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The Credit Suisse LTN Scam

A New LTN Scam has entered the industry where Fake Credit Suisse Documents are being used to try and con LTN owners.

An example of the scam is below.

This document was created on the 27th September 2017 and signed on that date by James Brandon Henrichs, Chief Executive Officer of Credit Suisse.

The only problem is:

So it is impossible for James Brandon Henrichs to have signed the below document for Credit Suisse on the 29th September 2017 because he hasn't worked for Credit Suisse for 3 years! Beware of this LTN Scam!

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Secure Platform Funding does what no other Provider in the Industry does! We WARN and EDUCATE customers on scams so they can avoid them. The scammers hate that we do this but our commitment is to clean up the industry, settle authentic real deals with clients and operate to higher standards than anyone else does in the industry.

Thats why Secure Platform Funding is the Worlds #1 Financial Instruments Website.

Hawkins Funding Limited – Scammer WARNING!

It seems Common Sense is NOT that Common! Despite Hawkins Funding.....

  1. Having no website!
  2. Registering their email address 5 months ago on the 20th March 2017 just to scam people
  3. Having no professional LinkedIn profile
  4. Getting clients to Pay all their Deposits to a Malaysian Bank when they are issuing BG & SBLC from Barclays London
  5. Offering a BG and SBLC issuing price of 3%+1% that is so cheap no bank in the world could supply a real instrument at that price.
  6. Deliberately Hiding who is the registered owner of
  7. Lying about their office address
  8. Lying about their contract signatory
  9. Fraudulently using Matt Tucks signature at Barclays Bank without his knowledge or approval
  10. Fraudulently creating a fake passport for Christopher Le Neve Foster
  11. Fraudulently using Allen Labor as Notary when the UK Notary Registrar confirmed Allen Labor died on the 18 October 2011
  12. Refusing any Requests to meet in their Offices
  13. Refusing any Requests to provide a Proof of Life Photo
  14. Check Business UK giving their Business a D Rating
  15. Secure Platform Funding issuing 2 Scam Warnings for Long Island Assets & Menlo Investments at the exact same address as Hawkins Funding
  16. Being listed on the Secure Platform Funding Banned Providers List for months

Incredibly.... Despite all of these OBVIOUS Warning signs, in the last 4 weeks we have been contacted by at least 1 Hawkins Funding client EVERY WEEK that has LOST ALL THE MONEY they paid Hawkins Funding and been Totally Scammed!

Greed blinds common sense! The Scammers Number 1 Tool is to sucker the price shoppers, cheapskates and tightwads who want a "bargain" BG or SBLC price and lure you into the scammers trap. The scammer is more than happy to offer you a Barclays BG or SBLC at 3%+1% because the scammer knows he isn't providing ANYTHING! The false sense of security that is created when a client (victim) mistakenly thinks he has a bargain price soon turns to reality when he realizes he just paid for a very expensive lesson on how greed destroys common sense.

The Number 2 Tool in the Scammers Toolbox is to agree to everything you want in the Bank Guarantee / Standby Letter of Credit Issuing Agreement. The scammer will happily let you feel like you are winning and that you can have the exact  Mt760 and Mt799 verbiage you want, the terms you want and the penalty clauses you want. The scammer gives you all you want to make you feel safe, secure, comfortable and in control! When the truth is you aren't in control, the scammer is in control and like the snake in the Garden of Eden he is tempting you and telling you everything you want to hear so you can pay him and then he will vanish with all your money.

The Facts About the Hawkins Funding Scam!

Hawkins Funding is a real company, and it is really is owned by Barclays. The problem is scammers have hijacked the company! What i mean by that is.... Scammers have obtained Hawkins Company records and are using them to create a cover of authenticity, they added to that registering a email address which is solely used by the scammers and you have the perfect charade!

These same scammers have done this twice before with two other Barclays companies at he same registered address as Hawkins Funding, read all the details on Menlo Investments & Long Island Assets.

Interestingly on the 16th of January 2017 we publicly exposed the Long Island Assets scam and within 8 weeks of our exposé and public warning the scammers registered hawkinsfundings email domain and switched to it, immediately starting to use Hawkins Funding as their primary scam vehicle.

You can confirm that Hawkins Funding is a Scam very easily. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Walk into Hawkins Fundings offices at 1 Churchill Place in London and show them the documents you received from email address. The real Hawkins Funding office will immediately confirm those documents were never issued by them and that their business has nothing to do with issuing any kind of financial instruments.
  2. Email your DOA to the Barclays Fraud Department and ask then to confirm Hawkins Fundings Barclays account number. They will confirm its fraud.
  3. Email or phone the scammers contact details and ask him to meet you at the Hawkins Funding Offices at 1 Churchill Place in London. The scammer will never turn up!

