim they knew nothing about the fraud but were happy to bank a 5 million dollar profit for letting the funds pass through their account.

This is pure and utter foolishness. Don't ever get involved in it. There are far easier ways to legally make money such as our Managed SBLC Program. Use low risk investment strategies to build your wealth with Secure Platform Funding.

When is a Barclays Email NOT a Barclays Email!

Fake Barclays Email

Johnathan Lewis from Barclays Bank emailed us recently (see the email below) offering us BGs, SBLCs, LCs, MTN, SKRs, POF and Discounting! It was so great to hear from Johnathan and i was excited to work direct with a Barclays Banker except Johnathan Lewis is NOT from Barclays Bank, and he does NOT have access to BGs, SBLCs, LCs, MTN, SKRs, POF and Discounting. Johnathan Lewis is a SCAMMER using the email address [email protected]

Fake Barclays Email

 Full Forensic Analysis of Fake Johnathan Lewis, Barclays Bank

[email protected]

 1/ is a Fake Domain Name

Barclays Bank was founded in the United Kingdom in 1690, but the domain name and email address was registered on the 18th August 2017 to an address in Indiana, USA (see the registration details below)! This domain name was registered in the wrong year and in the wrong country to a person who has no association with Barclays Bank. is registered by a scammer to "appear" to be an authentic but the email and domain name are actually owned, controlled and used by a scammer who wants to relieve you of all your cash and give you nothing but lies in return.

Barclays Domain Registration

2/ The email [email protected] was sent using

What most people dont know is that every email that is sent contains detailed information about the sender that is hidden inside the email. Our Forensic Analysis of the email we received shows the email was sent from using a account. is a web browser mail application that allows you to log into your account from anywhere in the world. Barclays Bank doesnt use "" so this email has not sent by anyone at Barclays Bank!

3/ The email [email protected] was sent from IP address

Our Forensic Team were also able to track the origin of the email. Hidden inside each email are full details of where the email was sent from and a log of every mail servers IP address that the email passed through. This email was sent from IP address

Sending IP Address


Scammers are using increasingly sophisticated methods to deceive clients. Clients that want to experience success in this industry need to deal with real reputable companies like Secure Platform Funding and complete safe authentic transactions. Dont be fooled by the fakes and the phonies, look past the bullshit to the facts behind it. Success is possible if your deal with industry leaders like Secure Platform Funding instead of fakes like Johnathan Lewis of [email protected]

Warning: It has also come to our attention that this same scammer is using the email address: [email protected]

Secure Platform Funding is also now offering Due Diligence Assessments (for a fee) that validate and confirm whether a clients financial instrument is real or false. We are here to help you, support you and empower you to close real deals and make real money.

Standard Scammer Email

The Old Scammer Suck You In with a Cheap Price Technique

This email template (below) and variations of it have Scammed Millions of Dollars from clients who have been sucked in by Cheap Lease Prices, Cheap Deposit Rates and Pretend Security Undertakings.

Secure Platform Funding is the ONLY company in the industry that educates customers about the methods industry scammers try and use to steal your money.  We also actively expose scammers and publish a Banned Providers List here.

The email below is a template scammers regularly use. We wanted to publish the scammer template to make you aware of it and also to educate you why its a complete fraud!

  1. Lease Fee - The lease prices listed of 1%, 2% and 3% are laughable! Just seeing those prices tells you this is bullshit! Those prices are so far below real market rates no one on the planet could deliver a "real" instrument for anything even close to that price.
  2. Deposit Fee - The deposit amount is WRONG! "The Lessee will make payment by direct wire transfer into the Lessor’s provided bank coordinates for the receiving of the bank transmission/administrative charges the bank transmission/administrative fees for the Pre-Advice via Swift MT799 or BG/SBLC/DLC/LC via Swift MT700 or MT760 or both as the case maybe in the amount of Euro/USD XX,000.00. When you are asked by anyone for a 5 figure deposit to get a financial instrument..... RUN! The swift fees for delivering a 10M BG or SBLC are 6 figures NOT 5 figures! You CANNOT deliver a financial instrument over 10M for 5 figures! The scammers low ball the Deposit so you think your getting a bargain but the truth is all your getting is ripped off!
  3. Commission - The scammers suck greedy brokers in and get them promoting the scammer because the greedy broker thinks they can set their own commission level on the deal and get rich off you! The truth is the financial market authorities, banks and most countries governments have SUBSTAINTIAL legislation. laws, restrictions and penalties in place for ANYONE that tries to "price gouge" a deal. No real transaction can EVER have more than a 2% Broker fee attached to the whole deal otherwise the banks legal department will decline the transaction and refuse to process it.
  4. Corporate Refund Undertaking - Banks NEVER sign Third Party Client Contracts, NEVER EVER! "Lessor will issue a Notarized signed and sealed Corporate Refund Recourse Undertaking duly endorsed by the issuing bank". This is complete fraud and bullshit! Banks NEVER sign Client Refund Undertakings as their legal department will NEVER allow the bank to be involved in anything that could create potential liability for the bank.

So the next time you see an email like the one below, be smart, recognise it for what it is, and dont be sucked in! 

You CAN complete REAL deals in the financial instruments industry, BUT you have to use REAL Providers and pay REAL  Prices. In the genuine financial instruments market there is no cutting corners, there are NO cheap deals and there are NO bargains! The value of an asset is set by the market and the cost the bank charges to deliver it are set by the bank. Those rates are not subject to change and dont magically decrease because you fall on your knees and plead poverty. If your a serious investor and want to complete a REAL Deal, please contact us here.

Beware! Standard Scammer Email Example Below

Subject: Fresh Cut BG, SBLC and MTN


We are Ready, Willing and Able to deliver bank instruments in the form of BG/SBLC/DLC/LC to your nominated bank coordinates strictly in adherence with the following set of procedures. Kindly review the procedures and inform on your readiness to proceed so that we are able to send our Deed of Agreement and other required contract documents.

1.    Instrument:            Bank Guarantee (BG) or Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC) or Deferred / Documentary Letter of Credit (DLC) or Letter of Credit (LC)
2.    Total Face Value:    Euro/USD/ 1,000,000.00 ñ Euro/USD 5,000,000,000.00
3.    Issuing Bank:        HSBC Bank London, Barclays Bank London, Standard Chartered Bank London, Deutsche Bank AG Frankfurt,
4.    Age:                One Year and One Day (With the option of Rolls and Extension)
5.    Leasing Fee:        Based on the Face Value of BG/SBLC/DLC/LC Plus (0.5% + X%) Commission.
1M ñ 100M:            3.0% + (0.5% + X%) = 3.5% + X%
101M ñ 999M:        2.0% + (0.5% + X%) = 2.5% + X%
1B ñ 5B:            1.0% + (0.5% + X%) = 1.5% + X%
6.    Delivery:            Bank to Bank Swift MT799 and/or MT760
7.    Payment:            MT103
8.    Hard Copy:            By Bank Bonded Courier within 7 banking days after delivery of Swift.

1.    Lessor and Lessee execute, sign and initial this Deed of Agreement, which thereby automatically becomes a full commercial recourse contract to be lodged by both parties for initiation of Swift Transmission.

2.    Within three (3) banking days after both parties sign the Agreement, Lessor will issue a Notarized signed and sealed Corporate Refund Recourse Undertaking duly endorsed by the issuing bank to the Lessee guarantying to refund to the Lessee all cost incurred by Lessee as the transmission/administrative charges for the transmission of Pre-Advice via Swift MT799 or BG/SBLC/DLC/LC via Swift MT700 or MT760 or both after due execution of the contract and in case of failure on the Lessor ís side the Notarized signed and sealed Corporate Refund Recourse Undertaking guarantees that the Lessor refunds completely the transmission/administrative fees in addition to a the penalty for failure of performance being 1% of the total face value of BG/SBLC/DLC/LC.

