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Scammer Allegation Response

Secure Platform Funding made the courageous decision to be one of the first large reputable companies that stood against scammers in the financial instruments industry. We have actively worked to expose scammers on our website and in our Banned Assets and Providers page here.

Albert Einstein said "The World is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil but because of those who look on and do NOTHING!"

In January 2016 it was clear to the Management of Secure Platform Management that the financial instruments industry was riddled with scammers because:

  • No one was holding scammers to account
  • No one was naming and shaming scammers
  • No one was taking the time to investigate scammers
  • No one was WARNING clients to avoid scammers!

As a result client confidence in the financial instruments industry was at an all time low because scammers were breeding like flies and largely operating without anyone holding them accountable!

Secure Platform Funding decided to lead the charge for change. We decided it was time for the good guys to fight back! It was time for honest reputable companies like Secure Platform Funding to STOP SITTING ON THE SIDELINES AND IGNORING THE PROBLEM and to ACTIVELY GET INVOLVED and help clean up the industry and expose scammers!

Secure Platform Funding - Scammer Exposed 1

So after being Founded in 2008 and successfully operating as a Financial Instruments, Commodities and Monetization Wholesaler for 7 years, in January 2016 the Secure Platform Funding Board decided to launch a retail operation and as a consequence the website was born.

We have used to educate customers, launch our retail services and expose scammers and WARN Clients about different scams! Here are just a few examples of our extensive work that has exposed many scams and saved clients millions of dollars in losses to scammers.

Read the Evidence below for yourself:


The FACT is Secure Platform Funding has EXPOSED more Scams that ANYONE else in the Industry!

And we have taken more Action AGAINST Scammers than ANYONE else in the Industry!

Secure Platform Funding has told the truth, warned customers and protected clients from being ripped off!

Grateful Clients have Saved Millions of Dollars...

Our actions have resulted in Secure Platform Funding receiving emails and phone calls almost daily from clients thanking us for our honest advice, in-depth knowledge and telling us that that the warnings and information we provide on have collectively SAVED clients millions of dollars from scammers and helped them AVOID becoming a victim of a scam.

Secure Platform Funding - Lady Phone
Felix July 2018

Scammers Shutdown & Wiped Out by Secure Platform Funding!

Secure Platform Funding - Emergency Shutdown

Secure Platform Fundings website operation has had a MASSIVE IMPACT ON SCAMMERS! Our website has devastated many scammers businesses by cutting off their revenue streams. We have cost many scammers millions of dollars in lost revenue by effectively educating and warning clients away from well known and established scams and scam companies.

One Scammer has had 3 different businesses shutdown by Secure Platform Funding! That scammer started using Menlo Investments which we exposed and shut that scam down, so the scammer moved his operation to Long Island Assets, so we shut that scam down, then he moved his operation to Hawkins Funding, so we shut that scam down!

Secure Platform Fundings action against scammers is having a significant, lasting and direct impact. For the first time scammers have something to be worried about.... being publicly exposed by Secure Platform Funding, the only company that isn't afraid to tell the truth, name, shame and expose them!

Our Education and Warning Program has been highly effective but that has created a problem we did not anticipate!

The Scammers Reaction!

As a result of Secure Platform Funding being so vocal warning and protecting clients from scammers traps.... Scammers who have lost huge amounts of money and business because of our scammer warnings and sensible industry advice decided to react and launch a counterattack against Secure Platform Funding. Their Plan was Simple.....

1/ Damage the business reputation of Secure Platform Funding by:

  • Anonymously posting on the internet as fake clients (that Secure Platform Funding has never have even heard of)
  • Lodge complaints for fake services (that were never even requested from us)
  • Claim Fake Losses (for money that was never even paid to us)

It was a cunning plan!

2/ The attack against Secure Platform Funding (if successful) would have lessened the credibility and importance of the Scammer Warnings issued by Secure Platform Funding in the market place. Thereby removing the biggest obstacle scammers faced which was the very company that was naming, shaming and impeding scammers from operating.

Diminishing Secure Platform Fundings credibility would have given scammers more room to operate and an excuse to tell clients that our scammer warnings were false thereby enabling them to scam more innocent clients.

The obvious irony is.... Scammers are attempting to discredit Secure Platform Funding by calling the Number 1 Company that Exposes Scammers in the Industry a Scam! Mildly humorous! The Pot was calling the Kettle Black lol.

Secure Platform Funding - Worlds #1 Financial Instruments Website

The credibility of Secure Platform Funding is well known in the industry, that's why we are the Worlds #1 Financial Instruments Website. For 8 years between 2008 to January 2016 Secure Platform Funding successfully operated as a Financial Instruments, Commodities and Monetization Wholesaler with zero customer complaints and zero negative internet postings.