BEWARE: The Scammers use these Fake Hawkins Funding Details

NOTE: None of the names, email addresses or phone numbers operate from the real Hawkins Funding offices at 1 Churchill Place in London!

The Evidence about Hawkins Funding

Below is Hawkins Fundings LinkedIn Profile, its a joke! No real company that has been operating since 2002 as a Barclays subsidiary has 28 followers! This is a quick cheap profile established by the scammers just a few months ago to sucker in customers.

Hawkins Funding - Linkedin
Hawkins Funding - Staff

Robert Blackburn Stewart is Hawkins Fundings Finance Manager. This profile has the following errors:

  1. Robert is based in Liverpool but Hawkins Fundng is based in London!
  2. Robert doesn't use HawkinsFundings email, he uses a gmail and outlook account
  3. Robert is a Finance Manager for a Barclays subsidiary and he cant take a even slightly professional or clear photo of himself! The glass bullet hole on his photo is particularly amusing.
  4. Robert seems to have failed at school because he doesn't know to put Capitals in the start of his name or a space between Robert and Blackburn. Barclays would never allow this level of unprofessionalism.
  5. Robert  doesn't know how to put Capital Letters on the "hawkins funding ltd" company name either.
  6. Robert seems to have no employment history, no credentials, that is because Robert isn't real at all!
  7. Robert is a bit lonely, he only has 167 friends on linked in..... that's because he is a scammer that only recently loaded this profile!
Robert Blackburn Stewart

Ask yourself..... All the records about Hawkins Funding are public records, so why would someone go to all the trouble they have below of hiding who registered the internet domain name on the 20th of March 2017. Answer: Because a Scammer registered it to use it!

Hawkins Funding - Whois

Check Business UK Rate Hawkins a D! Read there report below..... And don't you think a company issuing BG & SBLC for Barclays Bank would be making more than a 2.5 Million Pound LOSS!

Hawkins Funding - Check Business UK

Hawkins Fundings Refund Undertaking

Irrevocable Corporate Refund Undertaking (Bank Endorsed ICRU) (1)_001

Hawkins Funding using DEAD Notary Allen Labor who Died on the 11th October 2011

Notary Fraud Confirmation

Hawkins Fundings DOA (Deed of Agreement)

Hawkins Funding - DOA 1

The real Christopher Patrick Le Neve Foster works for the real Hawkins Funding and if you meet him he will confirm to you that he has never seen your DOA, nor has he signed your DOA.

Hawkins Funding - DOA 2

3%+1% is the most foolish, insane, impossible price that no "real" provider in the financial services industry can even deliver an instrument for. This just shows you how desperate the scammers are to lure you in with promises of a nice cheap deal.

Hawkins Funding - DOA 3

Hawkins Funding was incorporated in 2002, so why are they using a 2017 company stamp? Basic Scammer mistake that gives them away immediately!

Hawkins Funding - DOA 4

Why are Barclay London issuing the BG or SBLC but clients are being told to pay "Jatobas Venture" in Malaysia. 1+1 does not equal 57 my friends! Oh and guess what...... the Scammers from Menlo and Long island used exactly the same strategy and requested you pay exactly the same Malaysian Bank!

Hawkins Funding - DOA 5

Last but not least Christopher Patrick has had his passport stolen and used on hundreds of scammer documents to try and fool innocent clients that a real reputable person was signing the scammers BG and SBLC agreement. Christopher Patrick doesn't know anything about the BG or SBLC DOA you received from Hawkins Funding. Christopher is just as much a victim of this scam as you are!

Final Thoughts.....

Secure Platform Funding is a reputable company that was formed in 2008 and operates the Worlds Number 1 Financial Instruments website. We are constantly amazed at how foolish and gullible people will be when scammer offers them a cheap deal that is too good to be true!

Instead of people searching for a safe, secure, quality (even if it costs a little more) company that protects your money and can consistently delivers a real result, people chase fairytales, fakes and bullshitters.

Wise clients will return to conservative values and realize making good money with a quality company like Secure Platform Funding is better than losing all your money to a mirage sold to you by a scammer.

Be careful, choose your friends and business partners wisely. Work with Secure Platform Funding and avoid the Scammers.

Where are all the BG & SBLC Providers?

BG & SBLC Providers.... Where are you?

