Largest Bank Scam Involving 7 Banks!

Secure Platform Funding BUSTS Massive 7 Bank Scam  Secure Platform Funding's Forensics Fraud Investigators have today uncovered what they believe…

Tear Sheet Programs

The Truth About Tear Sheet Programs Tear Sheet Programs are complete Broker Fantasy! Tear Sheet Programs DO NOT EXIST! They…

The Corrupt Advisor

This industry is full of corrupt providers and scammers but most Accountants & Financial Advisors operate with a high level…


HSBCPrime.com is a Fraud! HSBCPrime.com is a domain name that has been registered by a scammer who is trying to…

The Pretend Euroclear Banker

Exposing the Pretend Euroclear Banker! The Pretend Euroclear Banker is a new and alarming trend. On a regular basis we…

Why are Mt103/23 & One Way & Two Way Fraud?

Swift 103 Fraud One of the biggest industry scams are Swift Mt103 Fraud transactions, specifically: Swift Mt103/23 Swift Mt103 One…

6 Reasons People Fail with Financial Instruments

Financial Instrument (Standby Letter or Credit & Bank Guarantees) Failures Exposed! Here are the 6 Reasons why many people Lose…

When is a Barclays Email NOT a Barclays Email!

Fake Barclays Email Johnathan Lewis from Barclays Bank emailed us recently (see the email below) offering us BGs, SBLCs, LCs,…

Standard Scammer Email

The Old Scammer Suck You In with a Cheap Price Technique This email template (below) and variations of it have…

The Credit Suisse LTN Scam

A New LTN Scam has entered the industry where Fake Credit Suisse Documents are being used to try and con…

Hawkins Funding Limited – Scammer WARNING!

It seems Common Sense is NOT that Common! Despite Hawkins Funding..... Having no website! Registering their email address 5 months…

Where are all the BG & SBLC Providers?

BG & SBLC Providers.... Where are you? Sadly there is so much misinformation in the Bank Guarantee and Standby Letter of…

China SBLCs

Delivering SBLCs to China Banks Secure Platform Funding now allows Chinese Investors who cannot move their money outside China to…

Investing in Private Placement Programs (PPP) from China

Chinese Investors PPP Investment The Chinese Government has built a big wall around China and has implemented very tight exchange…

Bank Draft Bombshell

Up to 95% of Bank Drafts are Fraud! About 3 times a day Secure Platform Funding receives an email from…

New BG, SBLC, MTN Providers WANTED!

11 Secrets to Broker Success!

Secure Platform Funding wants our Brokers to be Outrageously Successful, Highly Paid, Totally Protected and Very Happy! The Shocking Truth…

Financial Instrument Acronyms

Long Island Assets Limited Scam Exposed

Bass Mint Management Group & Carl Edward Osias – BG & SBLC Fraud Confirmed!

Secure Platform Funding has been working closely with several parties who approached Secure Platform Funding asking for help to verify…

IMPORTANT: Financial Instrument Rules

Menlo Investments Limited Hijacked by Scammers

The New Swift.com Deception: Pretend Swifts!

The Leased Bank Instrument Monetization Myth Solved!

About twice a month we get an angry email from some "broker" who tells us you cannot monetize a Leased…

Another Fake BG Issuer Exposed for Sending Forged Swifts!

Swift.net Fraud

The Blocked Funds Email Scam

Banco Central do Brasil / Central Bank of Brazil Monetization

WARNING: The Unrated Bank Guarantee Scam

Secure Platform Funding now on Twitter!

Secure Platform Funding is a Scam Free Zone!

Secure Platform Funding was established in 2008, and for the entire life of our business up until and including the…

DLC, LC and SBLC for Import & Export Clients

Monetization MT799 Payment Guarantee

Getting Money Out of Venezuela as the Economy Collapses

Swift MT799 Blocked Funds Program Released!

DTC Settlements & DTC Delivery now Accepted

Secure Platform Funding is pleased to announce that we have expanded our services and now in many cases accept the…

Lessons Learned From The Panama Papers…. Why were the Wealthys Secrets Exposed?

BRAND NEW JUST RELEASED: Master Country Broker License – Only 1 per Country

Cyber Criminals focus on the Super Wealthy

Think your Email is Private…… Think again!

Money as Debt – The Banking System Exposed!

FREE Bank Guarantees – No Money Down

9000 Brokers, 1000 Scammers, 15 Real Service Providers!

BANK GUARANTEE WARNING: 5 Ways to Lose Money – Beware!

SBLC and Bank Guarantees from Russia, Ukraine and Venezuela

What Funding LTV can I get on a BG, SBLC or MTN?

ICBPO Illegal & Banned now

The ICBPO Payment Myth….. Exposing the Truth!

Bank Guarantee ICBPO Myth.... Exposing the Truth! We work with 6 of the 7 largest funders in the world and…

Bank Guarantee Warning Signs…. BEWARE!

Bank Guarantee vs SBLC – Which is Better?

What is a Bank Guarantee?

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