3.    Within three (3) working days after the Lessee receives contract documents including the invoice and refund undertaking from the Lessor, the Lessee will make payment by direct wire transfer into the Lessor ís provided bank cordinates for the receiving of the bank transmission/administrative charges the bank transmission/administrative fees for the Pre-Advice via Swift MT799 or BG/SBLC/DLC/LC via Swift MT700 or MT760 or both as the case maybe in the amount of Euro/USD XX,000.00.

4.    Within two (2) banking days after confirmation of receipt of payment of the bank transmission/administrative fees charges for the BG/SBLC/DLC/LC via Swift MT700 or MT760 or Pre-Advice via Swift MT799 or both in Lessor ís bank account, the Lessor will deliver the Pre-Advice or BG/SBLC/DLC/LC via Bank to Bank confirmation of Swift MT799 or MT760 to the Lesseeís banker including the hard copy of the BG/SBLC/DLC/LC via bank bonded courier in Seven (7) banking days.

5.    Lessee sends out leasing fees by Swift MT103 to the Lessor deducting the initially paid bank transmission/administrative fees and the brokers their commission fees (0.5 +X)% of total Face Value by wire transfer within thirty (30) days upon delivery, confirmation and verification of BG/SBLC/DLC/LC by MT760 in the Lesseeís nominated account and BG/SBLC/DLC/LC hard copy in the Lesseeís nominated bank.

6.    Should the Lessee not deduct the bank transmission/administrative charges from leasing fees paid, the Lessor shall refund bank charges to Lessee by direct wire transfer within three (3) banking days upon payment of the leasing fees.

7.    Any unauthorized calls by any party or its representative lawyers to probes or communication in an improper way to bank(s) in this transaction shall be prohibited and contract terminated.

Should the Lessee default to pay the leasing fees to the Lessor and the brokers commission fees as agreed after 30 banking days of confirmation of BG/SBLC/DLC/LC MT760 in lessee's bank account, Lessor will instruct the issuing bank to put a claim on the BG/SBLC/DLC/LC thereby forcing the Lessee's bankers to return the BG/SBLC/DLC/LC MT760 to the issuing Bank.

The Credit Suisse LTN Scam

A New LTN Scam has entered the industry where Fake Credit Suisse Documents are being used to try and con LTN owners.

An example of the scam is below.

This document was created on the 27th September 2017 and signed on that date by James Brandon Henrichs, Chief Executive Officer of Credit Suisse.

The only problem is:

So it is impossible for James Brandon Henrichs to have signed the below document for Credit Suisse on the 29th September 2017 because he hasn't worked for Credit Suisse for 3 years! Beware of this LTN Scam!

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Download [3.78 MB]

Secure Platform Funding does what no other Provider in the Industry does! We WARN and EDUCATE customers on scams so they can avoid them. The scammers hate that we do this but our commitment is to clean up the industry, settle authentic real deals with clients and operate to higher standards than anyone else does in the industry.

Thats why Secure Platform Funding is the Worlds #1 Financial Instruments Website.

Hawkins Funding Limited – Scammer WARNING!

It seems Common Sense is NOT that Common! Despite Hawkins Funding.....

  1. Having no website!
  2. Registering their email address 5 months ago on the 20th March 2017 just to scam people
  3. Having no professional LinkedIn profile
  4. Getting clients to Pay all their Deposits to a Malaysian Bank when they are issuing BG & SBLC from Barclays London
  5. Offering a BG and SBLC issuing price of 3%+1% that is so cheap no bank in the world could supply a real instrument at that price.
  6. Deliberately Hiding who is the registered owner of
  7. Lying about their office address
  8. Lying about their contract signatory
  9. Fraudulently using Matt Tucks signature at Barclays Bank without his knowledge or approval
  10. Fraudulently creating a fake passport for Christopher Le Neve Foster
  11. Fraudulently using Allen Labor as Notary when the UK Notary Registrar confirmed Allen Labor died on the 18 October 2011
  12. Refusing any Requests to meet in their Offices
  13. Refusing any Requests to provide a Proof of Life Photo
  14. Check Business UK giving their Business a D Rating
  15. Secure Platform Funding issuing 2 Scam Warnings for Long Island Assets & Menlo Investments at the exact same address as Hawkins Funding
  16. Being listed on the Secure Platform Funding Banned Providers List for months

Incredibly.... Despite all of these OBVIOUS Warning signs, in the last 4 weeks we have been contacted by at least 1 Hawkins Funding client EVERY WEEK that has LOST ALL THE MONEY they paid Hawkins Funding and been Totally Scammed!

Greed blinds common sense! The Scammers Number 1 Tool is to sucker the price shoppers, cheapskates and tightwads who want a "bargain" BG or SBLC price and lure you into the scammers trap. The scammer is more than happy to offer you a Barclays BG or SBLC at 3%+1% because the scammer knows he isn't providing ANYTHING! The false sense of security that is created when a client (victim) mistakenly thinks he has a bargain price soon turns to reality when he realizes he just paid for a very expensive lesson on how greed destroys common sense.

The Number 2 Tool in the Scammers Toolbox is to agree to everything you want in the Bank Guarantee / Standby Letter of Credit Issuing Agreement. The scammer will happily let you feel like you are winning and that you can have the exact  Mt760 and Mt799 verbiage you want, the terms you want and the penalty clauses you want. The scammer gives you all you want to make you feel safe, secure, comfortable and in control! When the truth is you aren't in control, the scammer is in control and like the snake in the Garden of Eden he is tempting you and telling you everything you want to hear so you can pay him and then he will vanish with all your money.

The Facts About the Hawkins Funding Scam!

Hawkins Funding is a real company, and it is really is owned by Barclays. The problem is scammers have hijacked the company! What i mean by that is.... Scammers have obtained Hawkins Company records and are using them to create a cover of authenticity, they added to that registering a email address which is solely used by the scammers and you have the perfect charade!

These same scammers have done this twice before with two other Barclays companies at he same registered address as Hawkins Funding, read all the details on Menlo Investments & Long Island Assets.

Interestingly on the 16th of January 2017 we publicly exposed the Long Island Assets scam and within 8 weeks of our exposé and public warning the scammers registered hawkinsfundings email domain and switched to it, immediately starting to use Hawkins Funding as their primary scam vehicle.

You can confirm that Hawkins Funding is a Scam very easily. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Walk into Hawkins Fundings offices at 1 Churchill Place in London and show them the documents you received from email address. The real Hawkins Funding office will immediately confirm those documents were never issued by them and that their business has nothing to do with issuing any kind of financial instruments.
  2. Email your DOA to the Barclays Fraud Department and ask then to confirm Hawkins Fundings Barclays account number. They will confirm its fraud.
  3. Email or phone the scammers contact details and ask him to meet you at the Hawkins Funding Offices at 1 Churchill Place in London. The scammer will never turn up!

BEWARE: The Scammers use these Fake Hawkins Funding Details

NOTE: None of the names, email addresses or phone numbers operate from the real Hawkins Funding offices at 1 Churchill Place in London!

The Evidence about Hawkins Funding

Below is Hawkins Fundings LinkedIn Profile, its a joke! No real company that has been operating since 2002 as a Barclays subsidiary has 28 followers! This is a quick cheap profile established by the scammers just a few months ago to sucker in customers.

Hawkins Funding - Linkedin
Hawkins Funding - Staff

Robert Blackburn Stewart is Hawkins Fundings Finance Manager. This profile has the following errors:

  1. Robert is based in Liverpool but Hawkins Fundng is based in London!
  2. Robert doesn't use HawkinsFundings email, he uses a gmail and outlook account
  3. Robert is a Finance Manager for a Barclays subsidiary and he cant take a even slightly professional or clear photo of himself! The glass bullet hole on his photo is particularly amusing.
  4. Robert seems to have failed at school because he doesn't know to put Capitals in the start of his name or a space between Robert and Blackburn. Barclays would never allow this level of unprofessionalism.
  5. Robert  doesn't know how to put Capital Letters on the "hawkins funding ltd" company name either.
  6. Robert seems to have no employment history, no credentials, that is because Robert isn't real at all!
  7. Robert is a bit lonely, he only has 167 friends on linked in..... that's because he is a scammer that only recently loaded this profile!
Robert Blackburn Stewart

Ask yourself..... All the records about Hawkins Funding are public records, so why would someone go to all the trouble they have below of hiding who registered the internet domain name on the 20th of March 2017. Answer: Because a Scammer registered it to use it!