Sadly there is so much misinformation in the Bank Guarantee and Standby Letter of Credit Industry largely because there is a huge vacuum of information. There are no classes you can attend and no books you can buy to understand the industry or how it operates. The Bank Guarantee and Standby Letter of Credit Industry is largely a hidden secret finance world where real information, truthful processes and real providers are hard to come by. That is one of the reasons we created the website to help guide and educate people while at the same time dispelling many of the myths, lies and misinformation. The Bank Guarantee and Standby Letter of Credit Industry is full of ignorant people who like to pretend they know what they are talking about when the fact is most of them don't have a clue! So why are BG & SBLC Providers so hard to find?

Secure Platform Funding Questions

So we are going to Unmask the Biggest BG & SBLC Lie of All.....

Are you sitting down? What i am about to say is going to shock you! The biggest lie in the Bank Guarantee and Standby Letter of Credit Industry is.... wait for it..... "Banks DON'T Issue Bank Guarantees and Standby Letters of Credit"

It is a COMPLETE LIE to think that Banks Issue Bank Guarantees and Standby Letters of Credit. They DO NOT!

I know what your thinking! Heresy, Rubbish, Lies! But its true! Banks DO NOT issue Bank Guarantees or Standby Letters of Credit.

Let me explain with a few facts so you understand.....

The Bank is the Deliverer not the Initiator of the Transaction

Secure Platform Funding Posting

Here is a simple example..... When you go to the Post Office and you post a parcel, you are the Provider of the parcel and the Post Office's role is to operate a network that delivers your parcel to the Receiver. The Post Office isn't the Provider of the parcel, they are just the delivery system the Provider uses to send the parcel from the Providers location to the Receivers location.

Banks operate exactly the same way with Bank Guarantees and Standby Letters of Credit! The Bank is the Post Office and they receive a financial instruction from a Provider to deliver one of the Providers assets (BG or SBLC) to specific address of the Receiver.

The Bank is just the delivery boy who works for the BG & SBLC Provider who is the actual asset owner, asset holder and asset controller.

Common Misunderstanding

Most clients incorrectly think the Bank is the Provider who initiates and completes delivery of the Bank Guarantee or Standby Letter of Credit. This is 100% NOT TRUE! Banks Never initiate a Bank Guarantee or Standby Letter of Credit Transaction..... NEVER! The Bank is simply the Postman who works for the Asset owner / Provider.

So who are BG & SBLC Providers?

BG & SBLC Providers are high net worth corporations or individuals who hold bank accounts at the issuing bank that contain significant cash sums. The BG or SBLC Provider instructs his issuing bank to secure and encumber cash in his own account and authorizes the bank to "cut" (an industry terms meaning to create a financial instrument e.g. Bank Guarantee or Standby Letter of Credit) a financial instrument and deliver that financial instrument by, Euroclear or DTC to the Receivers Bank account which the Provider has contracted with.

The Bank has no interest in the transaction apart from receiving fees for "cutting" (creating) the financial instrument and "delivering" the financial instrument. All other responsibility for the asset is the Providers because the financial instrument  was created and is secured against the cash position in the Providers own bank account at the issuing bank.

5 Reasons why Banks Don't Issue BGs & SBLCs

Reason 1: Banks don't use BGs or SBLC to raise Capital because if a Bank wants to raise Capital (e.g. take in more money to grow) the bank either issues....

A/ Bank Stock or Shares

B/ Bank Bonds

C/ MTNs (Mid Term Notes)

Banks NEVER issue Bank Guarantees or Standby Letters of Credit to raise Capital..... NEVER! If they need capital they issues Shares, Bonds or MTNs.

Reason 2: BG or SBLC are secured against client cash accounts of the Provider in the Bank. The Bank NEVER uses its own cash to encumber or secure a BG or SBLC!

Reason 3: When was the last time you saw a Bank advertising Monetizable Bank Guarantees or Standby Letters of Credit for sale? Answer: Never! Why? Because BGs and SBLCs are not bank products, they are niche market client products created at the request of high net worth bank clients with large cash holdings at the bank.

Reason 4: Go to your local World Top 25 Bank Branch and tell the Bank Officer at the branch that you want to Buy a Leased Bank Guarantee please. Carefully watch their response.... Most wont know what your talking about because BGs and SBLC are NOT a publicly offered Bank product. They are only a privately available to high net worth bank clients that have enough funds in their own bank account to cut the instrument against the funds in their own account.

Reason 5: To issue a BG or SBLC you need to have a special bank account called a custodial account. A custodial account is a special bank account that can hold, issue and receive financial instruments. It take 3 months+ to establish a custodial account at a bank and costs approximately $200,000 to $350,000 Euro to setup. Custodial accounts generally are only made available to the Top 1% of Private Banking clients. You cannot just walk into a bank and ask to setup a custodial account!

