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Hawkins Funding Limited – Scammer WARNING!

It seems Common Sense is NOT that Common! Despite Hawkins Funding.....

  1. Having no website!
  2. Registering their email address 5 months ago on the 20th March 2017 just to scam people
  3. Having no professional LinkedIn profile
  4. Getting clients to Pay all their Deposits to a Malaysian Bank when they are issuing BG & SBLC from Barclays London
  5. Offering a BG and SBLC issuing price of 3%+1% that is so cheap no bank in the world could supply a real instrument at that price.
  6. Deliberately Hiding who is the registered owner of
  7. Lying about their office address
  8. Lying about their contract signatory
  9. Fraudulently using Matt Tucks signature at Barclays Bank without his knowledge or approval
  10. Fraudulently creating a fake passport for Christopher Le Neve Foster
  11. Fraudulently using Allen Labor as Notary when the UK Notary Registrar confirmed Allen Labor died on the 18 October 2011
  12. Refusing any Requests to meet in their Offices
  13. Refusing any Requests to provide a Proof of Life Photo
  14. Check Business UK giving their Business a D Rating
  15. Secure Platform Funding issuing 2 Scam Warnings for Long Island Assets & Menlo Investments at the exact same address as Hawkins Funding
  16. Being listed on the Secure Platform Funding Banned Providers List for months

Incredibly.... Despite all of these OBVIOUS Warning signs, in the last 4 weeks we have been contacted by at least 1 Hawkins Funding client EVERY WEEK that has LOST ALL THE MONEY they paid Hawkins Funding and been Totally Scammed!

Greed blinds common sense! The Scammers Number 1 Tool is to sucker the price shoppers, cheapskates and tightwads who want a "bargain" BG or SBLC price and lure you into the scammers trap. The scammer is more than happy to offer you a Barclays BG or SBLC at 3%+1% because the scammer knows he isn't providing ANYTHING! The false sense of security that is created when a client (victim) mistakenly thinks he has a bargain price soon turns to reality when he realizes he just paid for a very expensive lesson on how greed destroys common sense.

The Number 2 Tool in the Scammers Toolbox is to agree to everything you want in the Bank Guarantee / Standby Letter of Credit Issuing Agreement. The scammer will happily let you feel like you are winning and that you can have the exact  Mt760 and Mt799 verbiage you want, the terms you want and the penalty clauses you want. The scammer gives you all you want to make you feel safe, secure, comfortable and in control! When the truth is you aren't in control, the scammer is in control and like the snake in the Garden of Eden he is tempting you and telling you everything you want to hear so you can pay him and then he will vanish with all your money.

The Facts About the Hawkins Funding Scam!

Hawkins Funding is a real company, and it is really is owned by Barclays. The problem is scammers have hijacked the company! What i mean by that is.... Scammers have obtained Hawkins Company records and are using them to create a cover of authenticity, they added to that registering a email address which is solely used by the scammers and you have the perfect charade!

These same scammers have done this twice before with two other Barclays companies at he same registered address as Hawkins Funding, read all the details on Menlo Investments & Long Island Assets.

Interestingly on the 16th of January 2017 we publicly exposed the Long Island Assets scam and within 8 weeks of our exposé and public warning the scammers registered hawkinsfundings email domain and switched to it, immediately starting to use Hawkins Funding as their primary scam vehicle.

You can confirm that Hawkins Funding is a Scam very easily. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Walk into Hawkins Fundings offices at 1 Churchill Place in London and show them the documents you received from email address. The real Hawkins Funding office will immediately confirm those documents were never issued by them and that their business has nothing to do with issuing any kind of financial instruments.
  2. Email your DOA to the Barclays Fraud Department and ask then to confirm Hawkins Fundings Barclays account number. They will confirm its fraud.
  3. Email or phone the scammers contact details and ask him to meet you at the Hawkins Funding Offices at 1 Churchill Place in London. The scammer will never turn up!

BEWARE: The Scammers use these Fake Hawkins Funding Details

NOTE: None of the names, email addresses or phone numbers operate from the real Hawkins Funding offices at 1 Churchill Place in London!