Hawkins Funding - Whois

Check Business UK Rate Hawkins a D! Read there report below..... And don't you think a company issuing BG & SBLC for Barclays Bank would be making more than a 2.5 Million Pound LOSS!

Hawkins Funding - Check Business UK

Hawkins Fundings Refund Undertaking

Irrevocable Corporate Refund Undertaking (Bank Endorsed ICRU) (1)_001

Hawkins Funding using DEAD Notary Allen Labor who Died on the 11th October 2011

Notary Fraud Confirmation

Hawkins Fundings DOA (Deed of Agreement)

Hawkins Funding - DOA 1

The real Christopher Patrick Le Neve Foster works for the real Hawkins Funding and if you meet him he will confirm to you that he has never seen your DOA, nor has he signed your DOA.

Hawkins Funding - DOA 2

3%+1% is the most foolish, insane, impossible price that no "real" provider in the financial services industry can even deliver an instrument for. This just shows you how desperate the scammers are to lure you in with promises of a nice cheap deal.

Hawkins Funding - DOA 3

Hawkins Funding was incorporated in 2002, so why are they using a 2017 company stamp? Basic Scammer mistake that gives them away immediately!

Hawkins Funding - DOA 4

Why are Barclay London issuing the BG or SBLC but clients are being told to pay "Jatobas Venture" in Malaysia. 1+1 does not equal 57 my friends! Oh and guess what...... the Scammers from Menlo and Long island used exactly the same strategy and requested you pay exactly the same Malaysian Bank!

Hawkins Funding - DOA 5

Last but not least Christopher Patrick has had his passport stolen and used on hundreds of scammer documents to try and fool innocent clients that a real reputable person was signing the scammers BG and SBLC agreement. Christopher Patrick doesn't know anything about the BG or SBLC DOA you received from Hawkins Funding. Christopher is just as much a victim of this scam as you are!

Final Thoughts.....

Secure Platform Funding is a reputable company that was formed in 2008 and operates the Worlds Number 1 Financial Instruments website. We are constantly amazed at how foolish and gullible people will be when scammer offers them a cheap deal that is too good to be true!

Instead of people searching for a safe, secure, quality (even if it costs a little more) company that protects your money and can consistently delivers a real result, people chase fairytales, fakes and bullshitters.

Wise clients will return to conservative values and realize making good money with a quality company like Secure Platform Funding is better than losing all your money to a mirage sold to you by a scammer.

Be careful, choose your friends and business partners wisely. Work with Secure Platform Funding and avoid the Scammers.

Bank Draft Bombshell

Up to 95% of Bank Drafts are Fraud!

About 3 times a day Secure Platform Funding receives an email from someone asking if we will monetize a Bank Draft. We learnt about Bank Drafts the hard way.... We spent a year accepting Bank Drafts for monetization from anyone who had one, in that time we received copious amounts of Bank Draft deals!

What we discovered was..... In 1 full year of accepting any Bank Draft offered to us for monetization we discovered ALL of them were Fraudulent!

Secure Platform Funding Bank Draft

Yes unbelievably not one single Bank Draft we accepted in 1 FULL YEAR was REAL! It was like someone was playing a bad joke on us, every deal we looked at was fake and fraud. Every deal! We fast discovered that Bank Drafts are the fraudsters weapon of choice and the internet is littered with Victims of Bank Draft Fraud. What is worse is with modern technology Bank Drafts are so easy for fraudsters to create, print and sell its like take candy from a baby! Really a Bank Draft is nothing more than a nice piece of paper with some colored ink on it. Pretty simple for anyone to fake using any home computer with a good quality printer.

Secure Platform Funding Bank Draft

Bank Draft Fraud is a Booming Business!

Sadly Bank Draft Fraud is a booming business that seems to target innocent new investors who have recently joined or become interested in the financial instruments industry. People get suckered into buying a Bank Draft and by the time they realize they paid a fortune for a worthless fraudulent piece of paper the fraudster is long gone and is sunning himself on a Nigerian Beach drinking Pina Coladas you paid for!

As The Worlds #1 Financial Instruments Website business, Bank Drafts were a disaster for us! We spend hundreds of hours scouring through a million different client Bank Draft deals to discover all were fake. As a result under no circumstances will Secure Platform Funding accept, deal with or touch a single Bank Draft. Its just not worth our time to deal with Bank Drafts when almost none are real!

Banks are well aware of the massive fraud with Bank Drafts and as a result they are issuing less and less of them and preferring customers issue Bank Guarantees (BG) and Standby Letters of Credit (SBLC) instead of Bank Drafts because Bank Guarantees (BG) and Standby Letters of Credit (SBLC) are electronically delivered by the or Euroclear transaction networks with a Bank to Bank authentication and validation process which naturally gives higher levels of fraud protection.

Bank Draft Advice

Here is my advice.... If you think you have a Real Bank Draft, take it to your bank and Deposit it in your Account! Then one of two things will happen either:

a) You will become an Instant Millionaire, or

b) You will be Arrested for Fraud and go to Jail!

The fact that a client even seeks monetization on a Bank Draft is a WARNING sign in itself because if the instrument was real why do you want to put it in OUR bank when you don't want to put it in YOUR bank!

Lastly, are some Bank Drafts real.... Yes. But some think the Lockness Monster is real too and it has taken a lot of time and a lot of effort to look for the Lockness Monster and thus far all researchers still haven't found her! In our business time is money, and Bank Drafts represent a terrible waste of time and resource that we prefer to direct to other more profitable business like our Managed BG Program.

If you are a broker and your accepting Bank Drafts your insane! Every day you are handling fraudulent documents and one day someone in a uniform is going to come knocking on your door and ask you why you helped facilitate fraud and contributed to a client losing tons of money. You better have a very good explanation!

Risk Verses Reward

The Finance Industry is all about Risk and Reward! For Secure Platform Funding the Risk with Bank Drafts significantly outweighs the Rewards! For customers seeking Bank Drafts the Risk definitely out weights the rewards. Be smart, be safe, stay away from Bank Drafts and life a happier life because of it.

Bank Guarantee, BG, Standby Letter of Credit, SBLC, PPP, MTN, LTN, Buy, Fund, Monetize, Sell, Discount, Managed BG Program
IMPORTANT: Discover the Private Placement Program which has earned Investors an Average of 60% per Month Return!
  • 100% Capital Protected
  • $100K Euro Minimum Deposit
  • Successfully Operating since 2008
  • Guaranteed 10% Return per Month
  • Regulated European Fund
  • Withdraw All Funds with 14 Days Notice

Long Island Assets Limited Scam Exposed

Long Island Assets Limited - Scam Exposed!

On the 2nd December 2016 Secure Platform Funding Exposed and Broadcast full details of Scammers who had Hijacked Menlo Investments Limited in the UK. Our hope was that exposing full details of this scam would save numerous more customers from getting ripped off and their money stolen. It seems our article on Menlo Investments had the desired effect and stopped the scammers in their tracks!

Unfortunately on the 7th December 2016 the scammers moved their operation from Menlo Investments which Secure Platform Funding exposed to a new company Long Island Assets Limited in the UK.

