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Master Country Broker Licenses

BRAND NEW OPPORTUNITY.....Master Country Broker Licenses - Only 1 per Country!

Secure Platform Funding is pleased to announce the launch of: Master Country Broker Licenses that will give the Brokers who purchase a Country License a Guaranteed 1% Commission on ALL deals that originates in a Country that is owned by the Master Country Licensee.

Yes you read that correctly..... The Master Country Broker Licensee will be paid 1% Commission regardless of what the source of the deal is, which broker is involved or even if the client came directly to the website.....

If the deal originates in the Master Country Licensees territory, the Master Country Broker Gets PAID!

Bank Guarantee, BG, Standby Letter of Credit, SBLC, PPP, MTN, LTN, Buy, Fund, Monetize, Sell, Discount, Managed BG Program
Why are we Launching Master Country Broker Licenses?
By subdividing the world down into separate countries and appointing a suitably qualified Master Country Licensee in each region, customers, Gold, Silver and Bronze Brokers and Secure Platform Funding will all benefit in the following ways:
  1. The Master Country Licensee will be motivated to work closely with ANY Gold, Silver or Bronze Brokers because the Master Country Licensee gets paid for ANY successful deals in their license country.Therefore the more deals they help other Gold, Silver or Bronze Brokers to complete, the more the Master Country Licensee gets paid themselves!
  2. Different countries speak different languages, by appointing a Master Country Licensee that speaks the local language will make explaining and closing client transactions much easier and more effective.
  3. Having a regionally based Master Country Licensee in the same time zone as the client that is trying to complete a transaction will result in higher productivity and fewer lost hours with people working in different time zones
  4. Over time Master Country Licensees will accumulate significant knowledge of the industry, Secure Platform Funding's services and local clients needs. This expertise combined with their regional country knowledge will provide a powerful resource that will result in improved advice to clients and higher deal flow for brokers.
  5. Lastly, To have a central point facilitating and coordinating regional transactions that occur within a country will have a number of significant benefits to all parties.

We see the implementation of Master Country Broker Licenses as a very positive step forward which creates a quality platform for greater growth of Secure Platform Funding and improved service to our clients and valued Gold, Silver or Bronze Brokers.

Bruce Green - Secure Platform Funding
Master Country Broker Licensees receive the following benefits:
  • Guaranteed Income: 1% of ALL transactions completed from within the country by:
    • Companies, where the company registered address is within the License Country.
    • Individuals, where the individual resides within the License Country.
  • Additional Bonus Income up to 2.5%: If a Master Country Licensee is also registered as a Gold Broker, then (on their own deals that they originate) they will be paid 1.5% for being a Gold Broker and 1% for being the Master Country Licensee, giving them a total return of 2.5% for each of their own deals. A Very healthy return!
  • You will receive Exclusive use of:
      • The "Secure Platform Funding Master Broker Logo"
      • An Encrypted secure email account, eg [email protected]
      • The phrase "Secure Platform Funding Certified Country Master Broker" recognizing your elite status as the only Master Broker for that Country, and being approved to use this phrase on your website, stationary, business cards and email.
      • Special Master Country Broker Profile Page on the website. This Special Master Broker Country Profile Page will prominently feature your Business, a Personal Professional Photo of you, your Biography and your Full Contact Details.
      • Certified Master Country Broker Certificate to display in your office and on your web site.
      • Full set of Client Application Documents with your License Countries "Secure Platform Funding Master Broker Logo"
  • Additional Benefits:
      • Special Secret Priority Secure Platform Funding Support Email that immediately places any emails from Master Country Brokers to the top of the support queue, ensuring you receive premium support before other clients or brokers.
  • License Term: 4 Years with FREE Annual Automatic Renewals
      • The Master Country broker License automatically renews every year for the 4 years at no charge to the licensee provided the licensees country completes a minimum of 4 deals per year with Secure Platform Funding. Deals may originate from any broker.
Bank Guarantee, BG, Standby Letter of Credit, SBLC, PPP, MTN, LTN, Buy, Fund, Monetize, Sell, Discount, Managed BG Program
Return on Investment Examples

Example 1: Transaction Not Related to Master Country Broker

This is an example of a 3rd party broker transaction that is not connected or related in any way to the Master Country Broker and how much the Master Country Licensee would earn just by owning the Country License that the 3rd party broker transaction was completed in his territory.

50M Leased BG, Monetized at 65% = 32.5M Non Recourse Funding due to be Paid to the Client

Total Return Master Country Broker Licensee gets paid 1% of 32.5M = $325,000

Example 2: Transaction by Master Country Broker who is also a Gold Broker

This is an example of transaction that is initiated and completed directly by Master Country Broker with the Master Country Broker also being registered as a Gold Broker. 

