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The Pretend Euroclear Banker

Exposing the Pretend Euroclear Banker!

The Pretend Euroclear Banker is a new and alarming trend. On a regular basis we receive emails from Bank Officers for Standby Letters of Credit or Bank Guarantees that have been spoofed by Scammers. Email Spoofing is the practice of sending an email and making it look like the email is from someone else eg Paypal or a Banker.

Its incredibly easy to spoof an email for a Standby Letters of Credit, Bank Guarantee or any Financial Instrument and pretend to be a Euroclear Banker or someone else. The Google App Store has at least 10 FREE Android Apps that allow you to spoof an email. Those apps are called: Email Spoofer, Fake Email Sender, Spoof Mailer, Anonymous Email,Spoof my Email, Hoax Mail, Fake Mail, Instant Email, Fake Mail and Spoof Email. So email spoofing is very common and very easy to do!

Most scammers ping a banks email server trying different email addresses until they find an email address that isn't used by the bank and the scammer then uses that address using his free spoof email program and sends clients email as if it is from the bank. Its a dangerous practice that has tricked many clients in to thinking they are receiving legitimate email  communication when they are not!

Th Pretend Euroclear Banker email below is the first email we have received that is a spoofed email from a scammer pretending to be a Euroclear Banker! This is a new trend and is very concerning.

Website Fraud Email 22nd August 2018

So if you get an email from Nadia Notarrigo using the email addresses of [email protected] or [email protected] BEWARE! Its a Scam! She is a Pretend Euroclear Banker.

Nadia does NOT work for Euroclear, does NOT represent Euroclear and isn't a Bank Officer at all. 

Nadia Notarrigo is just a Wolf in Sheeps clothing trying to fool you using an easy to use Email Spoofing Application so she can give you a false sense of confidence on your Standby Letters of Credit, Bank Guarantee, MTN, LTN or Euroclear transaction.

The entire reason banks no longer use email as part of any financial instrument settlement process is because bank emails are no longer considered a secure form of communication because that are spoofed so regularly.

Stay away from the Fakes and only use real genuine and authentic companies like Secure Platform Funding.