So why are BG & SBLC Providers so Hard to Find?

Here are 5 Reasons BG & SBLC Providers are hard to find:

1/ There are very few genuine BG or SBLC Providers because Issuing BGs & SBLC requires a very specialist financial skillset, and most High Net Worth Investors don't have the time, patience, expertise or desire to involve themselves with BG and SBLC Issuing.

2/ The fact is you need the BG & SBLC Provider much MORE than they need YOU! A Genuine Provider has more clients than they need so they are VERY selective who they choose to do business with!

3/ BG & SBLC Providers are High Net Worth Individuals who have many other ways of making money.

4/ Between 65% to 70% of BG & SBLC Providers deliveries to 3rd Party Monetizers FAIL because the Monetizer fails to perform.

Businesswoman standing on a ladder looking through binoculars --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

5/ The industry is awash with foolish investors who haven't read this article and mistakenly believe that the world owes them a living and BGs and SBLCs fall from the sky for FREE with no Upfront Fees.

Lastly..... There is One Exception to the Rule!

Secure Platform Funding - Trade Finance

The full contents of this article are intended to refer to: Owned or Leased Monetizable Bank Guarantees and Standby Letters of Credit.

The one exception to this whole article is Banks who do issue NON MONETIZABLE Bank Guarantees and Standby Letters of Credit solely and specifically for Trade Finance.

Trade Finance is the process whereby a bank issues a Non Monetizable Financial Instrument such as a BG or SBLC that has a specific and very limited purpose.

The sole purpose of a Trade Finance BG or SBLC is to act as insurance for goods in transit or a payment guarantee for goods in transit

E.g. A Manufacturer in China who is shipping a container of LCD TVs to a buyer in the USA.

In this instance the China Manufacturer wants a guarantee of payment from the buyer before he ships the container of LCD TVs, but the Buyer doesn't want to pay for goods because he has not received them or taken possession of them yet. So to solve this problem.... a Bank Issues a customized BG or SBLC to the China Manufacturer on behalf of the Buyer. The Bank charges the Buyer between 3 and 5% for issuing the payment guarantee and the Bank also takes security OVER all the goods in transit.

In essence the bank is acting as a goods in transit insurance company and they are charging a fee for their services. This is the ONLY instance in which banks issue BGs and SBLC and the instruments that they issue are short term, secured against goods in transit, paid for upfront by the buyer and NOT Monetizable as the instrument is linked to the product order and goods in transit! All Banks operate trade finance departments because all banks have clients that are exporting or importing goods.

Sensible Advice.....

This is a very specialist industry with a lot of sharks and scammers that operate in it. The best way to achieve success is to use established, reputable providers like Secure Platform Funding who demonstrate their deep industry expertise, take the time to warn and educate clients, have a track record of success and a focus on protecting clients money and deposits.

Our Most Successful Program is our Managed BG Program because in that program we use the Deposit Refund Protection Program to ensure all clients Deposits are paid back to clients prior to us Issuing and Monetizing any Bank Guarantee.

China SBLCs

Delivering SBLCs to China Banks

Secure Platform Funding now allows Chinese Investors who cannot move their money outside China to get World Top Rated Bank SBLCs (Standby Letters of Credit) delivered directly to Banks inside China. This process enables our Chinese clients to be able to Receive and Monetize SBLCs (Standby Letters of Credit) inside China!

Chinese clients can now finally participate in the World Financial Instruments market by using Secure Platform Fundings Buy Leased Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC) Service to deliver China SBLCs exactly in the China SBLC text formal and wording required by Chinese Banks.

Secure Platform Funding Asian Team

China SBLCs Delivered by World Top Rated Banks

Most Rated Banks SBLC verbiage is fixed in stone by the issuing bank, and 99.9% of SBLC Issuers will not modify or customize the text of their Mt760 so it is accepted by a China Bank.

However Secure Platform Fundings SBLC (Standby Letters of Credit) Issuer will:

a) Issue the SBLC (Standby Letters of Credit) from a World Top Rated Bank.

b) Customize the SBLC (Standby Letters of Credit) Mt760 Verbiage so it exactly matches what is required by the China Receiving Bank.

This is Revolutionary! Chinese clients have been ignored by the financial instruments industry and left out in the cold because most China Banks don't observe international ICC Standards for the verbiage used on SBLCs.

China Banks have a reputation for all having different Mt760 SBLC Verbiage Requirements! There seems to be very little uniformity between China Banks with each different Bank having their own specific required customized SBLC verbiage.

