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Bank Draft Bombshell

Up to 95% of Bank Drafts are Fraud!

About 3 times a day Secure Platform Funding receives an email from someone asking if we will monetize a Bank Draft. We learnt about Bank Drafts the hard way.... We spent a year accepting Bank Drafts for monetization from anyone who had one, in that time we received copious amounts of Bank Draft deals!

What we discovered was..... In 1 full year of accepting any Bank Draft offered to us for monetization we discovered ALL of them were Fraudulent!

Secure Platform Funding Bank Draft

Yes unbelievably not one single Bank Draft we accepted in 1 FULL YEAR was REAL! It was like someone was playing a bad joke on us, every deal we looked at was fake and fraud. Every deal! We fast discovered that Bank Drafts are the fraudsters weapon of choice and the internet is littered with Victims of Bank Draft Fraud. What is worse is with modern technology Bank Drafts are so easy for fraudsters to create, print and sell its like take candy from a baby! Really a Bank Draft is nothing more than a nice piece of paper with some colored ink on it. Pretty simple for anyone to fake using any home computer with a good quality printer.

Secure Platform Funding Bank Draft

Bank Draft Fraud is a Booming Business!

Sadly Bank Draft Fraud is a booming business that seems to target innocent new investors who have recently joined or become interested in the financial instruments industry. People get suckered into buying a Bank Draft and by the time they realize they paid a fortune for a worthless fraudulent piece of paper the fraudster is long gone and is sunning himself on a Nigerian Beach drinking Pina Coladas you paid for!

As The Worlds #1 Financial Instruments Website business, Bank Drafts were a disaster for us! We spend hundreds of hours scouring through a million different client Bank Draft deals to discover all were fake. As a result under no circumstances will Secure Platform Funding accept, deal with or touch a single Bank Draft. Its just not worth our time to deal with Bank Drafts when almost none are real!

Banks are well aware of the massive fraud with Bank Drafts and as a result they are issuing less and less of them and preferring customers issue Bank Guarantees (BG) and Standby Letters of Credit (SBLC) instead of Bank Drafts because Bank Guarantees (BG) and Standby Letters of Credit (SBLC) are electronically delivered by the or Euroclear transaction networks with a Bank to Bank authentication and validation process which naturally gives higher levels of fraud protection.

Bank Draft Advice

Here is my advice.... If you think you have a Real Bank Draft, take it to your bank and Deposit it in your Account! Then one of two things will happen either:

a) You will become an Instant Millionaire, or

b) You will be Arrested for Fraud and go to Jail!

The fact that a client even seeks monetization on a Bank Draft is a WARNING sign in itself because if the instrument was real why do you want to put it in OUR bank when you don't want to put it in YOUR bank!

Lastly, are some Bank Drafts real.... Yes. But some think the Lockness Monster is real too and it has taken a lot of time and a lot of effort to look for the Lockness Monster and thus far all researchers still haven't found her! In our business time is money, and Bank Drafts represent a terrible waste of time and resource that we prefer to direct to other more profitable business like our Managed BG Program.

If you are a broker and your accepting Bank Drafts your insane! Every day you are handling fraudulent documents and one day someone in a uniform is going to come knocking on your door and ask you why you helped facilitate fraud and contributed to a client losing tons of money. You better have a very good explanation!

Risk Verses Reward

The Finance Industry is all about Risk and Reward! For Secure Platform Funding the Risk with Bank Drafts significantly outweighs the Rewards! For customers seeking Bank Drafts the Risk definitely out weights the rewards. Be smart, be safe, stay away from Bank Drafts and life a happier life because of it.

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