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Think your Email is Private…… Think again!

Your email can openly be read by your ISP (internet service provider), the government, any number of hackers, criminals, cyber crooks and any one at the numerous internet hubs your email passes through while making the email makes its way to the person you intended to sent it to. If your talking about your 4 year old sons birthday... everyone reading your email may not matter, but when your talking about financial instruments, assets or funding for tens of millions of dollars your PRIVACY is CRITICAL!

Too many good financial deals die a horrible death because sensitive confidential information was made public or found its way into the hands of the wrong people! Ex wives, business partners, family members and shady friends who learn of your rapid accumulation of wealth from recently completed deals can cause you nightmares you don't need. But the greatest threat to your personal safety occurs when thieves, fraudsters or hardened criminals learn you just completed a huge deal and banked millions of dollars and then they decide to TARGET YOU!

Secure Platform Funding cares about your Privacy, we care about and protect your sensitive financial information, and we care about your safety and peace of mind. We understand how important and sensitive your privacy is and that is why we go to great lengths to protect your data, keep confidential the details of your deal and honor the obligation of trust you place with us.

The above video features Andy Yen from Proton the worlds largest encrypted email provider revealing how lose, insecure and dangerous communicating sensitive information about large financial transactions is when it is done using "normal email"

Secure Platform Funding has a comprehensive suite of security procedures and programs to protect you and your privacy. We recommend all clients get a free Proton email account, so you can send secure, seamless, encrypted and private emails to us. Why would you use Yahoo, Gmail or Outlook email account when you can get a free Proton email account and send fully secure encrypted email in the same way you send a Gmail email. Proton offers, no hassle, simple, safe, secure  communications for FREE!

Take back your privacy and protect your wealth and your transaction. Be smart and don't broadcast your financial life to the world, you might gain the attention of all the wrong people for all the wrong reasons!

At Secure Platform Funding we understand you need a financial partner you can trust, a partner who has your back and who protects your financial livelihood. You need a partner that understands closing a deal also means keeping closed communications!

We are the #1 Financial Instruments Experts because:

  1. We are Finance Insiders NOT Brokers!
  2. In many transactions we are the Provider!
  3. We issue the Contracts, we complete the Deals, we help you bank the Result!
  4. Our business and web site is probably the most Secure in the BG and SBLC Industry.
  5. We understand making Clients Money, comes with great responsibility and essential Privacy and Security.
  6. We carefully select which clients we want to work with, working with us is a Privilege NOT a Right!

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