Secure Platform Funding has come to the Rescue!

Now....... All China SBLC clients have to do is email us your China Banks required SBLC text and we will get our Legal Department to approve the text and confirm we can Issue a SBLC with the exact Mt760 verbiage text your China Bank requires.

Here are two recent examples of China SBLC Bank Verbiage that we approved......

Agricultural Bank of China SBLC Verbiage Approved

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Download [86.47 KB]

Shanghai Pudong Development Bank SBLC Verbiage Approved

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Download [121.29 KB]

IMPORTANT: If you want a China SBLC...... Click Here now!

Bank Guarantee, BG, Standby Letter of Credit, SBLC, PPP, MTN, LTN, Buy, Fund, Monetize, Sell, Discount, Managed BG Program
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  • $100K Euro Minimum Deposit
  • Successfully Operating since 2008
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  • Regulated European Fund
  • Withdraw All Funds with 14 Days Notice

Investing in Private Placement Programs (PPP) from China

Chinese Investors PPP Investment

The Chinese Government has built a big wall around China and has implemented very tight exchange control regulations that restrict, prohibit and deny the opportunity for Chinese investors to move their funds from inside China to outside China and participate in Private Placement Programs like those offered by Secure Platform Funding.

Secure Platform Funding China PPP

In November 2016 the Chinese Government further tightened its stranglehold and restriction of investments being made outside China by Chinese investors as was reported in detail here.

It has now become extremely difficult for Chinese investors to move investment cash from a Mainland Chinese Bank to a European Bank so that the Chinese investor can participate in Private Placement Programs (PPP).

It is now even a challenge for Chinese investors to change their wealth from the default Chinese Yuan Renminbi currency inside China to Euros or USD. The onerous restrictions Chinese investors and Passport holders face is an investing nightmare.

But there is GOOD NEWS! Despite the massive problem of Chinese Investors NOT being able to move Cash outside China, and not being able to change the Chinese Yuan Renminbi currency to Euros or USD......

Secure Platform Funding has a SOLUTION!

Secure Platform Funding Solution

The Chinese Investors PPP Strategy....

Secure Platform Funding has developed an approved, functional and working solution that enables Chinese investors inside China with cash funds in Chinese Yuan Renminbi in Chinese Banks to successfully participate in Secure Platform Fundings International Private Placement Program.

The Solution for Chinese investors is to get their China Bank to issue a Blocked Funds Swift Mt799 in Euros or USD to our Private Placement Program Account. Almost all Chinese banks will do this! They simply secure the clients cash, Block the clients funds inside the Chinese bank and then issue the Euro or USD Blocked Funds Mt799.

The Reason this works so effectively is a Blocked Funds Mt799 DOES NOT TRANSFER VALUE outside China, it is simply an advice from the Issuing Bank to the Receiving Bank that the funds inside the China Bank have been Blocked to the equivalent value of the Euro or USD currency amount stated.

The Secure Platform Funding Private Placement Program is able to use that Blocked Funds Swift Mt799 to generate returns for the investor in our Private Placement Program (PPP) which enables the Chinese Investor to receive PPP returns without his funds EVER leaving China!

If you would like to enroll in the Secure Platform Funding Private Placement Program using our the safety of our Blocked Funds Swift Mt799 Strategy, please Contact Us here now!

Bank Guarantee, BG, Standby Letter of Credit, SBLC, PPP, MTN, LTN, Buy, Fund, Monetize, Sell, Discount, Managed BG Program
IMPORTANT: Discover the Private Placement Program which has earned Investors an Average of 60% per Month Return!
  • 100% Capital Protected
  • $100K Euro Minimum Deposit
  • Successfully Operating since 2008
  • Guaranteed 10% Return per Month
  • Regulated European Fund
  • Withdraw All Funds with 14 Days Notice

Bank Draft Bombshell

Up to 95% of Bank Drafts are Fraud!

About 3 times a day Secure Platform Funding receives an email from someone asking if we will monetize a Bank Draft. We learnt about Bank Drafts the hard way.... We spent a year accepting Bank Drafts for monetization from anyone who had one, in that time we received copious amounts of Bank Draft deals!

What we discovered was..... In 1 full year of accepting any Bank Draft offered to us for monetization we discovered ALL of them were Fraudulent!

