Worlds #1 Financial Instruments Website is a Fraud! is a domain name that has been registered by a scammer who is trying to use the credibility of HSBC while he scams you!

We have confirmed with HSBC Bank's, Senior Retail Fraud Risk Manager who handles Global Fraud & Financial Crime Threat Mitigation for HSBC and is based in London that is not a domain name that is registered or used at all by any portion of HSBC Bank. It is a domain registered by a scammer who the Police are HSBC Fraud Department are now in hot pursuit of! is a scammer who has simply stolen Peter Wongs Identity from the HSBC Website here and is using that identity with a fake email he has registered to try and defraud people. Don't fall for this scam!

Below is an example of an email from, we have sanitized the receivers email and name to protect their privacy

HSBCPrime Email

Where is Hosted? is hosted by a contract webserver in Spain! All email goes through their own secure email servers in London. HSBC bank do not use contracted 3rd party mail servers in Spain at all!

Interestingly the Spain IP address that hosts has also registered which is likely also intended to be used to scam customers!

Server Location1
Server Location


With 100% certainty is NOT HSBC Bank, it is a Scammer pretending to be HSBC bank. Do not do business with anyone from, do not give money to them.

If you want to buy a real Bank Guarantee or SBLC please deal with a real legitimate company like