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Imperial Bank Trust

Can you trust... Imperial Bank Trust -

Meet the bank who wont give you their address on their own website! Imperial Bank Trust & are the bank with no address, no branches and no ATM Machines, Imperial Bank Trust is listed as a Banned Provider here because they are an Unrated Bank, that has No Address and we cant find ANY record that they have a Banking License! Imperial Bank Trust & are the hiding information from you about who they are. Its a Bank with No Bank Officer, No Director even named!

Imperial Bank Trust - No Address

 Imperial Bank Trust - Complaint

We recently received the below complaint from the Imperial Bank Trust. It seems they are a little unhappy that Secure Platform Funding has listed them as a Banned Provider.

Imperial Bank Trust Complaint

We responded to Imperial Bank Trusts complaint with the following reply to their email....

Imperial Bank Trust Complaint Response

Secure Platform Funding is a fair ethical company and our goal is to ensure customers are informed of the facts so they can make their own quality decisions. It is HIGHLY UNUSUAL for any Bank to not list ANY address on their website, NOR ANY STAFF PERSON. That raises more questions than it answers!

We look forward to Imperial Bank Trust providing the information we have requested which would go some way to validating at least their existence, licensing and if the email we received was even from an attorney!

Imperial Bank Trusts own website states....

Our most valuable assets are people and reputation. We expect employees to maintain high ethical standards in everything they do. Integrity, honesty, impartiality and confidentiality are at the heart of our business. As an organization, we are dedicated to complying fully with the letter and spirit of the laws and rules that govern us. Our continued success depends upon the adherence to these standards.

We look forward to receiving the documents and information we have requested so Imperial Bank Trust can show their "Integrity and Honesty" and we can verify they "Comply Fully" with the laws and rules that govern banks operations.

Imperial Bank Trust Issues

Here are the significant issues and concerns Secure Platform Funding has with Imperial Bank Trust &

1/ No Physical Address listed on their website

2/ No Registered Company Number or Name listed on their website

3/ No Phone Number, Address or Bar License Number for the person who "claims" to be an attorney that emailed us

4/ Conflict #1: Imperial Banks name indicates they are a Bank but there own website says "We are acting as an intermediary". So are they a Bank or a Broker pretending to be a Bank? Do they have a Banking License? Are they authorized to even use the word Bank to represent themselves?

5/ Conflict #2: The Contact Page of Imperial Banks website lists a Los Angeles USA Phone Number +1323 238 3594 but Imperial Banks own website says......

is to offer relevant products, exemplary services and efficient processes and thereby develop ourselves into a leading European and International Financial Group.

So are they based in Europe of the USA? One page of their website lists a USA contact number and the other page says they are a leading "European" Financial Group. Which continent are they based in?

We traced their website and their website is operated from Saint Peterberg in RUSSIA! See the evidence below....

Imperial Bank Trust - Whois

But it gets Worse! We located Imperial Banks USA Address!

The Secure Platform Funding Computer Forensics Team identified that Imperial is using the following swift code, and that swift code has an address in the USA....

Here is the Evidence of the Address recorded with

Imperial Bank Trust - Swift address

Guess what stunning Bank Building is located at 181 River Bluff Drive, Branson, MO, 65616, USA? Here is the evidence of the bank swift Head Office as confirmed by Google Street View.... Its a HOUSE! Valued at less the $290,000 USD!

Imperial Bank Trust - Address Photo


If you want to do business with a Bank that hides its address on its own website, operates from a residential house worth less than $290,000 USD in Missouri, USA, has a Los Angeles, USA Phone Number, says its a "European" financial company which operates its website from Russia. Calls itself a bank but on its website admits it just a "intermediary" and doesn't provide ANY evidence that it has a Banking License or is even a Registered Company..... this this is the Bank for you!

There are so many red flags here its a parade!

When Secure Platform Funding lists a Banned Provider on our website, there is very good reason for doing so. We DO NOT recommend you do business with Imperial Bank Trust. 

We look forward to Imperial Bank Trusts "Lawyer" (with no phone number and no address and no Bar License Number) providing the evidence we asked for in our email to him above. Then we will be able to update and inform our clients so they can make better decisions with all the facts. In the meantime we recommend staying as far away from Imperial Bank Trust as you can!

Largest Bank Scam Involving 7 Banks!