Secure Platform Funding Bank Draft

Yes unbelievably not one single Bank Draft we accepted in 1 FULL YEAR was REAL! It was like someone was playing a bad joke on us, every deal we looked at was fake and fraud. Every deal! We fast discovered that Bank Drafts are the fraudsters weapon of choice and the internet is littered with Victims of Bank Draft Fraud. What is worse is with modern technology Bank Drafts are so easy for fraudsters to create, print and sell its like take candy from a baby! Really a Bank Draft is nothing more than a nice piece of paper with some colored ink on it. Pretty simple for anyone to fake using any home computer with a good quality printer.

Secure Platform Funding Bank Draft

Bank Draft Fraud is a Booming Business!

Sadly Bank Draft Fraud is a booming business that seems to target innocent new investors who have recently joined or become interested in the financial instruments industry. People get suckered into buying a Bank Draft and by the time they realize they paid a fortune for a worthless fraudulent piece of paper the fraudster is long gone and is sunning himself on a Nigerian Beach drinking Pina Coladas you paid for!

As The Worlds #1 Financial Instruments Website business, Bank Drafts were a disaster for us! We spend hundreds of hours scouring through a million different client Bank Draft deals to discover all were fake. As a result under no circumstances will Secure Platform Funding accept, deal with or touch a single Bank Draft. Its just not worth our time to deal with Bank Drafts when almost none are real!

Banks are well aware of the massive fraud with Bank Drafts and as a result they are issuing less and less of them and preferring customers issue Bank Guarantees (BG) and Standby Letters of Credit (SBLC) instead of Bank Drafts because Bank Guarantees (BG) and Standby Letters of Credit (SBLC) are electronically delivered by the or Euroclear transaction networks with a Bank to Bank authentication and validation process which naturally gives higher levels of fraud protection.

Bank Draft Advice

Here is my advice.... If you think you have a Real Bank Draft, take it to your bank and Deposit it in your Account! Then one of two things will happen either:

a) You will become an Instant Millionaire, or

b) You will be Arrested for Fraud and go to Jail!

The fact that a client even seeks monetization on a Bank Draft is a WARNING sign in itself because if the instrument was real why do you want to put it in OUR bank when you don't want to put it in YOUR bank!

Lastly, are some Bank Drafts real.... Yes. But some think the Lockness Monster is real too and it has taken a lot of time and a lot of effort to look for the Lockness Monster and thus far all researchers still haven't found her! In our business time is money, and Bank Drafts represent a terrible waste of time and resource that we prefer to direct to other more profitable business like our Managed BG Program.

If you are a broker and your accepting Bank Drafts your insane! Every day you are handling fraudulent documents and one day someone in a uniform is going to come knocking on your door and ask you why you helped facilitate fraud and contributed to a client losing tons of money. You better have a very good explanation!

Risk Verses Reward

The Finance Industry is all about Risk and Reward! For Secure Platform Funding the Risk with Bank Drafts significantly outweighs the Rewards! For customers seeking Bank Drafts the Risk definitely out weights the rewards. Be smart, be safe, stay away from Bank Drafts and life a happier life because of it.

Bank Guarantee, BG, Standby Letter of Credit, SBLC, PPP, MTN, LTN, Buy, Fund, Monetize, Sell, Discount, Managed BG Program
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  • Withdraw All Funds with 14 Days Notice

New BG, SBLC, MTN Providers WANTED!


Secure Platform Funding is looking to expand our portfolio of Providers and Issuers of Rated Bank Guarantees (BG), Standby Letters of Credit (SBLC) and Mid Term Notes (MTN). We handle a significant volume of Financial Instrument Issuing work and welcome the opportunity to work with any New Provider who is able to complete our minimal BG, SBLC, MTN Provider Application criteria and add value to our clients.

Secure Platform Funding New Provider

4 Simple Requirements for New Providers...

We accept any genuine and authentic BG, SBLC, or MTN Issuer or Provider who can deliver Rated Bank Instruments and who is able to fulfill each of the follow 4 Key Provider validation requirements which are:

1/ Providers CIS (Client Information Sheet)

The Provider must complete and return the simple New BG, SBLC, MTN Provider / Issuer Application below which provides basic information and disclosure.

2/ Swifts

We require copies of 3 recently issued MT760 Brussels Authenticated Swifts from the Provider. Client information can be redacted from the Swifts but the swift transaction number and the Providers full details including Swift code and bank account number must be clearly visible on all Swift copies provided to us.

3/ Video Call

The Provider must be willing to complete 3 minute Video Skype Call with one of the Executive Members of Secure Platform Funding.

4/ Physical Meeting

The Provider must be willing to have a 30 minute in person meeting with one of the Executive Members of Secure Platform Funding.