The Menlo Investment Scam and the Long Island Asset Scam are identical. The scammers just changed a few subtle details but are using the exact same modus operandi. So here are a few highlights for the Long Island Assets Limited scam:

  1. We exposed Menlo Investment on the 2nd December 2016, 5 days later the internet domain name was registered to the same address, using the same domain registry company and the same name servers! (See below)
Domain Name
Domain Name1

2. The physical address for Long Island Assets Limited is the same as Menlo Investments Limited on all documentation.

3. The Long Island Assets Limited Invoice asking clients to pay fees for the issuance of a Bank Guarantee or Standby Letter of Credit directs payments to the exact same Malaysian Bank, using the exact same Swift codes as Menlo Investments did!

4.  The Invoice for payment of fees does not ask you to pay Long Island Assets Limited, it gets you to pay a completely different company in Malaysia, just like Menlo Investments did!

5.  The Long Island Assets Limited Refund Undertaking Document is identical to Menlo Investments, in the exact same format, all they did was change the Notary and the Bank Officer names and change the name of the bank account your funds get paid to. See the examples below...

Long Island Assets Refund Undertaking Signatures & Bank Account


Menlo Investments Refund Undertakings Signatures & Bank Account


6. confirms the Company Capital for Long Island Assets Limited is only 5 Million Pounds. So they cant issue a BG or SBLC greater than 5M because that is all the capital they have!

7.  Allen Labor is listed as the Notary who signed and witnessed the Long Island Assets Limited Refund Undertaking (see above) on the 29th December 2016. But on the 29th December Allen Labor was no longer listed as a licensed Notary in the UK because as the Notaries Clerk to the Registrar confirms below.... Allen Labor died on the 18th October 2011. So with 100% certainty the documents provided by Long Island Assets Limited are fraudulent!

Notary Fraud Confirmation

8.  Ask yourself one simple question.... Why is a company Long Island Assets Limited located in the Barclays Bank building, listed an associated subsidiary company to Barclays, issuing instruments from HSBC and getting you to pay your fees to CIMB Bank in Malaysia! Answer: Because its fraud!

The bottom line is Long Island Assets Limited is a legitimate UK company that like Menlo investments has had its identity hijacked by scammers so they can rip off of a stream from innocent customers. Long Island Assets Limited does not have the financial capacity to issue financial instruments and the documents being produced by the scammers using this companies identity are confirmed as false and fraudulent. If you know any one who is intending to buy Bank Guarantees (BG), Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC) or any other financial instruments from Long Island Assets Limited, tell them to avoid them like at all costs!

Bank Guarantee, BG, Standby Letter of Credit, SBLC, PPP, MTN, LTN, Buy, Fund, Monetize, Sell, Discount, Managed BG Program
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  • $100K Euro Minimum Deposit
  • Successfully Operating since 2008
  • Guaranteed 10% Return per Month
  • Regulated European Fund
  • Withdraw All Funds with 14 Days Notice

Bass Mint Management Group & Carl Edward Osias – BG & SBLC Fraud Confirmed!

Secure Platform Funding has been working closely with several parties who approached Secure Platform Funding asking for help to verify if financial instruments issued by Carl Edward Osias of Bass Mint Management Group operating out of Canada were real or fraudulent.

On the 14th December 2016 we were able to confirm that we have received two written confirmations from two respected Banks Fraud Departments that confirm that Banco Central Do Brasil Bank Instruments issued by Carl Edward Osias of Bass Mint Management Group are Fraudulent.

The Undisputed Evidence of Carl Edward Osias of Bass Mint Management Groups Confirmed Fraud

1/ Banco Central Do Brasil Confirms Fraud

Carl Edward Osias of Bass Mint Management Group offered to sell our client 3 or 4 Banco Central Do Brasil Bank Instruments. After a number of questionable actions by Mr Osias our client became suspicious and the client then held a face to face meeting with Carl Edward Osias of Bass Mint Management Group were the client presented to Mr Osias the Banco Central Do Brasil documents Mr Osias had previously supplied the client by email and the client asked Mr Osias if:

a) He has personally supplied the Bank Instruments in the clients hand? To which he replied Yes

b) Were the Bank Instruments in the clients hands authentic, genuine and real? To which he replied Yes

Following the face to face meeting with Carl Edward Osias of Bass Mint Management Group the client sent the Bank Instrument documents supplied by Mr Osias to the Banco Central Do Brasil for verification. The Banco Central Do Brasils written response is below confirming all documents it received are 100% Fake and Fraudulent and they have referred the matter to the Brazilian Federal Police for Investigation.

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2/ HSBC London Confirms Fraud

Our client was purchasing the Bank Instruments with the intention to deliver them to HSBC London, so the client also sent copies of the Banco Central Do Brasil Bank Instruments supplied by Carl Edward Osias of Bass Mint Management Group to HSBC London for verification and approval. The clients confirmation of HSBC Londons response is below:

Email 1

Bass Mint Email 5

Email 2

Bass Mint Email 1

Email 3

Bass Mint Email 2

Email 4

Bass Mint Email 4

The result..... HSBC London confirmed the Bank Instrument Documents supplied by Carl Edward Osias of Bass Mint Management Group were 100% Fake and they have referred them to the London Police who have immediately launched a Police Fraud investigation into Carl Edward Osias of Bass Mint Management Group in Canada.

Evidence 1: Fraudulent Bank Instruments supplied by Carl Edward Osias of Bass Mint Management Group are below:

We have redacted the clients details to protect their privacy.

BCBa € 2B Cash Funds File - RWA Letter - Loyal Ease Holdings LTD (BCB Ref Code. XQHLI-122112016-BCB-508899)_001
BCBa € 2B Cash Funds File - RWA Letter - Loyal Ease Holdings LTD (BCB Ref Code. XQHLI-122112016-BCB-508899)_002
BCBa € 2B Cash Funds File - Bank Statement - Loyal Ease Holdings LTD (BCB Ref Code. NROQC-922112016-BCB-508899)_001

Evidence 2: Fraud by Carl Edward Osias of Bass Mint Management Group

In August 2016 Secure Platform Funding posted this detailed article exposing Fraud on Bank Instruments that were issued by Carl Edward Osias of Bass Mint Management Group. Read the full detail of the Banco Central Do Brasil Fraud article here


FORMAL WARNING: Any client dealing with Carl Edward Osias of Bass Mint Management Group is hereby warned this company is now formally under Police investigation for fraud by two different Police Agencies and BOTH Banco Central Do Brasil and HSBC London have confirmed Bank Instruments issued by Bass Mint Management Group are Fake. We strongly recommend any clients immediately cease any dealings with Carl Edward Osias or Bass Mint Management Group or take their own independent legal advice.

Update: On 13th March 2017 we were contacted by the original client who supplied all the above evidence (including full unredacted emails and documents) to us and approved us to write this article in order to warn other investors. On the 13th March 2017 the client asked us to remove this article and after careful consideration we declined the clients request because the article is factual, accurate, was approved by the client previously and contains important information other clients deserve to know and we believe the clients request to us was likely made under duress.

Any client who has additional information on Carl Edward Osias or Bass Mint Management Group please Contact Us here.

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Menlo Investments Limited Hijacked by Scammers

The Best Scam of 2016! Menlo Investments Limited

This Scammer hijacked Menlo Investments, a legitimate company and used it to scam Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars posing as an authentic BG & SBLC Issuer when the whole time he was 100% Fake.

What is better than hijacking a real, authentic, legitimate company, that has been trading for years with no negative publicity which has a respected UK Attorney as a Director who signs all your documents and the business has disclosed public links to Barclays Bank, has offices in Londons Banking HQ AND has.... Publicly filed accounts showing a 86 Million pound Profit in 2015. Menlo Investments Limited which was Incorporated on the 5th December 1997 was the perfect target and sadly scammers have taken full advantage of it.

This scam has probably only been operating from the 27th September 2016 until today's date 2nd December 2016 and in that period of just over 2 months staff at the "genuine" Menlo Investments office have advised they know of at least 12 clients who have been scammed and lost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Secure Platform Funding...Warning Ignored!

