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Getting Money Out of Venezuela as the Economy Collapses

Changing Venezuelan Bolivars to USD - Limited Time Only

Venezuela is a corrupt socialist regime whose economy is now disintegrating. Inflation is running at 500%, Imports to the country have all but stopped, the population is in Famine with supermarkets having empty shelves, the government can not pay its international debts and the currency is which tightly controlled by the Government is falling through the floor.

Secure Platform Funding Venezuela Currency

Businesses inside Venezuela are quickly getting wiped out and those with cash assets in Venezuelan Bolivars are having the value of their cash rapidly diminish daily as the crisis deepens.

Through a very close association with a key banking contact and for a very limited time we are able to facilitate clients with cash or bank accounts in Venezuelan Bolivars to convert their asset holdings to USD and move their money outside Venezuela to safer and more stable economic locations.

This service is offered with strict confidentiality and privacy, is 100% legal and can handle the movement of substantial Bolivar holdings. The exchange rate offered of 300 Bolivars to $1 USD is Non Negotiable.

There is a very limited time period available for this opportunity due to the rapidly deteriorating economy and conditions inside Venezuela. Clients who wish to use this service need to Contact Us Urgently.

This Opportunity is now CLOSED after Citibank Closed the Government of Venezuela Foreign Exchange Accounts

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  • Withdraw All Funds with 14 Days Notice