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Bruce Green - Chief Executive Officer of Secure Platform Funding

Bruce Green from Secure Platform Funding, the Worlds # 1 Financial Instrument Website is one the most respected and knowledgeable business professionals in the Financial Instruments Industry. Bruce Green is one highest-ranking executives in the company, and his primary responsibilities with Secure Platform Funding include making major corporate decisions, executing the company’s strategic vision, managing the overall operations and resources of a company, acting as the main point of communication between the board of directors and corporate operations and being the companies primary spokesperson on a range of important industry matters.

Bruce Green has valued direct relationships with World Top 25 Banks and their Risk Management Departments, Licensed and Regulated Trade Platforms, Recognized Industry Professionals, Finance Attorneys, Paymasters and many other Key Industry Experts. Bruce Green is also a senior adviser to a Licensed European Wealth Management Corporation that provides Investment Banking Services and has over 58 Billion Dollars of Assets currently under Management.

Previously Bruce Green has enjoyed a long and successful career in the finance industry where he started and established his own Finance business which he later exited when it was acquired by a larger industry company.

Following the sale of Bruce Greens own finance company he was head hunted by a Wholesale Financial Instruments Provider based in Luxembourg and worked extensively with the Executive Team of that company. That companies business strategy was to use the Monetization of Financial Instruments to fund Private Equity Investments Worldwide and take an equity position in each company they invested in. The company moved its Head Office from Luxembourg to the heart of the finance sector in Zurich Switzerland due it its growth.

Shortly thereafter Secure Platform Funding recognized Mr Bruce Greens unique skill set, superb banking, trade finance, private placement platform expertise and deep industry relationships and invited Bruce Green to become the Chief Executive Officer of Secure Platform Funding and head the launch of their retail business

Bruce Green is one of the Financial Instrument Industry's Most Respected Leaders and is directly connected to and recognized by well over 8,003 credible business and banking professionals on Linkedin and has received over 353 Personal Endorsements on that platform. Bruce is also a Founding Member of the First Bank in the USA for Global Clients.

Mr Green pioneered of one of Secure Platform Funding's most positive industry initiatives, the Banned Assets & Financial Instrument Providers List which exposes Scammers, Fake Companies, Fraudsters and Unrated Banks. This initiative alone is estimated to have stopped hundreds of millions of dollars flowing into scammers bank accounts. The Banned Assets & Financial Instrument providers list combined with the detailed education of scammers methods and the documents and processes they use has made Secure Platform Funding the First Company in the Industry to actually take significant tangible action to stamp out fraud and stop scammers by naming and shaming them publicly.

One of the highlights of Bruce Greens career at Secure Platform Funding was the critical and instrumental role he played that directly lead to Secure Platform Funding Busting one of the Largest and Most Sophisticated Bank Scams Ever! The Scam involved 7 Banks, 2 Company Formation Service providers and Two Financial Authorities. Click Here to read full details of the MASSIVE Scam Bruce Exposed.

As a result of Bruce Greens direct involvement in the fight against financial instrument fraud and the positive anti-scammer initiatives he has pioneered, Mr Green has become the target of many false allegations. Scammers exposed by Secure Platform Funding have directly attempted to undermine the facts, warnings, and education listed on and to smear Bruce Greens name, reputation and credibility.

As a result, Secure Platform Funding maintains the following pages that provide the detailed facts and set the record straight on the false allegations and misinformation that competitors or scammers maliciously circulate about us and our CEO Bruce Green. Please take the time to read the information on the pages below:

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