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Delivering SBLCs to China Banks

Secure Platform Funding now allows Chinese Investors who cannot move their money outside China to get World Top Rated Bank SBLCs (Standby Letters of Credit) delivered directly to Banks inside China. This process enables our Chinese clients to be able to Receive and Monetize SBLCs (Standby Letters of Credit) inside China!

Chinese clients can now finally participate in the World Financial Instruments market by using Secure Platform Fundings Buy Leased Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC) Service to deliver China SBLCs exactly in the China SBLC text formal and wording required by Chinese Banks.

Secure Platform Funding Asian Team

China SBLCs Delivered by World Top Rated Banks

Most Rated Banks SBLC verbiage is fixed in stone by the issuing bank, and 99.9% of SBLC Issuers will not modify or customize the text of their Mt760 so it is accepted by a China Bank.

However Secure Platform Fundings SBLC (Standby Letters of Credit) Issuer will:

a) Issue the SBLC (Standby Letters of Credit) from a World Top Rated Bank.

b) Customize the SBLC (Standby Letters of Credit) Mt760 Verbiage so it exactly matches what is required by the China Receiving Bank.

This is Revolutionary! Chinese clients have been ignored by the financial instruments industry and left out in the cold because most China Banks don't observe international ICC Standards for the verbiage used on SBLCs.

China Banks have a reputation for all having different Mt760 SBLC Verbiage Requirements! There seems to be very little uniformity between China Banks with each different Bank having their own specific required customized SBLC verbiage.

Secure Platform Funding has come to the Rescue!

Now....... All China SBLC clients have to do is email us your China Banks required SBLC text and we will get our Legal Department to approve the text and confirm we can Issue a SBLC with the exact Mt760 verbiage text your China Bank requires.

Here are two recent examples of China SBLC Bank Verbiage that we approved......

Agricultural Bank of China SBLC Verbiage Approved

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Shanghai Pudong Development Bank SBLC Verbiage Approved

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