When this client came to Secure Platform Funding to have us monetize a SBLC from Menlo Investments Limited in the UK issued by HSBC Bank, London, our Compliance Department reviewed the Menlo Investments documents and warned the client not to proceed. The Client ignored our WARNING and was scammed out of $65,000 Euros and the scammers wanted a lot more!

The Secure Platform Funding warning was based on simple maths! Menlo Investments documents offered the client the delivery of a 50M HSBC SBLC for just $35,000 Euros. The Bank fees for the delivery of an 50M SBLC are significantly higher than $35,000 Euros so it was clear there was no possible way that Menlo Investments the SBLC issuer could have delivered the SBLC for the price they were charging the client.

But the client who was motivated to pay as little as he could, ignored our advice and proceeded to engage Menlo Investments to deliver a 50M HSBC Bank, London SBLC to us for Monetization. BIG MISTAKE! In life you get what you pay for. Pay peanuts get peanuts! Banks dont give Bank assets away cheap, they never have and they never will.

The client paid $65,000 Euros (because once the client paid $35,000 Euro to the scammer, he then said they needed more money to deliver the SBLC, so the client paid them another $30,000 Euros, Total Loss $65,000 Euros). And the client  received NOTHING! NO SWIFT, NO INSTRUMENT AND EVENTUALLY NO EMAILS OR PHONE CALLS REPLIED TO!

Here is a brief look at the scam..... The Documents below are real documents from this scam but have been redacted to remove the name of the client who was victim.

Real HSBC Application Form Utilized (Fake)

HSBC BG Application_001
HSBC BG Application2_001

Refund Undertaking Witnessed by Notary and Signed by HSBC (Fake)

Irrevocable Corporate Refund Undertaking (Updated Bank Endorsed ICRU)_001

Invoice 1:  $35,000 Euro with Two Menlo Investments Corporate Seals

Invoice 1_001

Invoice 2:  $30,000 Euro with Two Menlo Investments Corporate Seals

Invoice 2_001

The Scammer even used a email address

The Scammer used this domain name below in all communications to scam clients, so either the scammer registered this domain name so he could use it exclusively or he hacked the "genuine" Menlo Investments email server. Either way the scammer used which is actually registered to the "genuine" Menlo Investments address to represent himself as Patrick Brittain Volsey, Menlo Investments Director and Attorney - full details here.

Menlo Investments Whois

Menlo Investments Director & Lawyer Patrick Brittan Voiseys Passport used on all Scammer Documents!

Patricks Passport

Menlo Investments Signature, Company Seal and Director ID used on all Scammer Documents!

Patricks Signature


This was a sophisticated scam where either Menlo Investments have experienced a significant data breach or the Scammer has taken a lot of time recreating himself as Menlo Investments Patrick Brittain Voisey to maximise the revenue from his scam.

The Scam was finally uncovered when Menlo Investments delivered NOTHING, no RWA, no swift MT799, and no Swift MT760. At Secure Platform Fundings request the client flew from Europe to Menlo Investments offices in London and to HSBC Bank in London to verify sadly that he was the 12th Victim to be scammed using the above documents.

Currently there is no warning about this scam on the internet, we have written this article to save more victims from entering the scam and by disclosing the scam we hope to bring a stop to it.

It should be noted that Menlo Investments Limited is a legitimate business with significant turnover and assets, sadly their legitimate business has been misused seemingly without their knowledge or consent and they are a victim as much as the clients who have lost money to this scammer are. It would be wise for Menlo Investments to issue a public statement on this scam and the misrepresentation of their business by the scammers. We would welcome a public statement by Menlo Investments and would happily publish it here or link directly to it.

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The New Deception: Pretend Swifts!

As a client or a broker you used to be safe if you insisted your BG / SBLC Provider sent swifts to your monetizer on Sadly the new reality is that is no longer true! In the last 2 weeks we have found some sneaky BG / SBLC suppliers have had their banks send "Corporatetocorporate" swifts on to our monetization bank.

This is a New Low in DECEPTION and we are writing this article to warn clients and brokers before too many get caught in its web. Its not fraud because the swift they send is real, but it is deceptive because the swift they send is virtually useless.

A "Corporatetocorporate" swift is a pretend swift, its the the ultimate Deception so we are warning against it and exposing the practice. Being informed is being forewarned!

Secure Platform Funding - Pretend Swifts Exposed


The Problem: The network has 3 levels of swift:

  1. Brussels Authenticated - Brussels Authenticated swifts have the highest credibility and rating because they are independently checked and authenticated by at Brussels.
  2. Bank to Bank - Highly regarded and verified bank to bank.
  3. Corporatetocorporate - Used by any of the over 11,000 companies connected to Low credibility message that cannot be authenticated by at Brussels and often messages cannot be used by the receiving bank unless the sending bank supplies a Exchange Key for the message.

So here is the Deception..... You order a 500M MT799 and MT760 from your SBLC Provider, The SBLC provider   configures the supply contract for your bank instrument so if your bank does respond to their MT799 or your bank does not Monetize the MT760 then he cancels the contract and keeps your deposit!

The SBLC Provider then sends your bank a Corporatetocorporate Swift MT799 and gives you a copy of the swift because it is a real swift! The problem is because the swift was sent Corporatetocorporate your bank cant access the use of the MT799 without the issuing bank supply also providing the message exchange key. If they never provide the message exchange key..... you are dead in the water!

The tricky thing about this strategy is that it is NOT fraud because the issuing bank really does send a swift on the network. But because the swift is sent "Corporatetocorporate" your bank cannot use it without the message exchange key!

Using this strategy the SBLC Provider effectively sets the transaction up to fail and therefore is guaranteed to legally be able to keep your deposit! And the nasty twist is there is nothing your bank can do to save the deal without the message exchange key.

We had a very large international bank with a market capitalization of over 68 Billion Dollars send us a "Corporatetocorporate" Mt760 swift for several hundred million dollars recently. We confirmed receipt of the swift but because the message exchange key was not supplied the entire Mt760 was worthless!

The Solution: We are now insisting in all our Monetization agreements that if clients deliver instruments by swift that they deliver they by Brussels Authenticated MT799 / MT760. That requirement protects our clients and protects us, we recommend you implement it also.

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Another Fake BG Issuer Exposed for Sending Forged Swifts!

This week a client of ours paid 250,000 Euros for WP Holding & Management (Deutschland) Ltd to deliver us a MT799 for 500 Million from Barclays Bank London , the MT799 was supposed to be followed by a MT760 so we could monetize the Bank Guarantee. But the Problem was all the provider delivered was a fake document (made on a word processor) that they "claimed" as the MT799 that was sent on the bank network. It was never sent on the network at all!

This company sent us a Fake MT799!

Provider Details

Fake MT799 Swift sent by WP Holding & Management (Deutschland) Ltd on the 30th September 2016

Below is the actual copy of the MT799 Swift provided by WP Holding & Management (Deutschland) Ltd that they claimed was "real". The only real thing in this swift is our banking information which we have redacted.

  • The format of the MT799 swift is wrong!
  • It was never sent on the network!
  • It does not have the swift logo!
  • It does not have the swift bar code!
  • and there are a million other things wrong with it!

WP Holding & Management (Deutschland) Ltd provided a Swift Mt799 made on a word processor that is a very poor forgery!

Fake Mt799 Swift Barclays

What was WP Holding & Management (Deutschland) Ltds Game?

WP Holding & Management (Deutschland) Ltd said they were "really concerned" that the monetizer may not be able to perform so they got the client to sign an agreement where the client agreed to pay a 250,000 Euro fine if the Monetizer did not respond to BG Providers MT799! Then they sent a fake MT799 that they knew we could not respond to because it didn't exist in the network. In essence they set the client up to lose 250,000 Euro and had no intention of delivering any real bank instrument at all!

Word of Warning.....

