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Another Fake BG Issuer Exposed for Sending Forged Swifts!

This week a client of ours paid 250,000 Euros for WP Holding & Management (Deutschland) Ltd to deliver us a MT799 for 500 Million from Barclays Bank London , the MT799 was supposed to be followed by a MT760 so we could monetize the Bank Guarantee. But the Problem was all the provider delivered was a fake document (made on a word processor) that they "claimed" as the MT799 that was sent on the bank network. It was never sent on the network at all!

This company sent us a Fake MT799!

Provider Details

Fake MT799 Swift sent by WP Holding & Management (Deutschland) Ltd on the 30th September 2016

Below is the actual copy of the MT799 Swift provided by WP Holding & Management (Deutschland) Ltd that they claimed was "real". The only real thing in this swift is our banking information which we have redacted.

  • The format of the MT799 swift is wrong!
  • It was never sent on the network!
  • It does not have the swift logo!
  • It does not have the swift bar code!
  • and there are a million other things wrong with it!

WP Holding & Management (Deutschland) Ltd provided a Swift Mt799 made on a word processor that is a very poor forgery!

Fake Mt799 Swift Barclays

What was WP Holding & Management (Deutschland) Ltds Game?

WP Holding & Management (Deutschland) Ltd said they were "really concerned" that the monetizer may not be able to perform so they got the client to sign an agreement where the client agreed to pay a 250,000 Euro fine if the Monetizer did not respond to BG Providers MT799! Then they sent a fake MT799 that they knew we could not respond to because it didn't exist in the network. In essence they set the client up to lose 250,000 Euro and had no intention of delivering any real bank instrument at all!

Word of Warning.....

If your going to send Secure Platform Funding a Fake Swift, we are going to EXPOSE YOU! We are a Real Monetizer that makes money closing Real Deals with Real Clients and Real Providers! Fake providers waste our time and our customers time and money and are the scourge of the industry.

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