35M Owned SBLC, Monetized at 80% = 28M Non Recourse Funding due to be Paid to the Client

Master Country Broker Licensee gets Two Payments:

  • 1% for being the Master Country Broker: 1% of 28M = $280,000
  • 1.5% for being registered as a Gold Broker: 1.5% of 28M = $420,000

Total Return Master Country Broker Licensee gets paid $280,000 + 420,000 = $700,000

Bank Guarantee, BG, Standby Letter of Credit, SBLC, PPP, MTN, LTN, Buy, Fund, Monetize, Sell, Discount, Managed BG Program
How to Purchase a Master Country Broker License?
  1. Check the Country you want to Purchase is Available in the Complete List of Master Country Broker Licenses (below)
  2. Click here and process the $499 USD payment to Immediately Reserve your selected Country. This stops any other person from being able to purchase your desired country for 10 days.
  3. We will then immediately:
      • Mark your Country as "Under Contract" in the Complete List of Master Country Broker Licenses (below).
      • Email you the Master Country Broker License for your to Review and Signing (You have 10 days to complete Due Diligence)
  4. You email us back the signed and completed Master Country Broker License, we then counter sign the Master Country Broker License and email a copy to you.
  5. You complete payment for the full purchase price of the Master Country Broker License (less the $499 you already paid) within 48 Hours.
More Questions?

Email: [email protected]

Master Broker Country Licensees Requirements

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Facilitate and support all Gold, Silver and Bronze brokers who operate in or around your License Country
  • At all times act ethically, professionally and courteously toward brokers, clients and Secure Platform Funding


  • MUST have a minimum of 2 years Finance industry Experience
  • MUST have No Criminal convictions in any Country
  • MUST fluently speak the predominant language of the country you wish to buy the License for

License Conditions

  • Minimum 4 deals per year is required to keep your license active
  • You cannot be a registered broker or representative of a Secure Platform Funding competitor

Complete List of Master Country Broker Licenses Available


AfghanistanNABanned Country – No Service Provided
Albania$10000 USDAvailable
Algeria$10000 USDAvailable
Andorra$15000 USDSecure Platform Funding Sold
Angola$10000 USDAvailable
Antigua & Barbuda$10000 USDAvailable
Argentina$15000 USDAvailable
Armenia$10000 USDAvailable
Australia$30000 USDAvailable
Austria$25000 USDAvailable
Azerbaijan$10000 USDAvailable
Bahamas$10000 USDAvailable
Bahrain$30000 USDAvailable
Bangladesh$10000 USDAvailable
Barbados$10000 USDAvailable
Belarus$10000 USDAvailable
Belgium$30000 USDAvailable
Belize$10000 USDAvailable
Benin$10000 USDAvailable
Bhutan$10000 USDAvailable
Bolivia$10000 USDAvailable
Bosnia & Hercegovina$10000 USDAvailable
Botswana$10000 USDAvailable
Brazil$30000 USDAvailable
Brunei$20000 USDAvailable
Bulgaria$20000 USDAvailable
Burkina Faso$10000 USDAvailable
Burundi$10000 USDAvailable
Cabo Verde$10000 USDAvailable
Cambodia$10000 USDAvailable
Cameroon$10000 USDAvailable
Canada$35000 USDAvailable