Bank Guarantee, BG, Standby Letter of Credit, SBLC, PPP, MTN, LTN, Buy, Fund, Monetize, Sell, Discount, Managed BG Program
IMPORTANT: Discover the Private Placement Program which has earned Investors an Average of 60% per Month Return!
  • 100% Capital Protected
  • $100K Euro Minimum Deposit
  • Successfully Operating since 2008
  • Guaranteed 10% Return per Month
  • Regulated European Fund
  • Withdraw All Funds with 14 Days Notice

11 Secrets to Broker Success!

Secrets to Broker Success

Secure Platform Funding wants our Brokers to be Outrageously Successful, Highly Paid, Totally Protected and Very Happy!

The Shocking Truth is.... Financial Instruments Industry Statistics confirm less than 1% of Brokers have ever CLOSED a deal or been PAID a transaction settlement commission.
In other words 99% of Brokers are BROKE and 1% are Multimillionaires!

Secure Platform Funding wants to help you achieve Broker Success and get you into the 1% Club! The 1% Broker Success Club enjoy success because they:

  • Do things differently!
  • They operate differently!
  • They think differently!

As a result the 1% Brokers get Rewarded Differently and they make Millions and Millions in Commission. The 1% Broker Club are the Olympic Gold Medalists who consistently win and close deal after deal after deal.

So we thought we would share the 9 Secrets to Broker Success to help empower you to achieve more Success and start Banking Commission Payments instead of Overdraft Fees!

Broker Success

Broker Success Secret 1: Its a Business NOT a Hobby

Broker Success Secret 2: Be Selective

Broker Success Secret 3: Time is Money

Broker Success Secret 4: Eliminate Fraud

Broker Success Secret 5: Ask Better Questions

Broker Success Secret 6: Be Direct to Providers not in a Broker Chain

Broker Success Secret 7: Knowledge is Power

Broker Success Secret 8: Don't use Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, or MSN

Broker Success Secret 9: FREE Clients have no Value!

Broker Success Secret 10: Greed & Ego Kills Deals

Broker Success Secret 11: Follow the Financial Instrument Rules


Secure Platform Funding Broker Success.... Helping Take You to the NEXT LEVEL!

Join our Broker Program Now! Click Here

Broker Success1

The Difference between the 1% and the 99%

1. Rich people believe "I create my life." Poor people believe "Life happens to me."
2. Rich people play the money game to win. Poor people play the money game to not lose.
3. Rich people are committed to being rich. Poor people want to be rich.
4. Rich people think big. Poor people think small.
5. Rich people focus on opportunities. Poor people focus on obstacles.
6. Rich people admire other rich and successful people. Poor people resent rich and successful people.
7. Rich people associate with positive, successful people. Poor people associate with negative or unsuccessful people.
8. Rich people are willing to promote themselves and their value. Poor people think negatively about selling and promotion.
9. Rich people are bigger than their problems. Poor people are smaller than their problems.
10. Rich people are excellent receivers. Poor people are poor receivers.
11. Rich people choose to get paid based on results. Poor people choose to get paid based on time.
12. Rich people think "both". Poor people think "either/or".
13. Rich people focus on their net worth. Poor people focus on their working income.
14. Rich people manage their money well. Poor people mismanage their money well.
15. Rich people have their money work hard for them. Poor people work hard for their money.
16. Rich people act in spite of fear. Poor people let fear stop them.
17. Rich people constantly learn and grow. Poor people think they already know.” 

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Financial Instrument Acronyms

Understanding Financial Instrument Acronyms

The industry is full of Acronyms so here is a list of the key Financial Instrument Acronyms to help you be more coherent and more efficient when you next have to deal with Financial Instrument Acronyms.

  • ATV - Authority to Verify
  • BFP - Blocked Funds Program
  • BG - Bank Guarantee
  • CD - Certificate of Deposit
  • CMO - Commercial Mortgage Obligation
  • CUSIP - Committee on Uniform Securities Identification Procedures
  • DLC - Documentary Letter of Credit
  • DRP - Deposit Refund Protection Program
  • DTC - Depository Trust Clearing Corp
  • DVP - Delivery verses Payment
  • HFP - Heritage Funds Program
  • IBOE - International Bills of Exchange
  • ICBPO - Irrevovable Conditional Bank Pay Orders
  • ISIN - International Securities Identification Number
  • KTT - Key Tested Telex Transfer
  • LC - Letter of Credit
  • LOI - Letter of Intent
  • LTN - Long Term Note
  • LTV - Loan to Value Ratio
  • MBG - Managed Bank Guarantee Program
  • MOU - Memorandum of Understanding
  • MTN - Mid Term Note
  • NDA - Non Disclosure Agreement
  • NCND - Non Circumvent Non Disclosure
  • POF - Proof of Funds
  • PPP - Private Placement Program
  • S2S (Server to Server)
  • ROI - Return on Investment
  • SBLC - Standby Letter of Credit
  • SKR - Safe Keeping Receipt
  • SPV - Special Purpose Vehicle
cover final

Email us with any Financial Instrument Acronyms you would like us to add to the list above. We are committed to making this website as comprehensive and useful to you as possible.