Secure Platform Funding BUSTS Massive 7 Bank Scam 

Secure Platform Funding's Forensics Fraud Investigators have today uncovered what they believe could possibly be the Largest Banking Scam ever Exposed! 7 Different Banks are involved in taking customer deposits and then declining to EVER pay funds out. The scam has been running since 2014 and potentially has scammed millions and millions of dollars. Many customers of the 7 Banks we have uncovered still don't know they paid their deposit money to a fake bank that is NEVER going to give them a cent back. But what is most shocking is that all 7 Fake Banks are owned and operated by 1 Scammer who masterminded the entire process.  

Bank Fraud

This information isn't being sourced from anywhere else! Secure Platform Funding is the source! This is our story! Secure Platform Fundings forensic fraud investigators have unmasked the Largest Bank Fraud with 7 Banks and a complex company fraud structure supporting the entire scamming operation.

You read it here first! One Scammer operating 7 Different Fake Banks for up to 5 years taking millions in cash and NEVER paying out a cent.

The only company to investigate this...... Secure Platform Funding! The only company to uncover this elaborate sophisticated fraud and discover all 7 Fake Banks are owned by the 1 Scammer is Secure Platform Funding! Secure Platform Funding got to the truth no one else could find!

For the first time ever Secure Platform Funding announces that ALL of the following Banks are commonly owned and operating the same sophisticated scam.

The banks involved in this scam are:

Delta West Credit Bank -

Credit Foncier -

Credit Foncier International Trade & Finance -

Societe Bancaire et Fiduciaire Privee -

St George Bank -

Hottinger & Cie International Banque -

CG Bank -

But it actually gets worse....

This same scammer who owns each of the above banks also setup two different offshore company formation services websites where he sells offshore company incorporation's and opens the customers bank accounts in his own banks for the clients to deposit all their cash! These two company formation websites are: and

But it gets worse! In addition to operating 7 Fake Banks and 2 International Company Formation websites, the scammer  also created Two Fake Financial Authority websites so he could show unsuspecting clients his fake banks were registered with a fake financial authority! This gave each of the bank the allure of genuineness.

The Two Financial Authorities he set up are:

1/ Mwali International Services Authority at is FAKE! The real website for the Comoros Financial Regulator is: and is in French. 

2/ Central Reserve Authority of Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic at is FAKE! The Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic doesn't have a Financial Regulator so this scammer created his own one!

But it gets worse!

As recorded here by, this scammer also created his own Fake intermediary bank! Here is what the says:

"Credit Foncier uses a correspondent bank or payment processor referred to as “Saint George Bankers and Trust”.  That is not a typographic error.  That is the supposed name of the processor.  Their website is:

As with the name of Credit Foncier (which is taken from a legitimate bank in France), the name of the correspondent  bank appears to be created to make it appear legitimate as well.  There are several international banking groups with names similar to “St. George’s Bank and Trust” located in the Cayman Islands, Panama, Bermuda, etc.  But these are legitimate licensed banks, some of which have been around for many decades and have branches in multiple countries. 

The “Saint George Bankers and Trust”  is simply a website created to look like a legitimate bank through which transfers go to and from Credit Foncier. However, the website for Credit Foncier and website for Saint George were created by the same people! We know this because the text on two of the pages below is identical.

Both websites purport to offer the service of opening up a corporate account. Notice the text that starts with “Please, follow the below five steps…”. The text of the remaining paragraphs on both of these websites (that are supposedly for two different organizations) is identical. Either one of the organizations copied the other verbatim, or they are both part of the same sham operation!

The only reasonable conclusion is that this is a cleverly and elaborately created sham bank to separate unsuspecting victims from their money, forever. The perpetrators of this scam have even created a fake correspondent bank as well as a fake government regulator website."

But it gets worse!

The Secure Platform Funding Forensic Experts have confirmed that all of the 7 Bank websites, 2 Company Formation Websites, 2 Financial Authority Websites all operates from the same low end webserver with a paid hosting company. None of the bank websites are on secure servers! Which means in additional to one scammer owning and operating everything, he also has exposed every one of his banking customers data to being insecure and be available to be easily accessed and used illegally all over the internet.

So not only have clients LOST all the money they paid these 7 banks, they also may have had their identities, Passports  and IDs that were used to open their bank accounts at these 7 banks or the 2 Company Formation websites.... stolen and used for any number of illegal activities. This is a MASSIVE Scandal! 

But it gets worse!