If your going to send Secure Platform Funding a Fake Swift, we are going to EXPOSE YOU! We are a Real Monetizer that makes money closing Real Deals with Real Clients and Real Providers! Fake providers waste our time and our customers time and money and are the scourge of the industry.

Bank Guarantee, BG, Standby Letter of Credit, SBLC, PPP, MTN, LTN, Buy, Fund, Monetize, Sell, Discount, Managed BG Program
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  • Successfully Operating since 2008
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  • Regulated European Fund
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Secure Platform Funding makes money closing real deals with real customers we have zero interest wasting time on fraudulent deals so in an effort to help our clients and brokers better identify fraudulent transactions here is an example we received today of a Deal that is red hot fraud.

1/ Recently we published an article titled WARNING: The Unrated Bank Guarantee Scam where we said the following about a Swift.Net Fraud Scam.....

This is a very sneaky scam where the Bank Guarantee or Standby Letter of Credit Provider says they can ONLY deliver the bank guarantee on instead of That statement alone is a huge red flag! ALL real banks and ALL real bank guarantees or stand by letters of credit are normally transmitted and delivered on the bank to bank system that is used and recognized by all rated banks worldwide or DTC or Euroclear. Any bank who says they cannot deliver on is saying i don't have access to the "real" bank guarantee and standby letter of credit delivery system, I can only use which is a completely different system by a very similar name. DOES NOT HAVE ANYWHERE NEAR the credibility, recognition, security or acceptance of

And the biggest secondary issue with is that messages often do not arrive directly at the destination because they have to be "downloaded" to be read. If you don't know a message is coming and you don't download it then you never know about the message and therefore its impossible for you to reply!

Many Providers use to send a worthless Bank Guarantees, Standby Letters of Credit or Blocked Funds to the client on the widely unrecognized service, then when no one at the clients receiving location acknowledges the message because they didn't know to download it, the bank guarantee provider claims they delivered the Bank Instrument as per YOUR Bank Instrument Supply Contract and YOU breached YOUR contract by NOT replying to the message so they are keeping your deposit. Its just another sad old scam to take your money repackaged in a new way.

2/ We also published this article titled The Blocked Funds Email Scam, the below Blocked Funds fraud example is a hybrid of a Fraud Scam AND the Blocked Funds Scam. The scammers seem to have taken a little from each strategy so we thought we would reward their ingenuity by exposing them!

Why is this a Fraud Scam?

The below Banco Central Do Brasil Blocked Funds Fraud example contains actual live documents that were received by Secure Platform Funding on the 27th August 2016 from a broker, out of courtesy for those named in the transaction documents we have redacted some information so the below detailed analysis of the documents is not too embarrassing for those that were originally named.

Please view the documents below and then read the detailed analysis underneath them to understand how fake these "live" documents are: Fraud Example 1

BCB €1B Cash Funds File - Bank Statement (Account balance Summary) - Fraud 1a Example Fraud Example 2

BCB €1B Cash Funds File - RWA Letter & MT760 Verbiage - Fraud2 Example1
BCB €1B Cash Funds File - RWA Letter & MT760 Verbiage - Fraud 3a Example Fraud Deal Analysis

Warning 1: is not the primary recognized platform for major rated banks to complete 1 Billion Dollar transactions! is the internationally recognized and endorsed platform All Rated Banks utilize.

Warning 2: The above transaction is listed as a transaction but the documents contain the SWIFT CODE: BCBRBRDFORG. So what is a Code doing on a Transaction?

Warning 3: The words are misspelt "" not once but TWICE! Banks don't make mistakes, there are two Bank Officers that sign off every Bank Instrument transaction. Both Bank Officers are employed to check every aspect of the Bank Instrument text before it is released. It is impossible that two different bank officers failed to see "" spelt wrongly in the Bank Instrument text TWICE!.

Warning 4: The fact that "" is spelt wrong invalidates the entire Bank Instrument making it worthless! Maybe the instrument issuer spelt "" wrong deliberately for that exact reason!

Warning 5: The Bank Instrument text says "as our Sovereign Bank only uses" that is a blatant lie!

A) Below is confirmation from the website that Banco Central Do Brasil has no less than 7 Different Swift Codes on that the bank uses every day for thousands and thousands of transactions. It is completely untrue to state that the Banco Central Do Brasil "only uses" when clear public evidence exists BOTH on and Banco Central Do Brasils own web site that disproves this.

B) Banco Central Do Brasil isn't a little bank, it is the Central Bank of Brazil that controls the entire Brazilian economy! To say that the Central Bank of Brazil controlling billions of dollars of the Brazilian Economy doesn't work on any other bank transaction network apart from is total lunacy!

Secure Platform Funding Banco Central Do Brazil Fraud Summary

The above Bank Instrument is as fake as a $3 Bill! Our strongest recommendation is that if you have a real client with with a real transaction make sure that transaction is completed on, Euroclear or DTCC. has too much fraud associated with it for any bank to want to complete a significant Bank Instrument transaction using that network.

Secure Platform Funding ONLY wants to complete genuine transactions, our Compliance Department screens out a ton of fraudulent deals every week. Fraudulent deals hurt clients, waste time, damage supplier relationships and cost money. We hate them and that's why we wrote this detailed article exposing the Fraud that exists and encouraging our clients and brokers to stay well away from it. Be informed and be safe.

The Blocked Funds Email Scam

The Blocked Funds Email Scam is common in the industry on an all too regular basis!

The Blocked Funds email scam is when..... A customer "claims" to have a large amount of blocked funds in their account at their own bank and the customer wants to send a blocked funds confirmation email from banker to banker (from their Issuing Bank to the Receiving Bank) to confirm the blocked funds in his account and have the Receiving Bank accept the confirmation email as "real" and allocate his blocked funds email amount into a PPP (Private Placement Program) at the Receiving Bank.

Often preceding the Bank to Bank email or attached to the email is an "Official" Bank Letter confirming the Blocked funds on the Issuing Banks Letterhead.

Secure Platform Funding Stop Fraud

This is a complete Scam! But a very sophisticated Scam!

Here is how the Blocked Funds Email Scam Operates

1/ The Scammer simply Forges a Bank Letter or a Bank Statement showing he is Funds in his Issuing Banks account that can be blocked and that his bank is ready to confirm the Blocked Funds by Banker to Banker email.

2/ The Scammer then and spoofs an email address from the Issuing Bank and sends the Blocked Funds confirmation Banker to Banker. Email Spoofing is when you send an email pretending to be someone else. There are a million ways to Spoof a banks email address, it is commonly done for phising scams as illustrated in the fake NatWest Bank phising email scam below. Here are a few clues on how scammers Spoof Emails impersonating someone else.

The Danger of this scam is the Receiving Bank genuinely gets a real email from the Issuing Bank confirming they have blocked the clients funds (which don't exist) and approving the Receiving Bank to use the Blocked Funds in PPP! The biggest issue is email spoofing has become so sophisticated that often there is no way for the Receiving bank to know the email is not genuine or real and is actually sent from a scammer not from the Issuing Bank!

Scammers have also got so smart that the good ones now include a phone number on the bank email and bank letter using the same area code as the regular bank phone numbers but when you ring the scammers bank phone number it diverts to the scammers cellphone without the Receiving Bank Officers knowing.

Secure Platform Funding ScamAlert

Example of Natwest Bank Email Phising Scam Below


Exposing the Fakes and the False

  1. No Bank will now accept Blocked Funds notifications by email, none! Anyone asking for Blocked Funds to be transmitted by email is never going to be successful.
  2. Banks are well aware Bank Emails can be Spoofed and Bank Phone calls can be Spoofed and because of this the only form of communication banks treat as authentic are Bank to Bank Swift transmissions than can be independently verified by
  3. If a client can not confirm his Blocked Funds by Bank to Bank Swift Mt799 or Mt760 then there is a VERY HIGH likelihood the client is fraudulent.
  4. Secure Platform Funding operates a successful Blocked Funds Mt799 Program where the ONLY Blocked Funds Confirmation we accept is Bank to Bank Swift Mt799 or Mt760.

