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IMPORTANT: Financial Instrument Rules

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The Financial Instrument Rules are a set of rules that 99.9% of all transactions in the industry operate within and very few clients or brokers seem to be aware of them, so here are the rules we live by:

Financial Instrument Rule 1: Leased BGs and SBLCs are NOT accepted into PPP. You have to monetize a leased BG or SBLC first and place the monetized cash into PPP.

Financial Instrument Rule 2: PPP Only accepts Owned BGs, SBLC & MTNs, Cash and Blocked Funds.

Financial Instrument Rule 3: A BG or SBLC, MUST contain the words 'assignable, transferable, irrevocable, unconditional, divisible' to be monetized.

Financial Instrument Rule 4: You CANNOT put borrowed or loaned funds into PPP. You need to prove the source of funds was earned legally by you to be accepted into PPP.

Financial Instrument Rule 5: Monetizers Minimum BG, SBLC & MTN Value is 10M. BG, SBLC & MTNs under 10M aren't worth monetizing.

Financial Instrument Rule 6: BGs & SBLCs No Money Upfront don't exist. It's a fairytale! No one gives away hundreds of millions in value and hopes you pay later! Read more here

Financial Instrument Rule 7: DLC, LC, Payment Guarantees & Performance Bonds cannot be is monetized as the instrument is directly linked to a clients goods contract that must be fulfilled.

Financial Instrument Rule 8: If a MTN is not in Trade 99% of the time it cannot be monetized!

Financial Instrument Rule 9: Less than 1% of Brokers have ever closed a deal and been paid because they mistake activity for productivity and they are so buy passing deals to other brokers instead of dealing direct with real providers like Secure Platform Funding.

Financial Instrument Rule 10: 99% of the Revenue in the industry comes from less than 3% of Clients.

Financial Instrument Rule 11: The Fastest way to money is to Filter every deal through our Banned Assets & Financial Instruments Providers List. Focus on the deals that work, not the deals that don't!

Financial Instrument Rule 12: Bank dollars not percentages! Too many deals fail because brokers/clients are focused on percentages instead of dollars. Bank 100% of something than 0% of millions. Greed kills the most deals!


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