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9000 Brokers, 1000 Scammers, 15 Real Service Providers!

Have you ever tried to find a needle in a haystack? That is what it is like to find a real provider in the Bank Guarantee industry......

SPFNeedleYou have 9000 Brokers who all pretend to be BG service providers, or "claim" to be direct to real BG service providers when in fact they are just direct to another broker who claims to be a service provider! Ha ha ha ha Or worse, you have a bunch of brokers who are all in a broker chain and they are all lying to each other pretending to be the BG Service Provider but really there isn't a BG Service Provider amoungst them!

You have 1000 Scammers who all pretend to be BG Providers but really all they want to do is take your money and run.

After being in the Finance Industry for well over a decade, I would estimate there are really less then 15 Real BG service providers. The reality is if you take away the brokers and the scammers the industry is VERY small and tight knit.

The toughest job for most clients is wading through the brokers and the scammers to find a real provider, it can be an exhausting process that leaves many people frustrated and disillusioned.

And it gets worse..... because there are only around 15 real service providers in the industry..... those 15 service providers receive more work than they can handle and get huge amounts of interest and inquiries from customers. This means in most cases the BG service provider can pick and chose who they want to do business with and who they dont!

The reality is, the Client needs the BG provider far more than the BG provider needs the Client. This is rarely understood by clients who think (mistakenly) that they are very important and hold all the power. Remember the BG Service Provider is doing hundreds of millions and sometimes billions of dollars in deals a week or month, when they see a client with a few hundred thousand dollars... its as important to them as a tiny crum on their financial plate.

And when that client comes along with an ego, demands and seven tons of insecurity and frustration after dealing with 9000 Brokers and 1000 scammers for the last year, then end result is the real BG Service Provider simply puts that client in the "too hard basket" and rejects you.

Jilted by a real BG Provider is not what you want, because the industry is small (around 15 real service providers) and most of them talk to each other and do deals with each other. So when you get blacklisted or jilted by one, often the doors at many of the other BG service providers close at the same time.

BG Deals get done with Customers as a Privilege... NOT A RIGHT!


Real BG Providers dont need your deal or money, they work with you because your easy to deal with, a nice person and you make them cash completing your transaction without hassels or headaches.

There is an old saying with money..... Money doesnt change people, it just magnifies who you already are! Good people get Better, Bad People get Worse. No one in the industry wants to make a selfish, rude, ungrateful, egotistical investor a instant millionaire in a BG Transaction so please dont be one!

Success in this industry is about having the right attitude and dealing with the right people....... like Secure Platform Funding!

This article was republished with the permission of the original author.

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