Here is the full list of websites the Secure Platform Funding Forensic Team has identified are likely associated with the scammer:


It is very likely that some of those websites have been used or are scheduled to be used to scam more customers out of more money.

Secure Platform Funding has now formally BUSTED THIS ENTIRE SCAM RING! In 5 years we are the ONLY company who has got to the truth, examined the evidence and connected the dots. In the coming months this article will become the rallying point for clients of each of the 7 banks to realize they have collectively been scammed out of millions of dollars. Our hope is that law enforcement authorities will take the information we have provided in this article and find the perpetrators responsible for this elaborate fraud.  

The Board of Secure Platform Funding would like to express our sincere appreciation to our CEO Mr Bruce Green who has led this investigation and directed our team to go through mountains of evidence over many many months. It is Mr Greens skill, patience and direction that gave Secure Platform Funding the breakthrough that finally resulted in every aspect of this scammers entire 5 year operation being completely and publicly exposed here in this article. 

Tear Sheet Programs

The Truth About Tear Sheet Programs

Tear Sheet Programs are complete Broker Fantasy!

Tear Sheet Programs DO NOT EXIST! They are a fabrication of many Brokers wild out of control Fantasy's. It is a complete and utter LIE to tell ANY client that they can just supply a Bank Tear Sheet and immediately "hey presto" be in a PPP (Private Placement Program) that pays them tens of millions of dollars a month just because they sent a Tear Sheet to a Trader.

That is the worst kind of foolishness! You have to detach your brain completely to be sucked in my this crazy Broker Myth.

Secure Platform Funding - Broker Fantasy

Tear Sheet Programs are NOT Real!

Banking Regulations have been tightened in recent years to prohibit fraud, money laundering and reduce transactions with funds that are not validated, proven and which come from non legal origins. The World Economy is a safer place because banks and traders are now tightly regulated and can have any transaction randomly audited at a moments notice.

So it is simply Ridiculous to promote that a client can enter any type of authentic Private Placement Program just by producing a Bank Tear Sheet and this is why:

  1. Most Tear Sheets that are emailed around the Financial Instruments Industry are complete Fraud!
  2. Anyone with a Word processor and access to the internet can create their own Fake Bank Tear Sheet in less than 30 Minutes. It takes no skill at all to be able to manufacture a Fake Bank Tear Sheet! A 12 year old kid can do it.
  3. There are currently hundreds of broke fraudsters that don't have 2 cents in their own bank account that are emailing their Fake Tear Sheet with "500 Million Dollars on it" to any broker who will take it to try and get them entry into a "Tear Sheet Program"
  4. Its ironic that the Brokers who created the Tear Sheet Program Fantasy are now over run by clients promoting Fake Tear Sheets to try and enter a Fake Program that NEVER EXISTED in the first place!

Here is what one broker recently posted on social media to all his clients.....


The truth is Tear Sheet Programs have been on a Huge Halt since the dawn of time because they never existed! We congratulate this broker for finally realizing Tear Sheet Programs are Broker Bullshit after he got sucked in and promoted Fake Tear Sheet Programs for months and months to his own clients.

The Greatest Tear Sheet Harm!

There is nothing more harmful to the Financial Instruments Industry than Brokers who give clients false expectations by promoting fake returns and fake programs.

Promoting Tear Sheet Programs that don't exist hurts real clients that do have real cash in their bank accounts because those genuine clients spend years chasing every broker that says they offer a Tear Sheet Program in the hope they find a "real one". But a "real one" doesn't exist! Sadly they are hunting for the Lochness Monster and will never find it. The cumulative cost of authentic clients with cash chasing fake Tear Sheet programs is massive. Those clients get zero returns, waste huge amounts of time and money and end up with NOTHING but frustration!

Clients would be far better to have a realistic expectation and enter a real Private Placement Program like those offered by Secure Platform Funding and earn  consistent safe returns  instead of chasing a broker Tear Sheet pipe dream that leads nowhere!

What About Tear Sheet Programs for Real Clients with Real Funds?

In order for a Private Placement Program to operate the Trader must have something to Trade! In other words the Trader has to receive an asset of value in order for him to draw a credit line or expand his cash trading base to deliver the client with a trade return. A Tear Sheet DOES NOT transfer ANY value to the Trader. It DOES NOT expand the Traders asset base.