Bank Guarantee, BG, Standby Letter of Credit, SBLC, PPP, MTN, LTN, Buy, Fund, Monetize, Sell, Discount, Managed BG Program
IMPORTANT: Discover the Private Placement Program which has earned Investors an Average of 60% per Month Return!
  • 100% Capital Protected
  • $100K Euro Minimum Deposit
  • Successfully Operating since 2008
  • Guaranteed 10% Return per Month
  • Regulated European Fund
  • Withdraw All Funds with 14 Days Notice

Long Island Assets Limited Scam Exposed

Long Island Assets Limited - Scam Exposed!

On the 2nd December 2016 Secure Platform Funding Exposed and Broadcast full details of Scammers who had Hijacked Menlo Investments Limited in the UK. Our hope was that exposing full details of this scam would save numerous more customers from getting ripped off and their money stolen. It seems our article on Menlo Investments had the desired effect and stopped the scammers in their tracks!

Unfortunately on the 7th December 2016 the scammers moved their operation from Menlo Investments which Secure Platform Funding exposed to a new company Long Island Assets Limited in the UK.

The Menlo Investment Scam and the Long Island Asset Scam are identical. The scammers just changed a few subtle details but are using the exact same modus operandi. So here are a few highlights for the Long Island Assets Limited scam:

  1. We exposed Menlo Investment on the 2nd December 2016, 5 days later the internet domain name was registered to the same address, using the same domain registry company and the same name servers! (See below)
Domain Name
Domain Name1

2. The physical address for Long Island Assets Limited is the same as Menlo Investments Limited on all documentation.

3. The Long Island Assets Limited Invoice asking clients to pay fees for the issuance of a Bank Guarantee or Standby Letter of Credit directs payments to the exact same Malaysian Bank, using the exact same Swift codes as Menlo Investments did!

4.  The Invoice for payment of fees does not ask you to pay Long Island Assets Limited, it gets you to pay a completely different company in Malaysia, just like Menlo Investments did!

5.  The Long Island Assets Limited Refund Undertaking Document is identical to Menlo Investments, in the exact same format, all they did was change the Notary and the Bank Officer names and change the name of the bank account your funds get paid to. See the examples below...

Long Island Assets Refund Undertaking Signatures & Bank Account


Menlo Investments Refund Undertakings Signatures & Bank Account


6. confirms the Company Capital for Long Island Assets Limited is only 5 Million Pounds. So they cant issue a BG or SBLC greater than 5M because that is all the capital they have!

7.  Allen Labor is listed as the Notary who signed and witnessed the Long Island Assets Limited Refund Undertaking (see above) on the 29th December 2016. But on the 29th December Allen Labor was no longer listed as a licensed Notary in the UK because as the Notaries Clerk to the Registrar confirms below.... Allen Labor died on the 18th October 2011. So with 100% certainty the documents provided by Long Island Assets Limited are fraudulent!

Notary Fraud Confirmation

8.  Ask yourself one simple question.... Why is a company Long Island Assets Limited located in the Barclays Bank building, listed an associated subsidiary company to Barclays, issuing instruments from HSBC and getting you to pay your fees to CIMB Bank in Malaysia! Answer: Because its fraud!

The bottom line is Long Island Assets Limited is a legitimate UK company that like Menlo investments has had its identity hijacked by scammers so they can rip off of a stream from innocent customers. Long Island Assets Limited does not have the financial capacity to issue financial instruments and the documents being produced by the scammers using this companies identity are confirmed as false and fraudulent. If you know any one who is intending to buy Bank Guarantees (BG), Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC) or any other financial instruments from Long Island Assets Limited, tell them to avoid them like at all costs!

Bank Guarantee, BG, Standby Letter of Credit, SBLC, PPP, MTN, LTN, Buy, Fund, Monetize, Sell, Discount, Managed BG Program
IMPORTANT: Discover the Private Placement Program which has earned Investors an Average of 60% per Month Return!
  • 100% Capital Protected
  • $100K Euro Minimum Deposit
  • Successfully Operating since 2008
  • Guaranteed 10% Return per Month
  • Regulated European Fund
  • Withdraw All Funds with 14 Days Notice