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Can you trust... Imperial Bank Trust -

Meet the bank who wont give you their address on their own website! Imperial Bank Trust & are the bank with no address, no branches and no ATM Machines, Imperial Bank Trust is listed as a Banned Provider here because they are an Unrated Bank, that has No Address and we cant find ANY record that they have a Banking License! Imperial Bank Trust & are the hiding information from you about who they are. Its a Bank with No Bank Officer, No Director even named!

Imperial Bank Trust - No Address

 Imperial Bank Trust - Complaint

We recently received the below complaint from the Imperial Bank Trust. It seems they are a little unhappy that Secure Platform Funding has listed them as a Banned Provider.

Imperial Bank Trust Complaint

We responded to Imperial Bank Trusts complaint with the following reply to their email....

Imperial Bank Trust Complaint Response

Secure Platform Funding is a fair ethical company and our goal is to ensure customers are informed of the facts so they can make their own quality decisions. It is HIGHLY UNUSUAL for any Bank to not list ANY address on their website, NOR ANY STAFF PERSON. That raises more questions than it answers!

We look forward to Imperial Bank Trust providing the information we have requested which would go some way to validating at least their existence, licensing and if the email we received was even from an attorney!

Imperial Bank Trusts own website states....

Our most valuable assets are people and reputation. We expect employees to maintain high ethical standards in everything they do. Integrity, honesty, impartiality and confidentiality are at the heart of our business. As an organization, we are dedicated to complying fully with the letter and spirit of the laws and rules that govern us. Our continued success depends upon the adherence to these standards.

We look forward to receiving the documents and information we have requested so Imperial Bank Trust can show their "Integrity and Honesty" and we can verify they "Comply Fully" with the laws and rules that govern banks operations.

Imperial Bank Trust Issues

Here are the significant issues and concerns Secure Platform Funding has with Imperial Bank Trust &

1/ No Physical Address listed on their website

2/ No Registered Company Number or Name listed on their website

3/ No Phone Number, Address or Bar License Number for the person who "claims" to be an attorney that emailed us

4/ Conflict #1: Imperial Banks name indicates they are a Bank but there own website says "We are acting as an intermediary". So are they a Bank or a Broker pretending to be a Bank? Do they have a Banking License? Are they authorized to even use the word Bank to represent themselves?

5/ Conflict #2: The Contact Page of Imperial Banks website lists a Los Angeles USA Phone Number +1323 238 3594 but Imperial Banks own website says......

is to offer relevant products, exemplary services and efficient processes and thereby develop ourselves into a leading European and International Financial Group.

So are they based in Europe of the USA? One page of their website lists a USA contact number and the other page says they are a leading "European" Financial Group. Which continent are they based in?

We traced their website and their website is operated from Saint Peterberg in RUSSIA! See the evidence below....

Imperial Bank Trust - Whois

But it gets Worse! We located Imperial Banks USA Address!

The Secure Platform Funding Computer Forensics Team identified that Imperial is using the following swift code, and that swift code has an address in the USA....

Here is the Evidence of the Address recorded with

Imperial Bank Trust - Swift address

Guess what stunning Bank Building is located at 181 River Bluff Drive, Branson, MO, 65616, USA? Here is the evidence of the bank swift Head Office as confirmed by Google Street View.... Its a HOUSE! Valued at less the $290,000 USD!

Imperial Bank Trust - Address Photo


If you want to do business with a Bank that hides its address on its own website, operates from a residential house worth less than $290,000 USD in Missouri, USA, has a Los Angeles, USA Phone Number, says its a "European" financial company which operates its website from Russia. Calls itself a bank but on its website admits it just a "intermediary" and doesn't provide ANY evidence that it has a Banking License or is even a Registered Company..... this this is the Bank for you!

There are so many red flags here its a parade!

When Secure Platform Funding lists a Banned Provider on our website, there is very good reason for doing so. We DO NOT recommend you do business with Imperial Bank Trust. 

We look forward to Imperial Bank Trusts "Lawyer" (with no phone number and no address and no Bar License Number) providing the evidence we asked for in our email to him above. Then we will be able to update and inform our clients so they can make better decisions with all the facts. In the meantime we recommend staying as far away from Imperial Bank Trust as you can!