In addition, the Traders Bank will NOT give the Trader more funds to trade because the Trader got a nice color copy of a clients Tear Sheet from another bank! Showing a clients asset position in another bank DOES NOT enrich the Trader in ANY way and therefore it is impossible for the Trader to deliver ANY type of Trade Return to a Tear Sheet client. A Tear Sheet to a Trader is worthless!


Brokers earn real money doing real deals! They don't earn any money promoting Fake Tear Sheet Programs that don't exist. If you have real clients with real funds in their bank account direct them to Secure Platform Funding's Private Placement Program. That will serve both the client and the broker in a much more productive way and save everyone a lot of wasted time.

The Corrupt Advisor

This industry is full of corrupt providers and scammers but most Accountants & Financial Advisors operate with a high level of ethics, professionalism, due care and responsibility largely because they are tightly regulated in most Markets.

Sadly last week Secure Platform Funding was contacted by Mr Ali Haji aka Haji Ali Ambaro (email: who turned out to be one of the most Corrupt Accountants & Financial Advisors we have ever dealt with!

Mr Ali Haji aka Haji Ali Ambaro ( contacted Secure Platform Funding as the Accountant and Financial Advisor representing: ASV Enterprise Company Limited, Grand Majestic For Management Hotels Company & Tech Africa Group of Company Sarl. 

Most Accountants & Financial advisors are paid by their clients so they take their responsibility to consistently act in their client best interests at all times very seriously. However Mr Ali Haji aka Haji Ali Ambaro (email: made it abundantly clear to us that he really didn't care about his clients! In fact Mr Ali Haji aka Haji Ali Ambaro's primary focus was to secretly steal as much of his own clients deposit as possible.

Ali Haji aka Haji Ali Ambaro (email: was only interested in one thing..... MONEY! We could buy his recommendation if we paid him enough MONEY! And if we didn't pay him enough MONEY then we would NOT recommend Secure Platform Funding and we would lose the business completely. And he wanted his payments to be deducted from HIS OWN CLIENTS DEPOSIT FUNDS!

Mr Ali Haji aka Haji Ali Ambaro (email: was morally bankrupt, he was just out to make himself a ton of money and he was happy to extort us and abuse his clients trust to achieve his goal.

Secure Platform Fundings integrity isn't for sale! We will NOT compromise our ethics, business principals and professionalism for a few pieces of silver. We are NOT corrupted by Greed and you CAN NOT buy our Loyalty!

We will NOT sell our Soul to the Devil EVER!

Below are copies of the correspondence Secure Platform Funding exchanged with Mr Ali Haji aka Haji Ali Ambaro (email: were we consistently told him we would not allow our process to be corrupted by him or be seduced by his offers. We would not allow him to be financially rewarded for betraying his clients trust and operating in a devious, illegal and unethical manner.

Too many people in this business like Mr Ali Haji aka Haji Ali Ambaro (email: are corrupted by greed and have forgotten to treat others with honesty, respect and integrity as they themselves would like to be treated. Secure Platform Funding doesn't chase money, or deals or people. Our desire is to do authentic transactions with authentic people and complete them in an professional ethical way so that clients want to return and do repeat with us business over and over again. The values of our business are not for sale! We value our integrity more than we value money. That's why our website is so brutally honest, exposes and names so many scammers and tries to educate and warn customers with quality information.

Here is our record of Secure Platform Fundings correspondence with The Corrupt Advisor.

Email 1 from Accountant & Financial Advisor

Email 1

Secure Platform Fundings Response:

We emailed full details of our Managed SBLC Program which clients use for funding businesses, projects and real estate.

Email 2

Email 2

Secure Platform Fundings Response


"We pay commission based on the broker level you are registered on here:"

Email 3

Email 3

Secure Platform Fundings Response:

"Sir, The bank dictates the process and how you are remunerated and it cannot be changed. If you wish to do a real deal with an authentic provider then that is how we do it."

Email 4

Email 4

Secure Platform Fundings Response

"Sir, Sorry our integrity isn't for sale!"

Email 5

Email 5

Secure Platform Fundings Response

"Sir, We will be exposing your corruption. All the best"


WARNING: If Mr Ali Haji aka Haji Ali Ambaro is your Accountant or Financial Advisor you might be wise to find someone else! He proven is is very happy to operate with a conflict of interest and try and maximize his own personal wealth while he sells out his own clients down the river and fails to honor his fiduciary duties as an Accountant and Financial Advisor.