Secure Platform Funding is solely interested in doing Real Deals with Real Clients who want Real Results and can send Blocked Funds Confirmations by Real Swift, nothing else is safe or acceptable.

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FREE Bank Guarantees – No Money Down

Once upon a time in a city far far away a lonely man with no money decided it would be fun to start a rumor.... He had played the game of Chinese Whispers before and thought it would be a great joke if he told everyone that...... You could get Free Bank Guarantees, without paying any money until the BG was delivered to the funder.

FREE Bank GuaranteesIn a daring moment the lonely man spread the rumor to all his friends, within weeks everyone was talking about how you could get Bank Guarantees worth Millions of Dollars for FREE, without ANY Money Upfront, Free Bank Guarantees! The news spread like wildfire as desperate people latched on to the hope of a pipe dream that was started as a lie and was in fact 100% Untrue the entire time!

The Sad Reality is our industry is full of people that believe the fairy tale that Bank Guarantees can be obtained with NO MONEY UPFRONT. The fact is they can't! They never have been able to be purchased for free and they never will be! ALL banks especially Top 100 banks charge fees to create and transmit the Bank Guarantee to a Funder. NO BANK will do that for free! No Bank will take the risk on a transaction for the customer. NONE!

If the bank is not paid, no Bank Guarantee will EVER get sent. And if the customer (you) are not paying for the bank guarantee to be sent.... then it wont be sent and no deal will ever be concluded! You can be absolutely sure that NO BG ISSUER is going to pay the bank fees for you, why would they? If they own the BG and they pay the Bank Fees as well, why do they need you as the customer? They may as well transmit the BG to the Funder themselves and keep all the profit for themselves. Why would they share a cent with a client who has put up no money and taken no risk?

FREE Bank GuaranteesIts just a bad joke that people believe the free BG fairy tale! Regrettably so many people are busy believing the "I can get a Bank Guarantee with No Upfront Fees Lie" that they waste hundreds of hours each year trying to find the Gold at the end of the Rainbow that DOES NOT EXIST & NEVER HAS EXISTED!

$1,000 Reward Offered

We will pay any client $1,000 who can show us documented evidence of all stages of a BG Transaction being Issued, Funded and over 1 Million Dollars being paid to the clients account with the client putting No Money Upfront. Yes thats right, we will pay any client who has transacted a deal $1,000 if they can show us accurate, factual, irrefutable documentary proof that they have completed the funding of ANY BG transaction (must be a recent transaction of no more than 3 months old) with ANY rated bank and banked a profit of over 1 million dollars.

Please, I beg you, prove us wrong! If there are hundreds of people doing Bank Guarantee Deals for Free.... and there should be because everyone is talking about it...... then come take our $1,000 money!

IMPORTANT NOTE - As of the original date this article was posted, which was 25th February 2015.... NOT ONE SINGLE PERSON has EVER come forward with ANY evidence EVER that ANY one has EVER completed a Bank Guarantee Deal for FREE!

The truth is this..... too many people have been scammed out of Upfront Fee Money, and as a result of having a bad experience those same people made up an investment rule up in their mind that they would now only enter a transaction if they did not have to risk any money or put any money up front. This effectively created a rule that prevents them from having ANY success or EVER completing ANY BG transaction because without money paid upfront to cover the bank costs, NO deal will ever get concluded!

Try going to your local airline and telling the airline i need you to fly me across the country for free and when i get to my destination i will pay you then! See how many plane rides you can take..... NONE! Freeloaders get Nowhere!

The problem with most people is they haven't thought through their own logic, they are so caught up in the greed and dream of making millions of dollars from nothing that they have never considered the possibility that they are believing in a lie. There are no free lunches in life, there certainly are no free million dollar lunches in life, if you don't pay for it you don't get it, its that simple. You get what you pay for, pay nothing, get nothing. Its the most fundamental economic principle and Bank Guarantees are operating in the center of the economic world.

If free Bank Guarantees were a reality..... Every homeless person in Europe would be doing BG deals every week.

But FREE Bank Guarantees are not a reality, they are a fairy tale, a legend promoted by poor people to live on the hope of a dream to get rich from nothing. You have more chance of buying a lottery ticket and winning the lottery than ever completing a BG Deal for free. At least with the lottery ticket you paid the money to receive the chance.

With BGs, if you don't pay to play, you will never get your money day.

This article was republished with the permission of the original author.

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WARNING: The Unrated Bank Guarantee Scam

There is a huge misconception in the market that all BGs (Bank Guarantees) are similar and have the same value, have the same LTV ratio when Monetized and have the same desirability. That reality is that is completely untrue!

Comparing a Rated Banks Bank Guarantee with an Unrated Banks Bank Guarantee is like comparing Chalk and Cheese, the Real with the Fake, a Ferrari with a Broken Down Camakuza or in the example below.... Gold with Total Rubbish!

Rated Bank BG

Secure Platform Funding Gold

Unrated Bank BG

Secure Platform Funding Rubbish

The most foolish and most dangerous thing in the world is being conned into thinking an Unrated Bank Guarantee is the same as a Rated Bank Guarantee. The truth is they are completely different and not even in the same galaxy together!

The value of a Bank Guarantee is determined largely on the quality of the financial institution that is issuing it. This is because a..... "Bank Guarantee" is the Issuing Banks "guarantee" of payment and therefore the "guarantee" is only as good and only as strong and only as valuable as the Bank that is issuing it.

World Top 50 Banks offer the the best Bank Guarantees because they are large, stable financial institutions that do not default on their promises, and ultimately a Bank Guarantee is the Banks Promise to Pay!

The Unrated Bank Scam....

There are a bunch of unrated bank scams operating which deliberately deceive customers into buying an Unrated Bank Guarantee from a fake or phony Bank Guarantee provider because its "cheap". In life you always get what you pay for, if you buy rubbish, all you have is rubbish! You cant dress a pig up and make it a princess, its all ways going to be a pig!

Sadly many Unrated Bank Guarantees aren't worth the paper they are written on!

Here are a selection of the known Unrated Bank Guarantee Scams that operate:

Unrated Bank Guarantee Scam 1: The Insolvent Bank - An Unrated Bank that has less than 10 Million Dollars in Capital but issues 100 Million Dollar Bank Guarantees multiple times a week for 52 weeks a year. Do the maths..... by the end of the year this quality financial institution (ha ha ha) has issued billions of dollars in bank guarantees when the Unrated Bank has less than 10 Million Dollars Capital to its name.

I know what your thinking.... How do they get away with that? The answer is simple, they issue Leased Bank Guarantees that cannot be cashed in when they expire so they have little or no financial risk or liability writing as many Bank Guarantees as they like all year long.

Unrated Bank Guarantee Scam 2: The Claytons Pretend Bank - Most people see the word "bank" and they immediately think its safe and secure, the truth is that is not true! It is very easy to start a Bank, you can buy a Bank here, or you can buy a Banking License here. Or you can Setup your own Bank from $30,000 here! The funny thing is some banks have cost less to setup than they charge to issue you with one of their Bank Guarantees!

Secure Platform Funding Buster
Secure Platform Funding Fraud

Many Unrated Banks prey on innocent clients by pretending to have credibility and integrity when they do not. They "play" on the security that the word "bank" gives them and they convey they are safe, secure and valuable when THEY ARE NOT! They are Clayton's Banks, Pretend banks, they carry the bank name but are just a facade with nothing behind it. They are a shell company with a banking license, and that is why when they issue a bank guarantee... it has no value, because there bank has no value.

