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Monetization MT799 Payment Guarantee

Secure Platform Funding has made monetizing your Bank Guarantee (BG), Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC), Mid Term Note (MTN) or Long Term Note (LTN) a whole lot easier and safer!

We provide you with the choice of:


which can be used to completely secure your entire transaction!

The biggest risk in any monetization transaction is..... "am i going to get paid?". Our MT799 Payment Guarantee is a cast iron Guarantee from our Monetization Bank to your Issuing Bank with Full Bank Responsibility that guarantees you will be paid when your Swift MT760 is delivered to us..

Secure Platform Funding Payment Guarantee

What is Full Bank Responsibility and Why is it Important?

It is a commitment from our Monetizing Bank that if for any reason the Monetizer does not pay you, that the Monetizers Bank will assume Responsibility and complete the payment exactly as specified in the MT799 Payment Guarantee!

Here is how the Secure Platform Funding MT799 Payment Guarantee works.....

1/ Your Issuing Bank sends a Swift MT799 to our Monetizing Bank

2/ Our Monetizing Bank Replies to your Issuing Bank with a MT799 Payment Guarantee that effectively says:

  • We are ready to receive your MT760, and
  • Our Monetizing Bank Guarantees to pay your X% of the value of the MT760 within x days of the MT760 being delivered.

Click Here and View Examples of each of our MT799 Payment Guarantees in our Document Library.

Secure Platform Funding Approved

Bank Guarantee (BG), Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC), Mid Term Note (MTN) or Long Term Note (LTN)  Issuers now have Total Payment Security!

Instrument Issuers now know with 100% certainty from the Secure Platform Funding MT799 Payment Guarantee that they are going to be paid once they deliver the Swift MT760. This removes the doubt, removes the risk and gives BG, SBLC, MTN and LTN issuers the confidence to deliver their Bank Instruments to Secure Platform Funding for safe clean and expedient monetization.

More clients choose Secure Platform Funding because we Deliver Money NOT Headaches!

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  • 100% Capital Protected
  • $100K Euro Minimum Deposit
  • Successfully Operating since 2008
  • Guaranteed 10% Return per Month
  • Regulated European Fund
  • Withdraw All Funds with 14 Days Notice