The Evidence about Hawkins Funding

Below is Hawkins Fundings LinkedIn Profile, its a joke! No real company that has been operating since 2002 as a Barclays subsidiary has 28 followers! This is a quick cheap profile established by the scammers just a few months ago to sucker in customers.

Hawkins Funding - Linkedin
Hawkins Funding - Staff

Robert Blackburn Stewart is Hawkins Fundings Finance Manager. This profile has the following errors:

  1. Robert is based in Liverpool but Hawkins Fundng is based in London!
  2. Robert doesn't use HawkinsFundings email, he uses a gmail and outlook account
  3. Robert is a Finance Manager for a Barclays subsidiary and he cant take a even slightly professional or clear photo of himself! The glass bullet hole on his photo is particularly amusing.
  4. Robert seems to have failed at school because he doesn't know to put Capitals in the start of his name or a space between Robert and Blackburn. Barclays would never allow this level of unprofessionalism.
  5. Robert  doesn't know how to put Capital Letters on the "hawkins funding ltd" company name either.
  6. Robert seems to have no employment history, no credentials, that is because Robert isn't real at all!
  7. Robert is a bit lonely, he only has 167 friends on linked in..... that's because he is a scammer that only recently loaded this profile!
Robert Blackburn Stewart

Ask yourself..... All the records about Hawkins Funding are public records, so why would someone go to all the trouble they have below of hiding who registered the internet domain name on the 20th of March 2017. Answer: Because a Scammer registered it to use it!

Hawkins Funding - Whois

Check Business UK Rate Hawkins a D! Read there report below..... And don't you think a company issuing BG & SBLC for Barclays Bank would be making more than a 2.5 Million Pound LOSS!

Hawkins Funding - Check Business UK

Hawkins Fundings Refund Undertaking

Irrevocable Corporate Refund Undertaking (Bank Endorsed ICRU) (1)_001

Hawkins Funding using DEAD Notary Allen Labor who Died on the 11th October 2011

Notary Fraud Confirmation

Hawkins Fundings DOA (Deed of Agreement)

Hawkins Funding - DOA 1

The real Christopher Patrick Le Neve Foster works for the real Hawkins Funding and if you meet him he will confirm to you that he has never seen your DOA, nor has he signed your DOA.

Hawkins Funding - DOA 2

3%+1% is the most foolish, insane, impossible price that no "real" provider in the financial services industry can even deliver an instrument for. This just shows you how desperate the scammers are to lure you in with promises of a nice cheap deal.

Hawkins Funding - DOA 3

Hawkins Funding was incorporated in 2002, so why are they using a 2017 company stamp? Basic Scammer mistake that gives them away immediately!

Hawkins Funding - DOA 4

Why are Barclay London issuing the BG or SBLC but clients are being told to pay "Jatobas Venture" in Malaysia. 1+1 does not equal 57 my friends! Oh and guess what...... the Scammers from Menlo and Long island used exactly the same strategy and requested you pay exactly the same Malaysian Bank!

Hawkins Funding - DOA 5

Last but not least Christopher Patrick has had his passport stolen and used on hundreds of scammer documents to try and fool innocent clients that a real reputable person was signing the scammers BG and SBLC agreement. Christopher Patrick doesn't know anything about the BG or SBLC DOA you received from Hawkins Funding. Christopher is just as much a victim of this scam as you are!

Final Thoughts.....

Secure Platform Funding is a reputable company that was formed in 2008 and operates the Worlds Number 1 Financial Instruments website. We are constantly amazed at how foolish and gullible people will be when scammer offers them a cheap deal that is too good to be true!

Instead of people searching for a safe, secure, quality (even if it costs a little more) company that protects your money and can consistently delivers a real result, people chase fairytales, fakes and bullshitters.

Wise clients will return to conservative values and realize making good money with a quality company like Secure Platform Funding is better than losing all your money to a mirage sold to you by a scammer.

Be careful, choose your friends and business partners wisely. Work with Secure Platform Funding and avoid the Scammers.