Only after January 2016 when we launched our retail website and commenced exposing industry scammers did fake internet posts from scammers or jealous competitors start appearing in mid 2016.

Here are a few facts about Secure Platform Funding:

  1. Secure Platform Funding has the Largest Industry Website
  2. Secure Platform Funding has the Largest Client Database in the Industry
  3. Secure Platform Funding has the Largest Broker Network than any other company in the Industry
  4. 5 Reasons Why we are a Scam Free Zone
  5. Bankers NOT Brokers since 2008
  6. Company Certificate of Incorporation, Address and Contact Information
  7. Secure Platform Funding is NOT a Sales Company, we DONT Sell Ever!
  8. Secure Platform Funding has refused to do business with OVER 113 Companies
  9. Secure Platform Funding solely makes money closing REAL Deals with REAL Clients
Secure Platform Funding has done TWO CRITICAL things that PROVE we are NOT a SCAMMER:

1/ We Banned Assets and Financial Instruments Providers page on our website that lists 20 Banned Assets and over 113 Banned Companies that we will not work with.

2/ We have Banned accepting ANY business from the Wealthiest and Richest Country on Earth.... The USA! 

These two above actions tell you one simple thing...... Secure Platform Funding CANNOT be a Scammer! Scammers don't ban people, scammers will take money from any person, in any country and from any company. No scammer is going to Ban 323 Million of the Richest People on the Planet that live in the USA! That's a scammer prime target market!

Secure Platform Funding has implemented business rules that screen out the fake deals and to make sure our time and attention is solely invested completing genuine authentic deals with real people and real providers. We have no interest in working with instruments that have no value or companies or individuals that don't perform and don't deliver. Our time is valuable and we want it invested in transactions that can be completed and banked, not phoney deals that cant! Our entire business model is focused on completing genuine transactions, that is why we are the Worlds #1 Financial Instruments Website!

The Scammer Allegation Response Library

The Facts NOT The Fiction - The Detailed Truth to Every Allegation is Below.....

In the next few weeks our we will build a library of factual responses to any allegation made against Secure Platform Funding by another website. Each Response we post will be detailed, accurate and comprehensively address any and all false allegations made against our company with the Truth!

We will list each of the Responses below in a easy to use Reference Library that enables our clients to promptly resolve any false or misleading information and be assured of Secure Platform Funding's authenticity and integrity.

Almost all of the complaints that have been posted against Secure Platform Funding are fake complaints by anonymous people that don't exist in real life and were posted with the sole intention of being deliberately fictitious and malicious.

Our response to each complaint will contain:

  • A detailed critique and analysis of the complaint, Most complaints are so ridiculous you can plainly see from our website that there is no service offered by us that even closely matches the complaint. One example is $50,000 we "apparently" stole from a client who paid to have a BG or SBLC issued. But the minimum required to issue a BG or SBLC on our website is $250,000! You cant get a BG or SBLC for $50,000, that is just complete fictitious nonsense!
  • We will challenge each complaint and ask them to provide:
      • Their full identity, including name, address, date of birth, phone, email and passport
      • A copy of the contract they signed with Secure Platform Funding

These two criteria alone blow almost all claims out of the water and expose the author and the claim for the complete fake it is. The scammers that posted these fake articles cant supply any of these documents because they DONT EXIST!

  • The Police and our Attorney are very keen to talk to the authors of the fake client reviews that have been posted because deliberately posting false information to defame and harm a company is illegal.
  • $500 REWARD: Secure Platform Funding is offering a $500 USD Reward for any person who can provide us with the Full Name, Address, Email and Phone Number of the Authors that wrote the above Fake Review. We will pay a $500 USD Reward to ANYONE who can positively identify the Author and provide us with their contact details. We believe any character who invests his time manufacturing fairy tales about us and posting them on the internet deserves thorough acknowledgement and our Attorneys plan to give them that.

The Truth is, if Secure Platform Funding had never named and shamed these scammers then we likely would never have been trolled and falsely attacked on the internet in this way. These sick fake internet attacks are the price we pay for having the integrity to deal with evil that almost everyone else in the industry has ignored. These scammers actions are just a sad reflection of the depravity of some of the people that operate in our industry.

Scammer Allegation Response Library Contents


  1. Whistleblowers Site Response (Updated Oct 2019)
  2. Complaints Board Site Responses (Updated May 2018)
  3. ComplaintWire Site Responses (Updated May 2018)
  4. Naughty Competitors Post False Complaints Online (30th June 2016)
  5. Nevis Financial Services Regulatory Commission (10th June 2017)

More Responses being Posted Shortly