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When is a Barclays Email NOT a Barclays Email!

Fake Barclays Email

Johnathan Lewis from Barclays Bank emailed us recently (see the email below) offering us BGs, SBLCs, LCs, MTN, SKRs, POF and Discounting! It was so great to hear from Johnathan and i was excited to work direct with a Barclays Banker except Johnathan Lewis is NOT from Barclays Bank, and he does NOT have access to BGs, SBLCs, LCs, MTN, SKRs, POF and Discounting. Johnathan Lewis is a SCAMMER using the email address [email protected]

Fake Barclays Email

 Full Forensic Analysis of Fake Johnathan Lewis, Barclays Bank

[email protected]

 1/ is a Fake Domain Name

Barclays Bank was founded in the United Kingdom in 1690, but the domain name and email address was registered on the 18th August 2017 to an address in Indiana, USA (see the registration details below)! This domain name was registered in the wrong year and in the wrong country to a person who has no association with Barclays Bank. is registered by a scammer to "appear" to be an authentic but the email and domain name are actually owned, controlled and used by a scammer who wants to relieve you of all your cash and give you nothing but lies in return.

Barclays Domain Registration

2/ The email [email protected] was sent using

What most people dont know is that every email that is sent contains detailed information about the sender that is hidden inside the email. Our Forensic Analysis of the email we received shows the email was sent from using a account. is a web browser mail application that allows you to log into your account from anywhere in the world. Barclays Bank doesnt use "" so this email has not sent by anyone at Barclays Bank!

3/ The email [email protected] was sent from IP address

Our Forensic Team were also able to track the origin of the email. Hidden inside each email are full details of where the email was sent from and a log of every mail servers IP address that the email passed through. This email was sent from IP address

Sending IP Address


Scammers are using increasingly sophisticated methods to deceive clients. Clients that want to experience success in this industry need to deal with real reputable companies like Secure Platform Funding and complete safe authentic transactions. Dont be fooled by the fakes and the phonies, look past the bullshit to the facts behind it. Success is possible if your deal with industry leaders like Secure Platform Funding instead of fakes like Johnathan Lewis of [email protected]

Warning: It has also come to our attention that this same scammer is using the email address: [email protected]

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