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Tear Sheet Programs

The Truth About Tear Sheet Programs

Tear Sheet Programs are complete Broker Fantasy!

Tear Sheet Programs DO NOT EXIST! They are a fabrication of many Brokers wild out of control Fantasy's. It is a complete and utter LIE to tell ANY client that they can just supply a Bank Tear Sheet and immediately "hey presto" be in a PPP (Private Placement Program) that pays them tens of millions of dollars a month just because they sent a Tear Sheet to a Trader.

That is the worst kind of foolishness! You have to detach your brain completely to be sucked in my this crazy Broker Myth.

Secure Platform Funding - Broker Fantasy

Tear Sheet Programs are NOT Real!

Banking Regulations have been tightened in recent years to prohibit fraud, money laundering and reduce transactions with funds that are not validated, proven and which come from non legal origins. The World Economy is a safer place because banks and traders are now tightly regulated and can have any transaction randomly audited at a moments notice.

So it is simply Ridiculous to promote that a client can enter any type of authentic Private Placement Program just by producing a Bank Tear Sheet and this is why:

  1. Most Tear Sheets that are emailed around the Financial Instruments Industry are complete Fraud!
  2. Anyone with a Word processor and access to the internet can create their own Fake Bank Tear Sheet in less than 30 Minutes. It takes no skill at all to be able to manufacture a Fake Bank Tear Sheet! A 12 year old kid can do it.
  3. There are currently hundreds of broke fraudsters that don't have 2 cents in their own bank account that are emailing their Fake Tear Sheet with "500 Million Dollars on it" to any broker who will take it to try and get them entry into a "Tear Sheet Program"
  4. Its ironic that the Brokers who created the Tear Sheet Program Fantasy are now over run by clients promoting Fake Tear Sheets to try and enter a Fake Program that NEVER EXISTED in the first place!

Here is what one broker recently posted on social media to all his clients.....


The truth is Tear Sheet Programs have been on a Huge Halt since the dawn of time because they never existed! We congratulate this broker for finally realizing Tear Sheet Programs are Broker Bullshit after he got sucked in and promoted Fake Tear Sheet Programs for months and months to his own clients.

The Greatest Tear Sheet Harm!

There is nothing more harmful to the Financial Instruments Industry than Brokers who give clients false expectations by promoting fake returns and fake programs.

Promoting Tear Sheet Programs that don't exist hurts real clients that do have real cash in their bank accounts because those genuine clients spend years chasing every broker that says they offer a Tear Sheet Program in the hope they find a "real one". But a "real one" doesn't exist! Sadly they are hunting for the Lochness Monster and will never find it. The cumulative cost of authentic clients with cash chasing fake Tear Sheet programs is massive. Those clients get zero returns, waste huge amounts of time and money and end up with NOTHING but frustration!

Clients would be far better to have a realistic expectation and enter a real Private Placement Program like those offered by Secure Platform Funding and earn  consistent safe returns  instead of chasing a broker Tear Sheet pipe dream that leads nowhere!

What About Tear Sheet Programs for Real Clients with Real Funds?

In order for a Private Placement Program to operate the Trader must have something to Trade! In other words the Trader has to receive an asset of value in order for him to draw a credit line or expand his cash trading base to deliver the client with a trade return. A Tear Sheet DOES NOT transfer ANY value to the Trader. It DOES NOT expand the Traders asset base.

In addition, the Traders Bank will NOT give the Trader more funds to trade because the Trader got a nice color copy of a clients Tear Sheet from another bank! Showing a clients asset position in another bank DOES NOT enrich the Trader in ANY way and therefore it is impossible for the Trader to deliver ANY type of Trade Return to a Tear Sheet client. A Tear Sheet to a Trader is worthless!


Brokers earn real money doing real deals! They don't earn any money promoting Fake Tear Sheet Programs that don't exist. If you have real clients with real funds in their bank account direct them to Secure Platform Funding's Private Placement Program. That will serve both the client and the broker in a much more productive way and save everyone a lot of wasted time.