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Investing in Private Placement Programs (PPP) from China

Chinese Investors PPP Investment

The Chinese Government has built a big wall around China and has implemented very tight exchange control regulations that restrict, prohibit and deny the opportunity for Chinese investors to move their funds from inside China to outside China and participate in Private Placement Programs like those offered by Secure Platform Funding.

Secure Platform Funding China PPP

In November 2016 the Chinese Government further tightened its stranglehold and restriction of investments being made outside China by Chinese investors as was reported in detail here.

It has now become extremely difficult for Chinese investors to move investment cash from a Mainland Chinese Bank to a European Bank so that the Chinese investor can participate in Private Placement Programs (PPP).

It is now even a challenge for Chinese investors to change their wealth from the default Chinese Yuan Renminbi currency inside China to Euros or USD. The onerous restrictions Chinese investors and Passport holders face is an investing nightmare.

But there is GOOD NEWS! Despite the massive problem of Chinese Investors NOT being able to move Cash outside China, and not being able to change the Chinese Yuan Renminbi currency to Euros or USD......

Secure Platform Funding has a SOLUTION!

Secure Platform Funding Solution

The Chinese Investors PPP Strategy....

Secure Platform Funding has developed an approved, functional and working solution that enables Chinese investors inside China with cash funds in Chinese Yuan Renminbi in Chinese Banks to successfully participate in Secure Platform Fundings International Private Placement Program.

The Solution for Chinese investors is to get their China Bank to issue a Blocked Funds Swift Mt799 in Euros or USD to our Private Placement Program Account. Almost all Chinese banks will do this! They simply secure the clients cash, Block the clients funds inside the Chinese bank and then issue the Euro or USD Blocked Funds Mt799.

The Reason this works so effectively is a Blocked Funds Mt799 DOES NOT TRANSFER VALUE outside China, it is simply an advice from the Issuing Bank to the Receiving Bank that the funds inside the China Bank have been Blocked to the equivalent value of the Euro or USD currency amount stated.

The Secure Platform Funding Private Placement Program is able to use that Blocked Funds Swift Mt799 to generate returns for the investor in our Private Placement Program (PPP) which enables the Chinese Investor to receive PPP returns without his funds EVER leaving China!

If you would like to enroll in the Secure Platform Funding Private Placement Program using our the safety of our Blocked Funds Swift Mt799 Strategy, please Contact Us here now!

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