Unrated Bank Guarantee Scam 3: Not a Bank - Their are plenty of companies who don't want the hassle of registering as a bank so instead they just call themselves a "finance company" with a banking kind of a name. Then they register with to be accepted to send and receive bank SWIFT messages. This enables them to issue unrated Bank Guarantees on the Bank Swift Network when they are neither reputable, reliable or even a Unrated Bank. They use the fact they  have a SWIFT Code as a way of gaining credibility and conning people into thinking they are (cough cough) a quality bank guarantee provider.

Unrated Bank Guarantee Scam 4: The Old Swift Machine in the Basement Trick - This is probably the nastiest of all unrated bank scams. These guys are criminals and their only desire is to take your money and run. Through one means or another (legally or illegally) they have obtained access to a swift terminal and they use that terminal to print off fake Bank Guarantee swifts which they send you by fax or email claiming these swifts were sent on the swift system to your bank coordinates and therefore they have delivered the service you requested and your money is all theirs to keep.

We have seen BOTH fake paper swifts and fake electronic swifts from a bunch of unrated providers.

Unrated Bank Guarantee Scam 5: Swift.Net Only - This is a very sneaky scam where the Unrated Bank Guarantee Provider says they can ONLY deliver the bank guarantee on instead of That statement alone is a huge red flag! ALL real banks and ALL real bank guarantees are normally transmitted and delivered on the bank to bank system that is used and recognized by all banks worldwide or DTC or Euroclear. Any unrated bank who says they cannot deliver on is saying i don't have access to the "real" bank guarantee delivery system, I can only use which is a completely different system by a very similar name. DOES NOT HAVE ANYWHERE NEAR the credibility, recognition, security or acceptance of

And the biggest secondary issue with is that messages often do not arrive directly at the destination because they have to be "downloaded" to be read. If you don't know a message is coming and you don't download it then you never know about the message and therefore its impossible for you to reply!

Many Unrated Providers use to send a worthless Bank Guarantee to the client on the widely unrecognized service, then when no one at the clients receiving location acknowledges the message because they didn't know to download it, the bank guarantee provider claims they delivered the Bank Guarantee as per YOUR BG Issuing Contract and YOU breached YOUR contract by NOT replying to the message so they are keeping your deposit. Its just another sad old scam to take your money repackaged in a new way.

Final Word: Not all Unrated Banks are frauds or scammers their are some genuine Unrated Banks who are normally small operations that provide niche market or regional services. However, even if an Unrated Bank is authentic monetizers will be reluctant to take a Unrated Banks Bank Guarantee and IF they do accept the Unrated Bank Guarantee it will normally attract a MUCH LOWER LTV than a comparable Bank Guarantee from a Rated Bank.

RECOMMENDATION: We recommend clients only get Bank Guarantees issued form Rated Banks so you can enjoy Higher Monetization LTVs and lower risk transactions. We recommend clients AVOID these Banned Assets and Financial Instrument Providers, we will NOT Monetize assets from any of these providers!

BANK GUARANTEE WARNING: 5 Ways to Lose Money – Beware!

IMPORTANT BANK GUARANTEE WARNING: 5 Ways to Lose Money – Beware! Too many clients have lost too much money in the Bank Guarantee industry by foolishly and naively being conned by unscrupulous people. Clients get lured by the promise of high returns and because of inexperience get caught in some pretty nasty pit falls and lose their money. This article is written to warn and educate clients so they can AVOID LOSING MONEY and SAFELY COMPLETE BANK GUARANTEE TRANSACTIONS WITHOUT LOSING YOUR SHIRT!

Many of our clients wish to purchase Bank Guarantees for Monetization, Discounting or Funding. If you do this it is CRITICAL you get it right! There is no margin for error when your dealing with millions if dollars!

There are some big traps uninformed customers fall into that cost them a lot of money or the whole deal. Secure Platform Funding would like to partner with you and help you navigate the mine field of the bank guarantee market so you can safely and successfully get deals completed.

Here are just a few Mistakes people make….. that have Cost foolish investors many many $$$$

Mistake 1: Buying a BG that is Neutered - Some sneaky companies issue neutered Bank Guarantees. That is a Bank Guarantee that can only be used for credit enhancement on a companies books but can never be monetized or traded. It’s a nasty surprise you get when you realize your pristine Bank Guarantee delivered by MT760 to your Monetizer is……. useless!

Mistake 2: Buying a BG that has the Word Leased written on the Bank Guarantee – Leased Bank Guarantees can be monetized IF they do not have the word "leased" written on the MT799 or MT760. If you buy a Bank Guarantee that has the word “leased” in the Bank Guarantee text when it is delivered to the funder or monetizer. You just got screwed and have a worthless piece of paper you can’t use! None of the Bank Guarantees offered by Secure Platform Funding contain the word leased on the Bank Guarantee, they therefore can be monetized. Don’t risk playing with fire, a cheap Bank Guarantee provider is likely to make you pay one way or another in the end! Play safe get a Bank Guarantee from Secure Platform Funding.

Secure-Platform-Funding-UpsetManMistake 3: Procedures DON’T Match – If the delivery procedures of the Bank Guarantee issuer don’t exactly match with the Bank Guarantee Monetizer, Funder or Discounter you will never get the Bank Guarantee delivered because the two parties are incompatible with each other. You just can’t put a round peg in a square hole! In our experience up to 40% of Bank Guarantee deliveries to funders FAIL because the procedures between the parties are incompatible. It is sickening to see clients with failed transactions caught in a blame game of table tennis between Bank Guarantee Issuer and Bank Guarantee Funder who each point the finger at one another. Avoid this nightmare, just use our prestructured, prenegotiated Managed Bank Guarantee Program.

Mistake 4: The No Bank Play – When your Bank Guarantee Issuing Agreement with you lists them sending a MT999 or MT799 from a non bank entity to the monetizers or funder bank entity. You’ve been screwed! This is a huge scam because many Bank Guarantee Issuers issue from non bank entities that have names that sound like banks but aren’t! Authentic Banks will not reply or communicate with Non Banks Entities or private companies that send the bank messages on the SWIFT network. Those messages are treated like an annoying mosquito, it buzzes into the bank on the SWIFT network and is swatted away to the rubbish bin as soon as the bank realizes it was sent from a non bank entity!

Upset Businessman --- Image by © Bob Jacobson/CorbisThe Bank Guarantee Issuer then claims they delivered service to the bank and that because the bank did not perform or respond, then the Bank Guarantee Issuer keeps all your money because they claim the bank defaulted on your contract. Ouch!

Mistake 5: No CUSIP or ISIN Number – Some Bank Guarantee monetizers or funders will only accept Bank Guarantees with CUSIP or ISIN Numbers. This means they will NOT accept a fresh cut bank guarantee, ONLY seasoned instruments (which is a Bank Guarantee that has been created by one Bank and issued to a second bank who them registers the CUSIP and ISIN numbers of the instrument). Seasoned Bank Guarantees cost more because they have to be passed through two banks to become seasoned and are generally are only available to be purchased from secondary owners not direct from the Bank Guarantee Issuing Bank. We monetize fresh cut and seasoned instruments, as long as the bank guarantee is 100% real we will monetize it and ensure you bank cash no matter whether its fresh cut or seasoned.

The above Mistakes are the Tip of the Iceberg!

There are many many more!

As Experienced Bank Guarantee Experts our Secure Platform Funding is structured to assist you to AVOID the PITFALLS and NIGHTMARES. Our goal is to and help you concluded safe successful transactions.

The BIGGEST Benefit in working with Secure Platform Funding is our years of Bank Guarantee Expertise and Knowledge, it is the best and insurance and safety net you will ever get and we don’t charge a cent for it! Our guidance comes free with every transaction we complete for you.

When your dealing with financial instruments and Bank Guarantees worth Millions of dollars DON´T be a Do it Yourselfer and cause yourself significant harm! Partner with Secure Platform Funding and get the right result, safely without burning your house down.

Experience is the Best Insurance – Use Bank Guarantee Funding Today!

This article was republished with the permission of the original author.

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