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SBLC and Bank Guarantees from Russia, Ukraine and Venezuela

Russia, the Ukraine and Venezuela are off the Bank Guarantee Issuers and Monetizers Menu!Secure-Platform-Funding-Thumbs-Down

Wars, rioting in the streets, civil disobedience, massive internal economic instability and in Venezuela's case... rampant inflation are not recipes for safe investing by any financial markets, companies or banks.

As a result we are NOT currently accepting any Bank Guarantees or Financial Instruments from Russia, the Ukraine or Venezuela. The risk with Bank Guarantees from these countries is just far too high and there are too many unknown factors that could significantly adversely affect the currency, financial markets and underlying value of these financial instruments.

If you wouldn't invest in a highly volatile potential war zone, don't be surprised that monetizers and bank guarantee discounters won't invest either.

Our strong recommendation is stay with Top 25 Banks, that way you stay safe, protected and secure.

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