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What Funding LTV can I get on a BG, SBLC or MTN?

No one calls a car dealer on the phone and says... "How much will you give me for my Toyota?"

Damaged-ToyotaNo buyer can answer that question because they need to know.... What kind of Toyota? How old is it? Whats the milage? condition? is it leased or owned? Those are all critical questions that need answers in order for any buyer to establish the accurate value of a vehicle.

It is exactly the same with Bank Financial Instruments (BGs, SBLCs and MTNs)...

Please dont ask....

"What Funding LTV will you give me Bank Guarantee Funding on my MTN, BG, or SBLC?"

We dont read minds or gaze into crystal balls!

We actually need to know the following facts in order to assess the assets fair market value, including:

  1. What Bank is the Issuing Bank?
  2. What is the Value of the Asset?
  3. What Currency is it in?
  4. Is it Leased or Owned?
  5. What is the Date of Issue and What is the Date of Expiry?

Please help us to help you! Give us the correct details of the Asset in full so we can promptly and efficiently help you and guide you.

We can not operate blindly knowing nothing about the asset!

If you were buying a car you would not operate blindly either! And a BG, SBLC or MTN is 100 times more valuable than a car.

This article was republished with the permission of the original author.

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