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Announcing a revolution on the BG, SBLC, LTN. MTN, PPP, Funding and Non Recourse Monetization...

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Announcing a revolution on the BG, SBLC, LTN. MTN, PPP, Funding and Non Recourse Monetization Industry.... 100% Capital Protected, Zero Risk Programs from Banking Insiders NOT Brokers. You are now direct to the finance source!

Private Placement Program (PPP)

Average Monthly Return for the Last 2 Years = 60% per Month

Private Placement Program

The Secure Platform Funding PPP Program is unique, it is 100% Capital Protected / Zero Risk of Capital Loss, Minimum Investment $100,000 Euro, Average Monthly Return: 60%.

Read how you and your clients can benefit from this powerful program.

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The BG & SBLC Experts.....

BG Experts
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Deposit Refund Protection Program (DRP)

Safety, Security, No Loss, No Risk, No Hassle.

Deposit Refund Protection Program

This Secure Platform Funding program guarantees the repayment of your deposit within 9 weeks and then purchases a Bank Guarantee in our Managed BG Program and Monetizes it using "House Funds" so you have zero risk. Its radical, unique and protects clients 100%.

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Euroclear Settlements

We Monetize BGs, SBLC, MTN and LTNs on Euroclear.

The advantage of Euroclear settlements is that delivery of the Instrument is free so clients avoid MT760 SWIFT Fees.

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Warren Buffett

"The First Rule is Not to Lose, the Second is not to forget the first rule!"

Warren Buffett

Program 1: $250K to 3M Non Recourse   /   Program 3: $350K to 15M Non Recourse  /  Program 3: $500K to 40M Non Recourse

The Best Program of 2017, now with numerous improvements and changes that make the process easier, safer with more protection. 

The Managed Bank Guarantee Program is completed in TWO Stages...

  • Stage 1 Deposit Refund Protection Program. (DRP)
  • Stage 2 Managed Bank Guarantee Program. (MBG)

In the Managed Bank Guarantee Program, Secure Platform Funding structures, oversees and coordinates the Purchase of a Bank Guarantee and the Issuing of that Bank Guarantee to be funded Non Recourse for the client. This entire process is done seamlessly using the Secure Platform Funding proprietary Managed Bank Guarantee funding system and with No Risk to the client.  Read More

Managed BG Program


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Top 6 Reasons Why Secure Platform Funding is #1

  1. Company Founded in 2008
  2. Banking Insiders NOT Brokers
  3. Your Privacy is our Priority
  4. Our Integrity is Non Negotiable!
  5. Over 11 Years of Business Success
  6. We Operate our own PPP Program

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Massive Broker Benefits

  • We Offer 3 Broker Levels
  • Brokers are Always 100% Protected & Respected
  • Healthy Commissions Paid on every Deal
  • Be Direct to the Finance Source, NOT in a Broker Chain!
  • Earn up to 1.5% Commission on Every Deal
  • Professional Broker Support
  • Wide Range of Financial Instruments, PPP, Managed Bank Guarantee Programs and Client Funding and Monetization Services
  • We Offer Gold, Silver and Bronze Broker Levels
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We are a group of Banking and Finance industry professionals with a core Company Executive Team that has over 35 years’ of finance industry experience. Members of our Executive Team have worked in the Financial Instruments Department of World Top 25 Banks and completed deals worth billions of dollars. Our Team consists of seasoned Bankers, Dealmakers, Commodities Traders and Solicitors all with proven track records of success.

We have a unique perspective of the industry from the inside out, our company was Established in 2008 and we have operated as a Financial Instruments, Commodities and Monetization Wholesaler until late in 2015. In January 2016 our Board decided to launch a retail operation and as a consequence the website was born to provide a secure, solid gateway for retail clients to utilize the service, structure and expertise of Secure Platform Funding.

Throughout our company’s history our management executive has consistently closed very large financial transactions for themselves, their company and their customers. As a result, our business is not motivated by volume or size of a transaction but by the quality, security and safety of a transaction with a client. We value our clients Privacy and Security and have established processes and a infrastructure that provides a safe haven for investors no matter how significant or prominent their profile.

We are NOT Brokers! From 2008 to December 2015 we where financial wholesalers who operated behind closed doors completing deals provided to us by two large industry financial instruments and commodities retailers as well as our own Board Members and Company transactions.

The Financial Instruments Industry with BGs, MTNs, SBLCs, LTN, and PPP can be difficult, full of jargon, technicalities and intermediaries. Secure Platform Funding helps our clients cut through the complexity and gives them a solid partner who they can work closely with to confidently reach the finish line. We help clients avoid the pitfalls, stay away from the traps and scammers, and guide them to expand their wealth using our proven systems, processes and unrivaled expertise.

We invite you to commence a mutually beneficial, long term business relationship with the Worlds #1 Financial Instruments Insiders.....Join Secure Platform Funding Today and start the journey to a brighter future!

In an effort to make it easier and faster for clients and brokers to get support and answers to their questions, we offer support on the Telegram Encrypted Messenger Service
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We recommend these Gold Certified Brokers who have been Recognized and Approved by Secure Platform Funding. Gold is the Highest Standard we Award Brokers and means in most cases that you are dealing with a committed industry professional who understands and is familiar with our range of service and solutions.
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Kevin OLeary
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"I took a few thousands dollars and turned them into billion dollar businesses"

Kevin O'Leary

"My partners taught me that in order to create wealth, I needed to pair up with people whose strengths compensated for my weaknesses."

Kevin O'Leary

With 35 Years of Finance and Banking Industry Experience the Secure Platform Funding Executive Team understands the Banking Industry from the Inside, because members of our Executive worked in the Financial Instruments Department of a World Top 25 Bank. We can Achieve Results others can't because we understand from the Inside, what it takes to close a deal from the Outside!

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MTNs LTNs monetize


We Monetize MTNs & LTNs on either the Bank SWIFT Network or in Euroclear. All MTN & LTN Monetization is completed with Non Recourse Funding for Client

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