Cayman Islands

Cayman_Islands$15000 USDAvailable
Central African Republic$10000 USDAvailable
Chad$10000 USDAvailable
Chile$15000 USDAvailable
China$40000 USDAvailable
Colombia$10000 USDAvailable
Comoros$10000 USDAvailable
Congo Republic$10000 USDAvailable
Congo Democrat Republic$10000 USDAvailable
Costa Rica$10000 USDAvailable
Cote d’Ivoire$10000 USDAvailable
Croatia$15000 USDAvailable
Cuba$10000 USDAvailable
Cyprus$15000 USDAvailable
Czech Republic$15000 USDAvailable
Denmark$25000 USDAvailable
Djibouti$10000 USDAvailable
Dominica$10000 USDAvailable
Dominican Republic$10000 USDAvailable
Ecuador$10000 USDAvailable
Egypt$15000 USDAvailable
El Salvador$10000 USDSecure Platform Funding Sold
Equatorial Guinea$10000 USDAvailable
Eritrea$10000 USDAvailable
Estonia$10000 USDAvailable
Ethiopia$10000 USDAvailable
Fiji$10000 USDAvailable
Finland$25000 USDAvailable
France$30000 USDAvailable
Gabon$10000 USDAvailable
Gambia$10000 USDAvailable
Georgia$10000 USDAvailable
Germany$30000 USDSecure Platform Funding Sold
Ghana$10000 USDAvailable
Greece$15000 USDAvailable
Grenada$10000 USDAvailable
Guatemala$10000 USDAvailable
Guinea$10000 USDAvailable
Guinea-Bissau$10000 USDAvailable
Guyana$10000 USDAvailable
Haiti$10000 USDAvailable
Honduras$10000 USDAvailable
Hong KongHong Kong Flag$40000 USDAvailable
Hungary$15000 USDAvailable
Iceland$15000 USDAvailable
India$25000 USDAvailable
Indonesia$10000 USDAvailable
Iran$15000 USDAvailable
IraqNABanned Country – No Service Provided
Ireland$20000 USDAvailable
Israel$30000 USDAvailable
Italy$20000 USDAvailable
Jamaica$10000 USDAvailable
Japan$20000 USDAvailable
Jordan$25000 USDAvailable
Kazakhstan$10000 USDAvailable
Kenya$10000 USDAvailable
Kiribati$10000 USDAvailable
Kosovo$10000 USDAvailable
Kuwait20000 USDAvailable
Kyrgyzstan$10000 USDAvailable
Laos$10000 USDAvailable
Latvia$10000 USDAvailable
Lebanon$10000 USDAvailable
Lesotho$10000 USDAvailable
Liberia$10000 USDAvailable
LibyaNABanned Country – No Service Provided
Liechtenstein$30000 USDAvailable
Lithuania$10000 USDAvailable
Luxembourg$35000 USDAvailable
MacauMacau Flag$20000 USDAvailable
Macedonia$10000 USDAvailable
Madagascar$10000 USDAvailable
Malawi$10000 USDAvailable
Malaysia$25000 USDAvailable
Maldives$10000 USDAvailable
Mali$10000 USDAvailable
Malta$10000 USDAvailable
Marshall Islands$10000 USDAvailable
Mauritania$10000 USDAvailable
Mauritius$10000 USDAvailable
Mexico$15000 USDAvailable
Micronesia$10000 USDAvailable
Moldova$10000 USDAvailable
Monaco$35000 USDAvailable
Mongolia$10000 USDAvailable
Montenegro$10000 USDAvailable
Morocco$10000 USDAvailable
Mozambique$10000 USDAvailable
Myanmar$10000 USDAvailable
Namibia$10000 USDAvailable
Nauru$10000 USDAvailable
Nepal$10000 USDAvailable
Netherlands$30000 USDAvailable
New Zealand$15000 USDSecure Platform Funding Sold
Nicaragua$10000 USDAvailable
Niger$10000 USDAvailable
Nigeria$10000 USDAvailable
North KoreaNABanned Country – No Service Provided
Norway$25000 USDAvailable
Oman$25000 USDAvailable
Pakistan$15000 USDAvailable
Palau$10000 USDAvailable
Palestine$10000 USDAvailable
Panama$10000 USDAvailable
Papua New Guinea$10000 USDAvailable
Paraguay$10000 USDAvailable
Peru$10000 USDAvailable
Philippines$10000 USDAvailable
Poland$15000 USDAvailable
Portugal$25000 USDAvailable
Qatar$25000 USDAvailable
Romania$15000 USDAvailable
Russia$30000 USDAvailable
Rwanda$10000 USDAvailable
St. Kitts and Nevis$10000 USDAvailable
St. Lucia$10000 USDAvailable
St. Vincent & Grenadines$10000 USDAvailable
Samoa$10000 USDAvailable
San Marino$10000 USDAvailable
Sao Tome & Principe$10000 USDAvailable
Saudi Arabia$35000 USDAvailable
Senegal$10000 USDAvailable
Serbia$10000 USDAvailable
Seychelles$20000 USDSecure Platform Funding Sold
Sierra Leone$10000 USDAvailable
Singapore$35000 USDAvailable
Slovakia$10000 USDAvailable
Slovenia$10000 USDAvailable
Solomon Islands$10000 USDAvailable
SomaliaNABanned Country – No Service Provided
South Africa$20000 USDAvailable
South Korea$30000 USDAvailable
South Sudan$10000 USDAvailable
Sri Lanka$10000 USDAvailable
SudanNABanned Country – No Service Provided
Suriname$10000 USDAvailable
Swaziland$10000 USDAvailable
Sweden$25000 USDAvailable
SyriaNABanned Country – No Service Provided
Taiwan$15000 USDAvailable
Tajikistan$10000 USDAvailable
Tanzania$10000 USDAvailable
Thailand$10000 USDAvailable
Timor-Leste$10000 USDAvailable
Togo$10000 USDAvailable
Tonga$10000 USDAvailable
Trinidad & Tobago$10000 USDAvailable
Tunisia$10000 USDAvailable
Turkey$20000 USDAvailable
Turkmenistan$10000 USDAvailable
Tuvalu$10000 USDAvailable
Uganda$10000 USDAvailable
Ukraine$15000 USDAvailable
United Arab Emirates$50000 USDAvailable
United Kingdom$50000 USDAvailable
United States of AmericaNABanned Country – No Service Provided
Uruguay$10000 USDAvailable
Uzbekistan$10000 USDAvailable
Vanuatuflag-of-Vanuatu$10000 USDAvailable
Vatican City$10000 USDAvailable
Venezuela$10000 USDAvailable
Vietnam$10000 USDAvailable
YemenNABanned Country – No Service Provided
Zambia$10000 USDAvailable
Zimbabwe$10000 USDAvailable